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Avatar m tn The most frequent side effects of ciprofloxacin include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, rash, headache, and restlessness. Hives and anaphylaxis are rarer complications to this.
Avatar n tn A couple of weeks later I stupidly met with another TS escort and performed protected oral and received protected anal intercourse. And for a matter of less than 30 seconds performed unprotected oral at the end. One day later I got swollen glands in my throat. They weren't hard, but were very tender. The sore throat wasn't terrible, but it was bad. It didn't hurt when I wasn't using my throat, mostly when I swallowed. It was a sharp pain and a feeling as if something were in my throat.
Avatar m tn I had unprotected exposure in Dec 2013, but all tests are negative except bacterial infection on penis. And also I was on antibiotics from last 10 days amoxicillin+Ciprofloxacin from 22_31 March , Just after 2 day of finishing prescription I developed these rashes. Please help me can it be any STD, I just feel very mild burning,irritation only.
Avatar n tn The itching has increased since i posted the first thread. I took my trimmer to the area and have noticed small rash like bumps. They do not appear to be filled with anything, they look like hair follicles that are inflamed for some reason. I did some research on herpes and im not sure if this could be an early stage or if its something completely different. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I reported back to the clinic, I was put on Ceftriaxone and Gentamicin injections. I took it and the dicharge stopped. But the rash persisted. I was given clindamycin and asked to do a urethral swab which failed to detect any pathogens, (only yeast cells were discovered). I was given fluconazole(single dose),and also loratyn and predisolone and asked to change to Canesten cream.
Avatar m tn well i'm having similar but i dunno if it's really the same i was on microbid for my first UTI ever and i ended that on friday but on friday i started getting a rash like a bunch of hives mixed with red skin on my thighs and chest i took some benidryl and that was better on sat night but then sun morning i noticed that the skin at the joint by my elbows was red and had the hive looking bumps and also my skin underneath my knees had the same thing and it itches really bad i've taken benidryl and
Avatar m tn I had unprotected exposure in Dec 2013, but all tests are negative except bacterial infection on penis. And also I was on antibiotics from last 10 days amoxicillin+Ciprofloxacin from 22_31 March , Just after 2 day of finishing prescription I developed these rashes. Please help me can it be any STD, I just feel very mild burning,irritation only. Please see photo attached..
Avatar m tn After aprox, 2 weeks after the encounter i noticed a discomfort in my genital area and testicles. I was worried and i went to my urologyst,he made some std swab tests,and all came back negative. But he also did a prostate check,and ultrasound,and he said my prostate is slightly irritaded but not dua a std bacteria.He gave me Ciprofloxacin for a month,and a half period.
Avatar n tn That little baby had severe rash and swelling all over the body and he could barely stand or sit. We spend the whole of Christmas eve and the Christmas day praying to God help us and our grandson get over this nightmare of agony. We rushed him twice to the emergency (once on the Christmas eve and the second time on the Christmas day ) only to realize that not much can be done to get rid of the allergy or sooth the child who was feeling itchy all over. I am sending you all this message at 4.
Avatar m tn This also someitmes makes burning/stingy bumps rectallly and penis, and lower back. I have been tested for all STDs and hiv and have none of this. Oringally drs thought it was herpes but thats out. Then they thought a yeast infection but I got tested for a blood fungal infection and thats neg. I have had a colonocapy, that came back ok. I then saw an alergist for food and nasel, I was only found to be alergic to some molds.
Avatar m tn It used to hardly ever be visable until after sex when a subtle red rash would appear.(a year ago, and sometimes it mostly goes away to this point) Now the red rash is visable all the time and after any friction it is very apparent. I have searched images on the internet endlessly to identify this and the closest thing I found was psoriasis.
Avatar n tn After your response some symptons started to arise, I had a very small rash on my penis, out of paranoia I went and got tested for STDs. This was 8 days after the encounter. I tested negative for all STDs with the exception of herpes hsv-1 (which I already had). Now about 3 weeks after the encounter I have testicular pain (right testical), and the very small rash (which was originally only a couple of bumps) is a circular rash about the size of a dime (could this be syphilis chancre).
Avatar n tn These red spots roughly half an inch in diameter(some were smaller than that) and they were just a few in number and only in armpits and groin and they were extreemly itchy especially when warm, and the armpits are very sticky even when i take a shower. The sore throat i could hardly feel, was very mild.
Avatar f tn I went to see my family doctor yesterday and he added Ran-Ciprofloxacin to be taken with the Novo. I started those last night and today I still see no improvement. The 'rash' keeps changing in that the red area is slowly turning to purple. My doctor is not convinced it is an infection because the skin is soft and palpable (he said infections are typically 'hard'). I did have clear fluid coming out of the pimply part at one point.
Avatar f tn Hi i have this problem and it come and goes! I get a red rash around the anus and it is burning like hell! It actually gets so bad that i can't even make an poop or should i say the poop is not so much the problem it is the wiping clean afterwards that is the *****! I really need to find out what the problem is so i can fix it because it's driving me nuts and the burning is bad!
