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Avatar m tn the doc seemed to think my prostate was enlarged and prescribed then didn't send in the script for flow max I'm back on cipro but not hopeful that it will work and think I need doxy
Avatar n tn If it is possible to pass other things on, it should be possible that an uncontroled infection could be passed on as well. For myself however, each time that I had a prostate infection or a UTI, I have never been interested in sexual contact during that time. Most of the times to clear up an infection, I was put on Cipro 500mg for about a month at a time. It could be that one would still have an infection but has started to feel well enough to no longer feel the effects of the infection.
250398 tn?1225266891 Penile discharge and foul smelling urine suggest of infection. But this infection could be due to routine urinary tract infection or STD. Due to an enlarged prostrate there is a chance of retention of urine, due to which there are more chances of developing infection. I suggest that you get a STD panel done along with urine analysis and culture to confirm the cause. All the best.
Avatar m tn is there a cure like cipro, doxycycline for prostatitis? which prostate test should I have done?
Avatar n tn Antibiotics do not penetrate very well into the prostate and hence, for any infection of the prostate, antibiotic therapy needs to be prescribed for a longer duration than for other infections. The average treatment duration for prostatitis can extend from 2 weeks to 8 weeks or even longer. Your urologist may extend the treatment even longer if required or switch you to another antibiotic if response to treatment is inadequate.
Avatar n tn Hi, A negative urine test need not indicate an infection of the prostate. It is possible that there could be an infection of the prostate or just an inflammation of the prostate causing your urine symptoms. Have you ever been put on medication specific for relief of your prostate symptoms, such as Flomax, Hytrin, etc.? It is possible, given your age, that you could be having an abacterial inflammation of the prostate (given that the antibiotics do not seem to have helped much.
Avatar m tn I had prostatitis in the past but my question is how did i contract it? I went to my gp and given cipro for 500mg 1x12hours For 4 weeks. I went to the the the clinic got a negative result its been 3 weeks now. I suffer pain in the perinium and pain when i ejaculate. I dont no the cause of it but if its an infection can i pass it on to someone else even though ive been on cipro for 3 weeks and also the problem is in the perinium.
Avatar n tn I switched doctors (from a family practitioner to an internal medicine)who suspected a prostate infection (spongy) and put me on Cipro for 30 days, 500mg-2x a day. Things feel better, but the paraesthesias feeling, which was present at the beginning before drugs persists. I am still having lower back aches, but not as bad as before. Is this still prostate related (prostatitus)? I have no known allergies to date. Thank you for any input.
Avatar m tn He also did urine checks for infection – came back clean. He suggested the varicoecele might be the cause and sent me to a vascular surgeon. The surgeon undertook an embolization of the left side. For a few days, the pain went away. About a week later, it was back. And more so than ever. Acute pain and the left side of my scrotum swelled up like a balloon. I went back to the vascular surgeon, that performed an ultrasound and said the left epididymis was inflamed.
Avatar m tn It sure seems like it is an infection of some type when I wake up in the middle of the night. He gave me the option of Cipro 500mg twice daily for 2 weeks and I have it now. Haven’t started it yet. I’m thinking since I’m still relatively early in the prostatitis disease process this might help? The Cipro stories scare the crap out of me, but so do the prostatitis stories. Any input is appreciated. I will be sure to update my story as it progresses. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Re: Prostate infection and Cipro [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Urology Forum ] Posted by HFHS M.D.-KR on January 14, 1998 at 10:50:32: In Reply to: Prostate infection and Cipro posted by David on January 08, 1998 at 13:54:18: Good day, I am a Type II Diabetic who has acquired a prostate infection.
Avatar n tn Good day, I am a Type II Diabetic who has acquired a prostate infection. My doctor started me on 500mg Cipro (2 times a day) last Friday, when I experienced a fever with additional symptoms (perineal pain, burning sensation while urinating--all slowly developing over a few weeks). The symptoms have certainly subsided after almost a week of the anitbiotic, but I still "feel" the infection (some burning sensations in the penis and some perineal pain, though greatly diminished).
Avatar m tn I had to take 20 days of Cipro for prostate infection. The e coli count was > 100,000. It took 4 or 5 day to take the temperature down and then it was a matter of getting through the 20 days. Right after I got off of Cipro (~2days) I was feeling constipated, A week after (yesterday) I realized my spleen was swollen (first time ever). Wife is a nurse and new where it was located.
548956 tn?1215477667 Do I have to wait more time for the medicines to take effect, or is it possible that the infection might be resistant to the treatment? Also, are the treatments for rectal gonorrhea the same, or if not, which are such treatments? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn I had the cystoscopy and then went on a course of Cipro and a muscle relaxant for the bladder neck. Things went ok towards the end of the cipro and allot of my problems went for a very short while. The preassure feeling came back very quickly and I was urinating more frequently again. I go for my check up to the Urology on the 20th May to see how things have gone. I think I have singled it down to one problem but I need to know if this is a big problem or not.
