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1899725 tn?1321500363 My 8 year son has had an ear infection for 5 weeks now. We've gone through a course of Ciprodex otic drops and a course of Neomycin/Polymyxin B ear drops. He's also been on Keflex and Augmentin. The doctor keeps telling me it's "swimmer's ear" or "just an ear infection" and should go away soon. 5 weeks of dealing with my child hurting is not soon enough. I'm actually a pediatic RN and know that this is not normal.
Avatar m tn On Monday morning I woke with an ear infection. I went to the doctor right away and was given Otic Edge, told to continue an antibiotic I was already on, to call if it wasn't felling better in a couple of days, and to schedule a recheck for a week later. Thursday, my ear still felt plugged, I was getting sharp pains, and ringing so I went back to the doctor. He said that there is alot of drainage in there and it kinda looked like swimmer's ear.
Avatar m tn treated with CiproDex otic solution,no response, another round of CiproDex this time combined with Azithromycin. Left eyelid started twitching few days after ear infection/CiproDex treatment. Gradually, I started having tingling in my legs. Also had three panic attacks with heart beat +180 bpm. diagnosed with borderline hyperthyroidism (TSH 0.32 and FT4 24) and all symptoms were attributed to thyroid problem. The thyroid is back to normal now without any thyroid meds.
Avatar m tn I did a 2 week full course of Ciprodex 4 drops 4 times a day in both ears, I went through 2 bottles during this time, The Fluid leaking appears to have stopped, Going to the Ent soon to check ears and get cleared for surgery to patch the hole in my ear, It feels mighty good to have this fluid out of my ears, But I still have a fullness in my ear, However thats a whole new problem, Thank you for your response.
Avatar f tn i went back to see anothe doctore and prescribe sofradex ear drops and advice me to stop using kenacomb otic. it is now day 5 and my hearing on one ear is still muffled. I can hear normally when i use the phone on that ear but it is just the annoying muffled sound that is persistent. can you please help me. what can i do to stop the muffled sound in my ear?
Avatar m tn Hey! So this all started about two months ago when I decided it would be a good idea to self-irrigate my ear after experiencing a lot of wax. I got a syringe and some warm water and just started blasting into my right ear canal. It didn't end up being successful as the wax never actually did come out, but I then started having earaches that have never fully healed. I've been to the doctor 4 times since then.
1274769 tn?1272839229 Painless middle ear infection (left year only) 8 months ago. treated with CiproDex otic solution,no response, another round of CiproDex this time combined with Azithromycin. Left eyelid started twitching few days after ear infection/CiproDex treatment. Gradually, I started having tingling in my legs. Also had three panic attacks with heart beat +180 bpm. diagnosed with borderline hyperthyroidism (TSH 0.32 and FT4 24) and all symptoms were attributed to thyroid problem.
Avatar m tn There no wax or nay kind of discharge from the ears. We have shown to an ENT doctor and the ears appear to be clean. She has used OTIC drops prescribed by doctor but itching persists and as a result ear bud or finger need to used frequently to ease the pain and itch. Ear appears to be dry as tiny white dots are seen with occasional flake.
Avatar m tn the first 6 days when i put the drops he seems fine but now on the seventh day when i put the drops he`s crying ,its like he`s feeling some burning sensation or maybe stinging..i dont know what he really feels..he`s only 21 question is that normal..after 6 days of drops suddenly he feels uncomfortable?
Avatar m tn the doctor know that my son has perforated eardrum coz he check it but still he gave this hydrocortisone otic drops...i just hope it wont damage the hearing of my baby...thank u for answering my question...god bless!
Avatar f tn I just had tubes put in both ears 6 days ago. I got the flu and had both ears infected. The pressure and pain is gone, but now I'm talks by ina tunnel and my hearing is diminished. I think I'm draining, because when I use my ciprodex drops...I swear I taste it in the back of my throat. How lucky big is this gonna last? Will my hearing go back to normal? Will the tunnel in my head stop?
