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Avatar f tn I just had tubes put in both ears 6 days ago. I got the flu and had both ears infected. The pressure and pain is gone, but now I'm talks by ina tunnel and my hearing is diminished. I think I'm draining, because when I use my ciprodex drops...I swear I taste it in the back of my throat. How lucky big is this gonna last? Will my hearing go back to normal? Will the tunnel in my head stop?
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Avatar n tn Was the myringotomy done on both the ears? The popping and the hearing loss could indicate that the tubes are blocked. The tubes can be opened by antibiotic or steroid drops. Sometimes microscopic debridement is done to open up the tubes. Check with your doctor regarding this. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn treated with CiproDex otic solution,no response, another round of CiproDex this time combined with Azithromycin. Left eyelid started twitching few days after ear infection/CiproDex treatment. Gradually, I started having tingling in my legs. Also had three panic attacks with heart beat +180 bpm. diagnosed with borderline hyperthyroidism (TSH 0.32 and FT4 24) and all symptoms were attributed to thyroid problem. The thyroid is back to normal now without any thyroid meds.
Avatar m tn He will be fitted with hearing aids soon. Between, do you use any hearing aids? They really improve your hearing ability. And I think doing yoga is really good. The different postures in yoga help provide the neck with a good workout. Try it out for some months and please let me know if there is improvement. Take care.
Avatar n tn Two years ago I had my hearing tested by an ENT. He said I had 40% hearing loss and that it was probably genetic and I should check into hearing aids. I told him I can hear perfect after yawning but it only lasts for a few minutes. He said a lot of people say that. I feel like my hearing has gotten even worse since then. I bet I have 50% hearing loss now. Also I have noticed that after physical exertion I can barely hear at all. Sometimes to the point of total deafness.
1253197 tn?1331209110 A friend who does not have MS told me that she has a digital hearing aid and her hearing loss is nerve related. My hearing loss and tinnitus comes and goes so would a digital hearing aid help? Would be interested in other people's experiences but for me most of the time is feels as if I have water in one ear and as a singer this is very frustrating as I cannot always myself sing properly. Off to see newe MS Consultant on Friday so am looking forward to this and hopefully will discuss DMT.
138239 tn?1239924924 I am no doctor, but have not heard of "cookie" bite loss? My own loss is severe, but I have found hearing aids that enable me to live a totally normal life! If your daughter's "moderate" loss is in the 30-40 dcb range, it's time she look into aids. And yes, a 5 dcb loss in one ear is significant enough to keep it monitored. While that kind of loss is more common among older people, it could be that your daughter's thyroid condition is a factor.
Avatar m tn For approximately 1 month I have been experiencing a partial loss of hearing in my right ear. It feels to me like a blockage of some kind. I am not experiencing any pain or discomfort just this sense that my ear is blocked. Sometimes I can tilt my head to a certain angle and sound will come through normal. When I move my head I can hear crackling,squishy sounds in my right ear.Today I went to an Ear,Nose & Throat specialist.
Avatar f tn My daughter has hearing loss recently with her lyme the dizziness is always Its been a year on antibiotics should she have a mri for all the time that passed with the head pain as well
Avatar m tn In the end, if your hearing loss is permanent, and if there is some residual hearing left, a hearing aid can be worn, to help you hear better, and it will diminish the tinnitus. That said, hearing aids are not a cure for either tinnitus or hearing loss. One more note, I hope they use contrast with the MRI, other wise the MRI will have little diagnostic value.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to treat hearing loss from antibiotics. how can you know if the hearing loss is autoimmune? can a immunologist help with that?
Avatar m tn Eliminating hazardous noise through engineering methods -- such as installing a muffler or building an acoustic barrier -- is the most effective way to prevent hearing loss. However, such measures aren't always possible. Therefore, workers need to wear hearing protectors when performing jobs that expose them to high levels of noise. Thanks.
Avatar m tn After cold of 3-4 days, I observed problem of low hearing especially while chewing or eating food. Overall I feel hearing loss but while eating food, I can’t hear voice of person sitting next to me or television’s voice. As soon as chewing has finished voice is audible. Can someone suggest any solution for this problem?
Avatar m tn The ent I went to ordered an MRI and called to tell me that it showed nothing and just blew me off! He obviously is not taking my situation seriously. My sudden hearing loss was acute 2days ago, but then suddenly was 99 percent better when I awoke yesterday! Now again today I am almost completely deaf in the left ear. This intermittant hearing loss is puzzeling and confusing. I also feel a building pressure and tinitis, which I've had for months. I don't have any dizziness.
Avatar n tn My doctor perscribes hydrocodone-Acetiminophen 5-500 for my severe neck tension and I take 1-1/2 almost every night. Never more than that. But, I noticed hearing seems to be dimmer in my left ear. Did research on hearing loss with this drug and now I'm scared to death. I want OFF! Can my hearing be reversed when I get this out of my system?
Avatar m tn I have had for the last 5 months, fluid leaking from ear, A thick yellow sometimes clear puss like fluid, Cause? Infection, I was prescribed ciprodex a week ago, Im suppose to take it for 14 days and then get surgery to patch a hole in my left ear. The fluid is still leaking, all the time, How can the medication work if my ears wont stay dry? The fluid is probably blocking the medication from actually working.