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Avatar n tn hi, I've been on citalopram 20mg for just under 3weeks for my anxiety. just wondered if anyone had any good results from this medication and how long it took to work?
Avatar f tn i am switching from effexor to citalopram because the cost is cheaper. i have been taking effexor for mild depression, insomnia, and hot flashes.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Citalopram HBR 20 mg and lorazepam 0.5mg for two weeks.. I have never taken any drugs before, and yesterday for the first time I took these medicines. Today when I woke up, I was restless, dizzy and felt like vomiting.. I was so irritable and did not know what to do. I guess I was having anxiety.. The doctor had told me that the meds might show some side effects for a couple of days.. I was ok once I stood under shower, and let myself cool down.
Avatar n tn Hi, im on citalopram at the moment, i have been on for one week on 10mg, tomorrow i am suppose to go onto 20mg but i am worrying about doing this because for the past week i have felt VERY ill on it, i have been sleeping most the day, had dizzy spells and last night had the worse headache i have ever had i felt like my head was going to explode, i was crying and rocking and was just praying for it to end, i got told by my doctor that the only side effects i would experiance would maybe be increa
534360 tn?1234725515 i have been prescribed 10 mg of Citalopram for depression today and 40 mg of beta blocker propanolol 3 times a day i stat them all tomorrow i also struggle to sleep and have spare zopiclones 7.5 mg left from a while ago i forgot to ask the doc can i take zopiclone at night to sleep??
1282280 tn?1285090020 i was diagnosed with sleep insomnia, ptsd, panic disorder, and major depresive disorder a little over a yr. ago. at first, the dr's just had me on a low dose of zoloft to see if it would help. tho it did help with the depression and a little with the anxiety, i still couldn't sleep. after raising the dose of my zoloft a few more times, and trying seroquil, the dr's finally put me on ambien when i couldn't sleep. i'm now steady on 100mg of zoloft daily, and 5mg of ambien nightly.
495402 tn?1220621003 This treatment causes severe fatigue and bouts of insomnia which adds to depression--I couldn't get through it without my DEPRESSION MEDS. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.
Avatar n tn help anyone last night i had such a weird experience, i panicked at bedtime and stayed awake all night but it felt like i may have been a bit asleep and i felt sooooo confused because i cant even think why im even depressed. Just to say im taking citalopram for the depression.
Avatar n tn Also I tried to take it for a couple of days and felt quite strong side effects (although it was probably not long enough to really work out whether it suited me). So he has given me Citalopram instead. I was hoping I could get some advise from people to which one they would recomend? I know it's different for everyone, but this effexor sounds like harsh withdrawal symtoms.
Avatar n tn Also I tried to take it for a couple of days and felt quite strong side effects (although it was probably not long enough to really work out whether it suited me). So he has given me Citalopram instead. I was hoping I could get some advise from people to which one they would recomend? I know it's different for everyone, but this effexor sounds like harsh withdrawal symtoms.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been try citalopram for a week, thanks for all the advise from last time i posted, but am feeling very sleeping, run down and finding it difficult to get anything done on the citalopram. I'm not sure if I need an AD that is more of an upper-type. Or do you think the sleepy side effects goes after a while? Is there an alternative drug anyone can suggest? I've only 5mg a day (but I seem to be very sensitive to drugs).
Avatar m tn Just had my first dose of Citalopram last night and feel so dreadful today. I'm taking it for anxiety ( partially caused by fibromyalgia and perimenopause). I had a really bad night waking a lot feeling sick and panicy and this morning was quite a battle to get to work. Now I just feel palin scared at the thought of coping for the next few weeks, Sorry to be such a wimp!
Avatar f tn The GP has also tried me on two different types of anti anxiety (Zoloft and Citalopram) drugs as she felt my insomnia was caused by anxiety (which I wasn't convinced by as the insomnia came first and I really do not have any stress or major worries apart from this lack of sleep). I had major issues with both drugs and on both occasions on the very first dose, I had a huge reaction including severe out of control panic attacks, vomiting, shaking, diarrhoea, fever....
Avatar n tn It sacres and worries me (didn't help with my insomnia anxiety).....almost like I have lost the ability to sleep. I know sporadic fatal insomnia (not the kind that runs in the faimly) is rare but it has come across my mind.