1232362 tn?1333135406 i've been suffering w/inner ear pain for 2 months now-first treated w/amox tr k cl 875 mg for 10 days which i finished, the we tried Astepro .15% 2x a day. Now we're trying neo/poly/hc 1% otic. i started this 8/10. the pain never really cleared up and the day before i went back to the dr and got script for ear drops it was qute severe.
Avatar m tn In the month of May, I returned to home from college and I started to experience ear pain and fullness. Went to some local doctor, the doc prescribed ear wax drops. It did not help. Then, I followed with a series of appointments with several doctors some prescribing cold tabs and some antibiotics. It did not help the hearing but the pain went away. In july, I went to an ENT doctor, she prescribed me a nasal spray, cold tabs and asked me to do valsalva maneuver.
Avatar n tn He has an ear infection, which I have learned is common in goldens. His vet had me treat it with ear drops and antibiotics. He went back today (after 2 weeks) and they said that he would need to have his ear flushed. This procedure would cause him to be put under sedation. The cost would be over 250.00. The vet said that he has wax and debris in his ear canal and if it is not treated, his ear drum could rupture, causing hearing loss and further infection. Is this truly necessary?
Avatar n tn My dog has allergies, which we are managing pretty well. However, his ear itch & he scratches them so hard, I'm afraid he'll hurt himself. His ears are not red or dirty, but damp inside. Oti cleanse/epi otic don't help. I'm thinking his ears are stuffy & he needs a decongestant. What would you recommend?
Avatar n tn Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser ($12.95 from Amazon) for an initial cleanse, the finish off with Mometamax Otic Suspension ($26.99 from 1-800-PetMeds). You'll need an Rx from your vet for the Momentamax, but it's the best thing since sliced bread and will knock out a yeast infection quicker than you can say M-O-M-E-N-T-A-M-A-X. My English Mastiff is prone to them, and this combination has always worked well for her.
Avatar n tn Ent relented and gave me Ciprodex ear drops. Began using 3 daya ago, they seem to help, especially first 2days, but the antibiotics I was on at the time, the prescribed term to use them was up! Now the drops don't seem as effective??? In the interim saw my family doctor, she looked in both ears, said the one ear, ear dum is clear, like saran wrap, the ear that I'm having the problem with, she said looks pink and thicker, she didn't seem to have an answer!!! Any ideas???
Avatar m tn i may have taken ofloxacin and prednisolone eye drops in my eye 5 times in a day instead of the 4 times like i was supposed to do.will it cause any harm?
600619 tn?1219707750 Rubbing alcohol might be too harsh.Have you tried epi-otic? I got some from the vet and it's about 12 bucks. It helps with the crud in their ears. If you follow the directions, it will actually let the stuff slough out when they shake their heads, so it basically keeps working even after you use it. I use it once a week on all 3 of my dogs. One of my dogs got a horrible yeast infection in one ear and after he finished the meds, the epi-otic has really kept his ears healthy.
Avatar f tn I recommend you to visit your doctor's clinic to get detailed information about how to take acular eye drops & its dosage. A specialist in eye caring will going to suggest you in better way.
Avatar f tn I have had itchy, flaking, draining ears ever since swimming in a pool down at DisneyLand 25 years ago. I would use the prescription antibiotics drops, which would relieve the problem for a little while, but then the whole thing would start over again. Recently I have used two new product that seem to be the answer. Don't laugh but there is a non-prescription otic solution used on dogs with the same types of symptons called ZYMOX with hydrocortisone (
Avatar f tn Hey all, i had gonorrhea and got ciprodex and doxy. I noticed that my sperm is really watery and see-thru and my balls warms since then. Is it normal? Any chance i still have the gonorreah/some other infection?
Avatar f tn My dog has weepy eyes again & we have a tube of otocomb*otic ointment that I'm pretty sure we used last time. Does that sound right? I want to make sure they it'd the right tube.
Avatar m tn I had ear infection 14 months ago which was treated with ciprodex.