Ciprofloxacin and fatigue

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Avatar f tn Off it for a week now and still really tired, various nerve pain, joint pain, muscle fatigue...seems to cycle, weak and dizzy, some blurred vision but it's all better than it had been just seems it should be gone since the meds are out of my system. I'm also dehydrated for no reason [drinking lots of water and electrolytes, no caffeine, no fever, no vomiting,etc.]. Unable to function normally, doctor doesn't seem to care or have any explanation.
Avatar m tn I suffer from panic disorder and have been on a steady dose of Lexapro 10mg and Klonopin 0.25mg for 5yrs. 5months ago I was given Ciprofloxacin and Flagyl for an UTI. My girlfriend had them before me and had panic attacks and nervous breakdowns 1 week after treatment.
Avatar n tn No sign of AF, only menstrual-type cramps, sore bbs at times, gas for 1-2 weeks and fatigue that began yesterday (Oct. 7). I am a D-cup so it's more difficult for me to tell if they are swollen at all. I have also had CF that's clear or slightly milky at times and seems to be more abundant than normal. I want to wait to take HPT until next week when I'll get more accurate result, but that's so hard!! I don't want to take one and get false neg.
Avatar n tn I have been hydrating. I have waves of fatigue and nausea (not severe) and have been lethargic this entire time. I am concerned that I am not passing what I am consuming. I have put on 10#s since I weighed a week ago without having eaten anything that would have accounted for the weight gain. My hands and feet do not seem to be swollen. I also have some discomfort when urinating. What now. Do I need to get a CT scan to see if the stones are not moving???? Do I just wait it out????
Avatar m tn You have to check your medicine for fluoride!!!!! in my case i took ciprofloxacin for parasites and i was not aware of the fluoride as an ingredient. constipation gone worse. instead of curing constipation i lost weight and big belly as african malaria people. you need iodine and not! hormones! but better use borax and after iodine because iodine remove fluoride as calcium fluoride.
Avatar f tn Thank you very much for your comment, Dr Santos. I appreciate it. I did end up taking in a urine sample from first voiding in the morning (without voiding for >6 hours) to my urologist. The dip test was positive for nitrites and leukocytes. The urologist sent it to the lab to do a culture and it came back positive for the bacteria "serratia marcescens". I was prescribed and completed a 3-day course of ciprofloxacin, 500mg twice a day.
Avatar n tn Some pain in the testicles at times. 7. I also have minor back back pain and fatigue Medications Urology in order taken: 1. Zthromax + Tergecef single dosage of each 2. Ciprofloxacin 7 days 3. Levofloxacin 3 days 4. Doxycycline 4 days 5 Glitisol 500 mg two per day for 10 days Medications Dermatology in order taken (Philippines only): 1. Mupirocin cream for white bumps - did not help 2. Anti-fungal medications Testing with Negative Results (Philippines and Brazil and Germany): 1.
Avatar m tn Other than these, I did not have any fever,sore throat, penile sore and penile discharge but always feel lightheaded, fatigue, and weakness in the arms and legs. I have not done any testing so far. My questions: 1)What is my chance of catching anything including STDs and HIV during this few seconds of oral sex? I have read that it is no risk. 2)Was my rash or UTI related to my exposures?
Avatar m tn I visited my doctor on 4th Dec and he prescribed me Ciprofloxacin and a anti fungal cream. Please Please help me...have i contracted HIV,,,i don't wanna die...i love my family.
Avatar n tn Symptoms 1) September 18th I was treated with Zithromax and Ciprofloxacin for a UTI at Urgent Care. I had a small pain when urinating with no discharge. 2)September 26th pain in my on both sides and top of groin developed. 3) September 30th tested at health department for gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trich, and syphilis which all came back negative. The doctor saw no physical condition for my groin pain. I have recently switched from briefs to boxers in the last 4 weeks.
Avatar m tn Went to the doctor on monday... Over the weekend i had been at my worst.. The fatigue was unbearable and joint and muscle pain was relentless... He wasnt quite sure what was going on so he referred me to a specialist... But in the meantime he gave me some diazapa. To help my muscles and a 7 day course of antifungal... I think its called fluexanol or something... Well omg i feel so much better.. This morning i woke up and almost all my symptoms were gone..
Avatar m tn in terms of pain the muscle pain and this thrush is what is worste and fatigue is making me miserable...i also have a hiatal herni.. I dint know if that could be a factor?
Avatar n tn For the past year, I have been experiencing burning and stinging in my vulva (which is NOT made worse by peeing), which comes and goes but can last for over a month and is extremely uncomfortable. The area looks normal, and there is no unusual discharge. The last time I had these symptoms was in March - they came on suddenly with a stinging sensation, and lasted for 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn Few weeks later i got a uninary tract infection . for 3 weeks I have and still been under antibiotics (levofloxacin,ciprofloxacin,clarithromycin,doxycycline and cefuroxime ) i went for an Hiv test 6 weeks after exposure and was negative. I once had extreme fatigue for a whole day during this medication.. My question is could these antibiotics delay immune response to Hiv and thus delay antibody production???