Avatar m tn I have been on numerous antibiotics for the past year trying to control my cystic facial acne and just switched from doxycycline+ciprofloxacin to bactrim a few days ago. 2 days ago I noticed that the tip of my penis was more sensitive than usual especially when rubbing against the seams of my boxers. then yesterday, the entire head of my penis, and scrotum became red and swollen. the itch in these areas is surreal. My right foot also broke out with a red itchy spot on the sole too.
1148516 tn?1261948179 I presume that the shot you receive was ceftriaxone, the recommended treatment for gonorrhea and the combination of doxycycline and ciprofloxacin that you have taken since this saga began virtually guarantees that this is not a typical STD since they would cure virtually all other STDs that might be contributing to your problems. This combination of antibiotics would have killed essentially all bacterial STD pathogens. Viral STDs such as herpes are not a consideration.
Avatar n tn Do cipro cause vaginal discharge and oder and disconfort in my stomach and back and sluggishness? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Discomfort after taking Cipro</a>.
Avatar n tn He gave me information on Ulcerative Colitis but said may not apply to me at this point. He has me taking Ciprofloxacin for 10 days and then said if bowels resolve themselves then no other action is needed. If, however, I do continue to experience diarrhea, bloating and cramps to start taking Asacol. But he left that decision up to me. He wants me to come back in a year (repeat colonscopy) and be rechecked to see how things look.
6259429 tn?1379885975 Hello, I have a rash on the skin between my scrotum and my leg, it is itchy and little patches of skin have turned red but they don't seem to be open wounds, the skin around it looked like it was peeling. i got neo-skin cream, it worked at first and came back again.i have gone for STD and HIV test but all negative. please what can i do?
Avatar m tn I took Cipro twice in 2009, I had rash, itchy and after that I had thighs,legs and buttocks pain with nerve pain. Is that possible from Cipro ? I'm still getting the nerve and legs pain. I had xray,hiv, herpes, stds and nerve test all came back normal. Any help!!!!
Avatar m tn Been having symptoms for awhile now though (tiredness+rash on hands+Global tongue+increased acne) I continue to test negative for HIV antibodies. My last test was yesterday and with it came a complete blood count. It revealed the following abnormalities: Eosinophil%tested 6.1 (normal= 0.5-5.0%) Eosinophil# tested 0.41(normal= 0.02-0.5 10^9/L) Basophils% tested 1.3 (normal= 0-1.0%) Basophils# tested 0.9 (normal= 0-0.
Avatar n tn What is known is that in a disease called Reiter's syndrome (a kind of arthritis plus various combinations of urethritis, skin rash, and/or eye inflammation [conjunctivitis etc]), the urethritis sometimes appears to be non-infectious. Since the other manifestations of Reiter's are immunologic in origin, there is speculation the urethritis may be the same. The other piece of soft evidence is the lack of consistent response to antibiotics that would be expected to clear most infections.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the forum! Yes, ciprofloxacin can cause whole body rash and itching even though it is not a very common side effect. Please inform your doctor immediately regarding this and you should stop the drug immediately. Hope this helps. Do discuss this with your doctor. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
18610099 tn?1466275950 Recently I got a single tablet of Doxycycline. Then I've got a hard rash on my arm and leg. Then Dermatologist Rx me to get Loratadine 10mg. I've got a single tablet of that Loratadine(Zeos). After that pill my mouth is dry and it's wounded. FDE For Doxycycline,Clavamox,Ciprofloxacin,Levofloxacin. Please help me!
Avatar n tn This was accompanied with a rash on my penis head and the shaft redness would come and go. I have had tiny bumps on my penis shaft but that was in the very beginning and they usually cleared up in a couple days. I then started to have tingling in my testicals many every once in a while it would run up my penis to the shaft. My urethra started to burn and itch and the rash got more severe. It felt like something was stuck in my urethra mainly at the tip of my penis.
Avatar m tn I developed a rash on my arms for 2 days in May(6 weeks after) and it went away in 2 days. Also had a UTI(blood in the urine) in late June (11 weeks after) and my doctor prescribed CIPRO and it was cleared in a week. Other than these, I did not have any fever,sore throat, penile sore and penile discharge but always feel lightheaded, fatigue, and weakness in the arms and legs. I have not done any testing so far.
Avatar n tn ) this made me incredibly sick and gave me a huge rash over my entire back which lasted over a year. The doctor denied that it was anything to do with the cipro (google cipro you'll find a rash that can be permanent can occur reasonably frequently - but don't trust me trust the doctor...) To cut a long story short i finally figured out i could not eat gluten. I have had 2 different blood tests but not the biopsy and both tests were negative for coeliacs.
Avatar m tn also today after checking my entire body I found dark brown patches in a few places... under my armpits.. the web of my left hand.. on my left leg and on my belly.. I dont know if this is significant but my brother has addisons.. could it be that.. the doctor just dismissed it and said addisons is really rare... should i push for more testing? something is causing my pain and im really fed up with the NHS...all I get is.. "oh..ok thats strange.. im not sure"...