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1123156 tn?1338866969 I woke up this morning 2 days after having to take cipro for a UTI and my foot right next to the bone in the middle is paranoid now do i have tendonitis? I didn't sleep on it wrong!
443434 tn?1255894833 Cipro can cause floaters. Upon my first dose of cipro I developed bilateral tendonitis in my ankles, and wrists. Peripheral neuropathy, chronic insomnia, chronic nightmares, digestive problems, dyspagia, muscle pains, tinnitus, ear pain, eye pain, eye floaters, eye flashing, lines in my vision, grainy/snow vision, poor night vision, blurry vision, poor adjusting from light to dark places. Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dry and wrinkled skin.
Avatar n tn I am doubtful that this is tendonitis, because of the acute onset of pain. Tendonitis does not begin with an acute event. Likely, this is either a partial tear, or avulsion from the attachment on the calcaneus. I think the best treatment would be a short period of immobilization in a walking boot. Followed by physical therapy. I would consider the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to accelerate healing. If unsuccessful, I would consider surgical repair.
798555 tn?1292791151 Symtoms are different for all lymies it seems, I'm interested in who had tendonitis and what you did for it / how long ABX took to fix it ect. When I say all over , I really mean all over. Ive learned ART, trigger point, and self myofacial release (which may be foriegn to some people) but its slow going. Looking to speed it up.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with more than six sites of tendonitis/bursitis following an unknown "flulike" episode in 2007. Prior to that I was in no pain, had no history of trauma or repetitive stress injury and was healthy aside from frequent infections. I now have been diagnosed with: - Bilateral Trochanteric bursitis and ITB syndrome - Baker's cysts/bursitis behind both knees - Bilateral Gluteal bursitis/tendonitis (not sure if that's correct term - ischeal bursitis?
399806 tn?1251716384 Was given a boat load of meds and the achillies tendonitis subsided. Prostatits persisted was given more's been two years and now I have tedonitis in my elbow, knee, and achillies....tightness and pain in my abdomen as well as twitching all over...not to mention still some burning in my rectum and penis from my prostate.....I just don't know what to think. Is this CPPS and tenditis caused by cipro or somethng I have no idea about!
Avatar n tn I see that Ciprodex should not be use where the eardrum is perforated. I have been using Ciprodex since 2004 in my right ear, which has aperforated eardrum. Does this mean that the Ciprodex is entering my blood stream? Is it possible that the pains in my left leg are such as those reported by many Cipro (as opposed to Ciprodex) users, aching knee, possibly tendinitus?
Avatar f tn I took the antibiotic Cipro (which causes tendon pain and ruptures) and now have a bunch of problems with both ankles. I have achilles tendon pain, and I also have pain and swelling on the inside of my ankle and arch of foot. It hurts to move my toes back, and I can't stand on my toes at all (can't even get off the ground). I also have no balance and sway. If I walk one foot in front of the other (like a drunk driving test), I fall.
Avatar m tn I took Cipro twice in 2009, I had rash, itchy and after that I had thighs,legs and buttocks pain with nerve pain. Is that possible from Cipro ? I'm still getting the nerve and legs pain. I had xray,hiv, herpes, stds and nerve test all came back normal. Any help!!!!
Avatar n tn I had an adverse reaction to Cipro about one year ago that included severe vertigo, tendonitis in both Achilles and forearms. I was previously running on my treadmill 3-4 times per week and had to stop. I still have pain in my Achilles and left forearm but it has much improved. I also still have intermittent vertigo attacks.
Avatar m tn 1.) Tendonitis 2.) Bacterial resistance increased 3.) Neurological effects I'm reading that some docs do prescribe long-term Cipro for IBS, so I'm wondering if anyone else out there is on a long-term Cipro or antibiotic regimen for IBS, and what is your dosage / protocol, etc? Any information is helpful!
Avatar m tn Maybe I tore it? I had a bad reaction to CIPRO over the past year with many tendon tears and tendonitis throughout the body but nothing like this. Any ideas? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Lots-of-pain-please-help/show/958397">Lots of pain please help</a>.
Avatar m tn you were given cipro for a cough? cipro has side effects you should contact your doctor since you're experiencing symptoms and they can give you somehting else, you shouldn't continue taking something that you're having a bad reaction to... I'm not a doctor and you should consult yours for further direction. Also, this is an STD forum are you concerned about an STD??
Avatar n tn Had you been exercising at the gym non stop and got the muscle soreness when taking the cipro, then yes, I would have suspected that may have been a side effect from the cipro. Whilst you are ill with an infection and on an antibiotic, you should not be doing strenuous exercises anyway. You should give your body time to heal and take things easy. Also by exercising you may have been further spreading the bacteria around your system.
Avatar n tn On July 8, 2008 the Food and Drug Administration slapped a black box warning on Cipro and other, similar antibiotics due to an increased risk of tendonitis and tendon rupture. Recent adverse reports include ruptures to the shoulder, hand, bicep or thumb tendons." "Fluoroquinolones carry a Black Box Warning To/For Doctors." From The FDA: http://www.fda.