Avatar n tn After reading up on prostate treatment, I've seen where the avodart would take weeks if not months to be effective on the prostate, also it takes more than a week of cipro to effectively treat a prostate infection.She didn't schedule a follow up but did allow for three refills on the cipro as well as the avodart. the avodart is a thirty day script. I've refilled the cipro and continued another week. While the symptoms seem to be better I wonder if I'm just getting used to the feeling.
Avatar n tn It is now about a year later, and I am having pain in my left testicle again. I do not have health insurance and got a friend to prescribe Cipro for me to clear up my infection. After reading the new black box warning on Cipro I am very nervous and reluctant to take it, mainly because of the reports of sudden tendon rupture. I started taking Cipro a week ago. 6/5/09. I noticed my energy to be low and my joint and tendons to be stiff and sore.
Avatar m tn I've been on Cipro and advil for thirty days to relieve the burinng pain and my constant need to urinate. I have good days but latter in the day it starts up again. Urologist want to take biopsy but is waiting for inflamation to go away. It is ruining my life. It is on my mind every waking hour. The drugs do not agree with me and seem to be making things worse. I have numbnest in my left and on the left side of my face, even my teeth hurt. What do I do???????
Avatar n tn About a year ago I was diagnosed with a prostate infection. My primay complaint was, and still is, chronic pain in the prostate area. I was given antibiotics (Biaxin). The pain began to subside several days after, but returned after about three weeks (while still taking the drugs). I switched to a different antibiotic (Cipro), and the same thing happened: the pain began to subside, only to return 3-4 weeks into the treatment.
Avatar n tn Could this just be residual inflammation or is it possible I could still have a bacterial infection after the arsenal of antibiotics I was on? Thanks for any suggestions.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been suffering from prostatitis since about the age of 22-23 up to current age of 44. I have been placed on Cipro for many times, this is to ensure that any infection will be cleared up. To deal with the symptoms I have had Buscopan tabs as well as Indocid (not sure about spelling of this) suposetries. It gives some relief, but at worst a hot bath will give short term relief. Other than this I am not aware of anything that would be of benfit.
Avatar m tn Went to ER for the pain, got IV gentymiasin and IV cipro and started oral cipro. Saw urologist. Ultrasound showed fluid collection. Since then I’ve been back to the ER for more IV antibiotics (this time they gave me rosyphilin??); and I continue to suffer. And so now have had two different IV antibiotic occasions, and 10 days of cipro, followed by 9 days of septra ds, followed by a few days of keflex, and I was switched to levoquin? (something like that).
Avatar f tn I'm looking for some answers and figured this forum may be best for my situation. I'll try to make this as short as I can. October I was diagnosed with epididymitis. Symptoms started in Aug 2014, i drank heavily and next day uti like feelings. I was tested several times for Gon and Chylamidia. All neg. Put on 10 days of cipro. Uti feeling went away. Next several weeks I had right kindey pain and within a month sore right testicle. Uroogist gave me leviquin and doxy, didnt seem to help.
Avatar n tn About a year ago I was diagnosed with a prostate infection. My primay complaint was, and still is, chronic pain in the prostate area. I was given antibiotics (Biaxin). The pain began to subside several days after, but returned after about three weeks (while still taking the drugs). I switched to a different antibiotic (Cipro), and the same thing happened: the pain began to subside, only to return 3-4 weeks into the treatment.
Avatar m tn I know HIV risk to be low. I asked about NGU as possible cause for prostate infection. Doc said no way to test for that and, if it was cause, Cipro would knock that out of me anyway. So here I am, feeling like I dodged a bullet but still worried. Seems crazy to develop a prostate infection so soon after my encounter when it had never been a problem before.
Avatar n tn Prostate infection and Cipro posted by HFHS M.D.-KR on January 14, 1998 at 10:50:32: Just wanted to thank you for the information and apoligize for the above post if it sounded a bit terse. My nerves have been frayed since I contracted this infection. The symptoms continue to improve--very slowly. I take my last Cipro tablet on Friday, but plan on contacting my doctor to have the antibiotic treatment extended. Thanks for your help....
Avatar n tn However to be honest i dont like, nor trust my doctor, who has fobbed me off before for a different condition that i turned out to have.What i want to know is is it possible for a man of my age to get cancer of the prostate and should i seek a second opinion?
Avatar f tn ) I immediatley visited my doctor who did a dre and said i had an enlarged prostate, possibly down to prostatitis and prescribed cipro. This helped a little but never took it away totally, i was taking it for around 12 weeks with no complete resolution, it took some of the pain away but i still had a constant urge to go producing urine every 15 - 20 mins, it however did not hurt to urinate.