Avatar n tn Upped citalopram to 30mg, reluctant to go to 40 again because of agitation and insomnia
Avatar n tn Back down to 30mg citalopram as I can't take the nightime agitation and insomnia.
Avatar n tn Missed a dosage of citalopram and slept like a baby. Maybe it is the cause of my insomnia!
1190847 tn?1287366625 I am currently taking 20mg of Celexa (Citalopram) everyday for six days as prescribed by my doctor for treatment of Panic Disorder and OCD. My side effects are: dry mouth (July 15- July 20) agitation (July 15- July 20) insomnia (July 16 - July 20) headaches (July 18- July 20) bruxism (July 19- July 20) side effects are not waning.
Avatar n tn around 8pm I take 20mg of citalopram. at 9pm I take another 1mg of clonazepam. then at 11pm I take my last for the night. 50mg of captopril. I fell tired sometimes is it the meds? also I feel dizzy alot. my BP is still high sometimes with all this medication im on?
348629 tn?1212329273 Namaste, Citalopram is an antidepressant in a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It affects a naturally occuring chemical in the brain called serotonin, which helps to improve certain mood problems, but may become unbalanced and cause depression. Citalopram is used to treat depression. Like most SSRI's it may take several weeks before its' full effect is felt, but don't stop taking it because you don't think it's not working.
Avatar f tn what effect can you get when stop taking binovum and citalopram as i have been experiencing some side effect and was wondering if its because of the tablets
Avatar n tn I still have the fatigue and have tremors and really bad insomnia. Will these side effects ever go away and if so how long will it take? Please reply.
Avatar f tn I was recently on Citalopram 20 mg and went a week on 10mg and then went cold turkey and now i have so many side effects i just want it to go away! I am dizzy all the time my legs keep me awake at night and my emotions are off the scale right now! i cant afford the medication any more and have none and now i dont know what to do??? Can anyone help me????
Avatar f tn I was taking citalopram 20g then tried moclobemide 150g neither did anything . Yes they have tested for everything and medically everything is fine, I have had phases of depression but more so because at times I've been so frustrated that I have this issue and no resolution. I have seen a physio therapist who taught me breathing exercises etc to help me relax, and have also seen counsellors, it feels as though nobody understands my situation though.
Avatar m tn a bit of a long story but a few weeks ago my doctor put me on citalopram again due to stress. i was taking 20mgs a day for 9 days then stoped due to the side effects i have while taking them 1.unable to ejaculate when having sex with my wife 2.dry mouth i think the term is cotton mouth also the feeling of tight buring lips but the lips look fine 3.
Avatar f tn Dear Dr Kokil, I have been perscribed Valdoxan anti depressant for my generalised anxiety and depression accompanied with insomnia. I live in Turkey. I have been taking the medicine for 25 days now and if anything, my insomnia got worse and anxiety has only slightly decreased. I have a meeting with my doc on Friday and would it be OK for me to ask to be switched to another medicine? I doubt this medicine will start working for me anytimw soon.
Avatar n tn Dear M.W. Celexa (citalopram) is a newer SSRI that is used in the treatment of depression. It is a relatively well tolerated medication with few side effects. The most frequent adverse events reported with Celexa are nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness, insomnia, increased sweating etc. There are occasional reports of teeth grinding which may intern cause tongue biting. It is important to rule out other causes for tongue biting.
Avatar m tn Now, I am taking Propranolol (Beta blockers) - 40 mg., Citalopram- 40 mg., Ramipril-10 mg., capsules. Please advise me, based on above three drugs. Propranolol is the new addition to my drug list for calming down me against my racing hearts. After taking Propranolol, I found that it has got bad effect causing some insomnia, Nausea & Cold problems. I am struggling with my Hypertensive moods at my workplace.
Avatar f tn I am also on citalopram and buspirone. I decided to taper off of the clonazepam with my Dr's supervision. I went from 0.25mg twice daily to zero mg in about 5 months. I have been off of the med for about 2 weeks. At first I had extreme insomnia, which is now improving, but now I just feel "mentally uncomfortable" ALL THE TIME. I also feel somewhat lethargic and have no motivation or drive to do anything.