Avatar m tn I still have symptoms like fatigue, stomache ache, weakness.. Yesterday i had my anti nuclear antibodies test and it was positive.This is really worrying me now..If anyone can share their story or give advice, i would really appreciate.
10049887 tn?1407462984 but I did do the water test at home and it seems that my body has a lot of yeast, was tested for strep throat, mono, seen a dentist since they specialize in the mouth, was givin' a type of mouthwash to rinse my mouth with for a duration of ten days, no change, went to see my GP who said it looked like I had a viral infection and proscribed me 105ML PMS NYSTATIN and CIPROFLOXACIN HYDROCHLORIDE 500MG, no change, still have my white tongue, the next thing I'll be doing is seeing an oral surgeon and
Avatar n tn I just hope this gets fine, most recent doctor prescribed Ciprofloxacin and gave up after this 1st attempt. Another doctor's visit is scheduled for tomorrow and I will be asking him to send me to a nerve doctor. Furthermore, my back hurts so I am wondering if there is some nerve connected to the spine that is the culprit. Anyways, I won't give up trying new things that might affect and possibly rectify this problem. I've almost given up hope, but not quite!
Avatar n tn About a year ago, my doctor diagnosed me with Epididymitis (swelling of the tube on the back of the testicle) on my right side and I took Ciprofloxacin (500mg twice a day for 10 days) and the very severe pains went away. My doctor also said the pain in my lower back when I run might be due to sciatica - swelling of a major nerve that runs from the lower back into the leg. He told me to take ibuprofen after my workouts if it still bothered me, and I've been doing that off and on.
Avatar n tn However, ever since then I have been left with persistent Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, daily headaches (pressure band across forehead and temples), dizziness, and general malaise and fatigue, with no sign of arriving at a definitive diagnosis. An ENT I visited initially suspected Sinusitis, and I accordingly had a CT scan done. This came back normal, except for 'very mild maxillary thickening'. Plus I've never had any nasal symptoms like congestion, runny nose etc.
Avatar f tn Bless your heart. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and also have a high ANA titer (1;640). Check your inbox.... I'm going to zip you some links that will hopefully be helpful to you & your daughter.
Avatar n tn im really worried for days now i have had severe flipping pain in my left side of my face and swelling-at first i was diagnosed with an ear infection in the er and i refused to believe it cause the pain didnt simmer down and i was not getting any better-they prescribed me ciprofloxacin (antiobiotic) and tremadol-which didnt work for the pain anyways,so the second time i decide to go to a regular dr. and same thing-ear infection.
233616 tn?1312790796 Everything in moderation and I think I feel pretty good except for fatigue. Haven't gained a pound and cholesterol is fine. So do we really know what the answers are?
Avatar n tn I am a 27 year old Canadian woman who has been living and working in Japan for the last 2 1/2 years. For the last year and a half I've been having a lot of problems with gastritis and reflux and I can't seem to get rid of them. I first noticed the symptoms last year when I felt a terrible burning in my stomach and had a lot of belching and heartburn after I ate. I had an upper GI X-ray done and there wasn't anything wrong except for excess acid production.
Avatar n tn About 4 weeks back while travelling in Asia, I had unprotected sex & few days later a massage at a not very clean place. After that I started getting mild etching all over my body though it seems more like dry skin because there are no rashes, blisters, bumps or sores anywhere.
Avatar n tn Had another urinalisys the next day (different doctor) come back showing traces of blood in urine. No symptoms except maybe fatigue, light headaches Started antibiotics today, MACROBID 100mg 1 twice a day for 14 days. Would this be the correct antibiotic if my UTI is caused by an infected cyst?
Avatar f tn She also has another similar condition that I have called May-Thurner Syndrome (Left Iliac Vein Compression). It's been causing me Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression and more recently genital aches and pain and frequent urination as well as leg pain. It's taken 25 years for me to get diagnosed with this condition only because I didn't have any blood clots or swollen legs. I still had severe compression of my Left Iliac Vein though.
Avatar f tn 8 deg F) since last 15 days at night .1 and half month before he had 105deg F fever.He was admitted for 9 days.Dr said it was entric fever.his hematology,pathology,chest x ray.blood culture were done. every thing found normal,onlyTH(1:320).he was given ceftiaxone 2gm injection 2 times daily for 9 days,and oral 500mg tablet of same for 14 days.He was well.but this time again after 1 and half month later he has fever along with headache.we consult another doctor.
634590 tn?1293777693 Now again my SGPT is raised and i have constipation. But this time i dont hv fatigue and lack of appetite. Can any body tell what should i do now? Should i re-check PCR ? or it will come down on its own?
Avatar f tn I don't think the vitamins/minerals having anything to do with your sleepiness. My first guess would be the ciprofloxacin and amoxicillin, whether independently or from the combination of them and your birth control. Prescription drugs typically affect sleep cycles and when you've got more than one going at once, you're at a higher risk for disruptive side effects. Another thing to keep in mind is the half-life of these drugs.
Avatar m tn 500 ng went to the doctor and 15 days Cipro (ciprofloxacin) was used. - Fatigue continues. 4,5 months. - Afer 16 weeks. Dental lumps, and a burning sensation in the tip of my nose. Ongoing.