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Avatar f tn thanks i will mention 2 ob cipro ,somethings gotta heal this b4 i go crazy !
Avatar n tn if you have sharp pain from a uti do I need to take cipro for 14 days? the doctor only gave me 3 days 500mg 2x/day and I'm still having sharp pain in my lower abdomen since nothing else can cure a UTI I feel like I MUST take cipro for 14 days?
Avatar n tn av taken 500mg 2x for 8days now that effective and how will i know if cipro is working...
Avatar m tn I do not want to take antibiotics for the rest of my life, especially since they haven't been working. Thank you for any help.
493068 tn?1224768915 I have chronic bladder infections and on long term Macrobid and still get frequent UTIs. I have had 3+ bacteria for the last 2 months despite Cipro and Levaquin. This morning the UTI is back with burning, frequency. They did not do a C&S before Cipro I think because it is always e-coli. What could be wrong with these 2 meds not working?....I am so tired of this pain and burning. I also have had lower back pain and groin pain for the last 2 mos.
Avatar f tn I am a 50 year old woman and until one month ago, had never suffered from a UTI in my life. Now I seem to have one that will not go away despite repeated courses with antibiotics! My symptoms are frequent and urgent need to urinate. Three weeks ago I visited my gynecologist. She found a number of white cells in my urine sample--did not send a sample out for culture and sensitivity and put me on a 3-day course of Cipro. I felt better for a day or two and then relapsed.
Avatar m tn I have had numerous bouts of epididymitis and orchitis at about every three to four months from about 1994 till about 2000. Having had Cipro work very well for several years, in 2000 I had a Strep B infection of the left testicle following complications from a vasectomy. I ended up loosing my left testicle to the infection and nearly died. The ended up removing the testicle and surrounding tissue leaving the left scrotum open to heal from the inside out.
Avatar m tn #2 I went to my family doctor and explained the situation. They gave me a 500mg pill of Cipro, and 100mg Doxy pills for 10 days. I took the medications and symptoms are still present. #3 I went back to the doctor for a 3rd time, they checked my prostate and it's fine, and they took a urine sample and sent it out to the lab. Urine tested negative for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea but it showed that I did have a bacterial infection.
Avatar m tn 1) Josamycin 750mg - (2 times daily for 2 weeks) then 2) Cipro XR 500mg - (2 times daily for 2 weeks) Drink lots of water. NO alcohol and acidic/spicy foods NO dairy products like milk and cheese.. or you will get the worst stomach cramps while on those antibiotics above. Masturbate daily. and MOST importantly ...stay far away from women The earliest you do the above the better for you..
1168718 tn?1464987135 I`m so tired of feeling this way. 2 bouts with Cipro and then nothing for 5 days, cause it took so long to do the results. I am just hoping they won`t cancel my surgery on Tues. ... Oh, we are going back on to Copaxone ....... hubby and I have discussed it alot, and we feel it is best. I have been off for 4 months, and my symptons have been getting worse. So, we thought we should try again. So, wish me luck, and Tues. is my surgery.... so, it might take me awhile to answer anyone...
Avatar n tn She came down with a UTI, took cipro and it cleared. Less than a week later it came back. Cipro again, and this time it did not resolve. She took one more antibiotic, when to a urologist who told her she "had a massive infection" gave her oral tetracycline and an antibiotic injection I don't remember the name of. She still declined and became sepsis and checked herself into the hospital with chest pain. She went on IV antibiotics and stayed for a couple of days in the IV.
Avatar f tn I am seeking an second opinion but i would love a point in the riight direction to speed up the process. I tried antibiotics is not working and no one knows what this is. It really puts a damper on life, I cant even have sex with my husband because Sex always is painful, and unbearable. I dont do normal activities i feel as if my bladder is always full and it hurts so bad that i cant walk at times. This is crippling my lIfe... I really just want to figure this ot and being proper treatment.
Avatar f tn Also i want to point out that i was on amox for 14 days for a Sinus infection before the onset of this UTI, it started the day after i stopped, then i went back on amox for two days when my doc said to get off b-cuz no e.
Avatar f tn So I've had THE SAME urinary tract/kidney infection since December/January of this year. I have received antibiotic shots and taken macrobid off and on since, but it has not gone away. I am now on a different antibiotic (4x a day), but do not feel any better. This isn't the first time this has happened. A few years ago I had the same problem. I tried every antibiotic (cipro, zithromax, amoxicillin, etc.) and macrobid was the only one that killed it.
Avatar m tn This pain comes and goes. I do not seem to have the burning sensation for the past 3-4 days but then again that comes and goes too. I do feel like I might've had Chlamydia and the results came back wrong. Maybe the infection in the penis is gone but it's still there in the testicles, and it might've developed to a chronic pain as I didn't treat it in time ?
1831849 tn?1383231992 wow, is this the season for UTI's ??? I;m on my 4 one this year, and it is not nice. They put me on Cipro again, with a repeat, especially since I have another surgery booked for the 20th of August. Gonna be a good thing to say good bye to 2013.... can hardly wait..... Hope you feel better soon Kyle, and Lulu, well, you know I always am wishing you the best, and the warmth of loved ones and family ...