Avatar n tn I took Cipro 6 months ago and I'm still experiencing full body tendonitis, joint pain, muscle pain and weakness, tingling and burning sensations, stabbing pains, and more. The insomnia went away after about 6 weeks for me. I am a 36 year old female, and was very active and physically fit. There are some great forums you can check out on Yahoo that will be helpful to you. All I can tell you is do not take any steroid that is prescribed to you, or it will make it worse.
Avatar m tn 5 months ago my wife came down with a stomach bug and was given cipro and flaygl. Shortly after taking the drugs she started to have numbness and tingling in her arms, legs, upper back and face. She was diagnosed with neuropathy as a result of the medication. Since that time she has had extreme fatigue, backaches and muscle twitching. Not to mention developing severe achilles tendonitis in both ankles from the Cipro. A neurologist ordered a Brain MRI without contrast which was normal.
Avatar f tn These drugs are awful. i had been given Cipro. I did find that taking 3 mg of boron a day (purchased at a health food store) inactivates the fluoride and got rid of the joint pain and burning in about a week. However to this day 4 years later the tightness in my leg remains. I worked with a trainer and my muscles are fine now. These drugs should be avoided at all cost!
Avatar n tn The t 1/2 of cipro is 3-5 hrs and it might have cleared mostly by now. Cipro has good safety record, side effects occur in less than 10 % patients but are generally mild, withdrawal is needed only in 1.5 % cases. Tendon rupture and tendonitis as a whole across the world few cases reported. I was asking you to rest because of your epididymitis and not primarily for the cipro. Take care!
4451049 tn?1387157037 Both levaquin and Cipro gave me 'tendonitis' ALL over the body. Not just the Achilles tendon! Not a rupture, which is what a lot of the articles are about---- 'just' pain. For years. Still bad. :( Not what everyone gets---- so until you try them you won't know. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar f tn My rheumatologist confirmed that I am one of them, since I have gotten tremendous and long-lasting shoulder pain while on Cipro--and then a flareup later while using VIgamox, not yet understanding the possible connection. Now I am scheduled for cataract surgery, and in the presurgical packet I received this weekend, there is an rx for Vigamox, even though I requested that a note about the Cipro/Vigamox problem be placed in my file.
Avatar f tn If your doctor hands you a prescription for a fluoroquinolone antibiotic (this could be not only Cipro or Levaquin but also Avelox or generics ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, and moxifloxacin, or others), be very certain that your condition warrants the risks that come along with taking these drugs. Fluoroquinolones have fluoride as a central part of the drug. Fluoride is a known neurotoxin, and drugs with an attached fluoride can penetrate into very sensitive tissues.
Avatar m tn Can this pain be caused by the exsecive antibiotics that i took before going to the doctor? Can I be wrong and this be tendonitis caused by the Cipro (currently on treatment) instead of peripheral neuropaty? What are the chances that i am infected according to the data provided above? How certain will the HIV test results be if it has only been 10 weeks? should i wait for the 12 weeks? Can the stress of being infected affect my erections or could the testicular pain affected them?
Avatar n tn It could a side effect of levaquin, as this can cause swelling and pain in the joints, this is more so if he is prone for joint/tendon problems such as tendonitis and bursitis. It should resolve once the medication is stopped. Discuss these symptoms with your consulting doctor he may change the dose or the medication. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
168348 tn?1379360675 (I'm a 49yr old healthy female. Been on 15mg Mobic (NSAID for 2yrs for serious tibial tendonitis). Also Synthroid 75mcgs daily for thy cancer & supression. Last 2 mos have had some minor heartburn feelings swallowing foods which went away after going on Cipro last month for documented UTI by culture.
432312 tn?1265648574 The tendon is sore and aches and it is swollen on the sides - and is warm. All signs of a tendonitis. BTW GOOD to see you! It is most likely related to the MS. I don't think it is "directly" a part of the MS, but it certainly is a result of it. I see two ways in which my A tendons are stressed. The first is that my gait is shot. I lurch and lunge, stop and grab, and limp and favor. None of that is good for our joints nor for the tendons that strengthen them.
Avatar n tn Researchers have even begun to link fluoroquinolone antibiotics (cipro is just one) to fibromyalgia, gulf war syndrome (they gave the soldiers Cipro for weeks encase of anthrax attacks during the gulf war and many came home complaining of a new strange disease that affected their whole body). It is very often misdiagnosed by doctors who try to treat each issue as its own thing and they send you to rheumatologists or neurologists suspecting lupus, MS, or RA.
Avatar m tn Sure antibiotics put out the fire but what can be done to prevent it ;o) It doesn't sound like you're side effects were caused by Cipro. Of course the tendonitis can't be ruled out but the risks really outweigh the benefits in this case. Difficulty breathing is suggestive to an anaphylactic reaction and this is not the case. It is not uncommon for our hearts to miss a beat, especially if we are anxious or stressed. I'm not sure about the numbness though..
Avatar n tn By the 24th of March I was back at the urgent care center with a blood pressure of 120/160 and very blurry vision I have always carried a low blood pressure and do so now.I was given cipro because of blood in my urine, two days in to the cipro I experienced a sudden burst of pain on the left side of my head where there are tendons located, just above the base of my skull, I have experienced sever pain in that area, with severe dizzines(not vertigo).