Avatar f tn Not all antibiotics are created equal. I did a round of cipro last summer which was not the right drug for the bacteria I was growing with my UTI. I did several months of antibiotics, trying to kick it until it finally won and I ended up in the hospital last fall with sepsis. The uti had ascended into my kidneys and went for a free ride into my blood stream. It is tiring trying to get it cleared but absolutely essential. These infections can be a real bugger to kick.
12446964 tn?1425527425 I also had white discharge. Once again my UTI symptoms went away, but vaginal pain did not. A month later, after a month of feeling completely normal again, I had major vaginal discomfort and discharge continued. I felt like I had an urge to pee and urethral pain. I do not think the diflucan is working. I also have white flakes in urine now. Could this be yeast or skin? My blatter was cramping a lot also "spasms".
Avatar m tn Could I take 500 mg of cipro for 3 days, and discontinue? Would that clear up the color. I do not have fever, chills, or any other symtons. Can I take cipro, in small amounts long term with out risk of antiobotics not working when I need them in a worse condition?
Avatar n tn Once I get that I'll do an AZO UTI Test at home and it will come out positive. I'm starting to get irritated with the recurrence and I take Cipro for the infections, but nothing seems to be working, they keep coming back or never leaving, I'm not sure. I want to know if it is common to get halitosis with a UTI or am I just crazy for noticing this?
Avatar f tn You kind have to rule things out when it is not too specific. As for a treatment for HIV, a lot of health care workers have to take AZT if (I haven't forgetten) . Since I was negative at baseline and 3 months they didn't give me anything. I haven't heard of any new profilactic treatment but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I am far from an expert in knowledge of HIV. And, I'm getting tired, which doesnt' help. I'll double check the AZT. But you don't want to take it if you don't have to.
Avatar n tn Have you been checked for kidney stones? They could cause blood in your urine (visible or not).I was misdiagnosed with UTI's before my stones were discovered. Ask for an IVP. They inject dye into you, and x-ray your kidneys as it passes through. Also a 24 hour urine test is a good idea. They can find all kinds of stuff that way. As far as you Dr. goes, be blunt with him about your concerns, and ideas.
Avatar f tn The urgency to pee and the bladder spasms never really went away so now I'm taking cipro and it's not working at all I've been on it for 7 days so far.
1840891 tn?1431551393 Usually if I catch them early the Cipro starts working pretty fast, but not this time. By 7pm I was in severe pain and starting a fever. It was 99.9 with chills when I first measured it. It is now up to 100.6 and still hurts a lot in spite of also using that analgesic for bladder pain, and the scary thing is that the urine has something in it, little clumps and strings, that look like blood.
Avatar m tn Hi All, just wanted to say hi and tell my story and see if anyone can share/shed some light on what i have. Its driving me crazy. I started having a UTI symptom (slight urgency, no buring, feeling of urine leaking) back in february. I took cranberry tablets as these have helped me before when i a UTI a year ago. And it worked. In a day i felt fine. I did however go and see doc who prescribed 3 days Trimethroprim.
Avatar f tn I was off the cipro for 6 days when my gyn did a culture and it still came back negative. maybe it depends on the antibiotic. Anyway I'm feeling better today with this new one. I think I'll leave it to the urologist to figure out. One more doctor to add to the list. @orphanhawk I'll take your advice as well thanks....
Avatar f tn Diagnosed UTI and prescribed Cipro. The doctor did not do a culture because he said it wouldn't show anything since I had been taking amoxicillin. Four days later still no relief so I went back to urgent care. I saw another doctor. She said my labs had improved some from the Cipro but she changed me to Macrobid since sympotoms persisted. She did culture the urine and it came back negative. I took Macrobid for 7 days and the last day experienced some, but not complete relief.
Avatar n tn I really would like to avoid such a long period of antibiotics, and I have read on here that perhaps I should try Azithromycin (a Z-pak) before taking Cipro for so long. I already have both prescriptions, just not sure if I should start the Zithromax, although it is only a couple of days worth. My thinking is if I'm gonna be on a month of antibiotics, why not wait a week and try Azithromycin first? What could it hurt? Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn She said i just had bladder irritation and prescribed me pyridium to take while I finished the cipro. When I finished the cipro, the lower back pain persisted so I went to see the doctor again. Urinalysis came back positive and she prescribed me Levaquin. After one dose of Levaquin I was confined to my bed with a horrible case of tendonitis (a common side effect). When that ordeal was over, I went on Macrobid for a week. It didn't fix any of my symptoms.
Avatar f tn I was Rxed the antibiotic FOR the UTI. I never had any burning or anything, just pain & pressure. Very strang. I wonder if my ability to feel those sensations that normally accompany a uti were messed up due to nerve damage from my L5-S1 rupture and discectomy. It left me completely numb from butt to toes: sciatic nerve, along the back of my leg. My completely numb on that side, so I guess that could also be affecting my urethra.