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Avatar n tn did they do any testing for diabetes on you when you were seen too? both cipro and doxy work well for ngu and prostatitis. I'd finish the full course and wait an additional week or two before being seen again unless it gets really bad. also avoid caffeine, spicy foods and caffeine as well as no fluids after 7pm to see if that helps too.
Avatar n tn I've been diagnosed with NGU, and have been given cipro, it has been three days, with no relief of symptoms. My penis is burning, and tingling, and is red around the tip of the penis. I"ve been tested for chlamydia and ghonrrea, and am wondering if it could be herpes. I've been tested negative for herpes, but only four days after possible exposure, am wondering what to do...????
Avatar n tn last month i received 2 min oral,i had no discharge but was treated with azithomycein 250x5 all in one dose doxy 100 2x day after 10 days my bladder felt really swollen i went to the docter and tested positve for a bladder infection,i was put on cipro 500 2x a day for 10 days.
Avatar m tn he didnt ask for any tests or nothing , I start taking the painkiller for 10 days and the pain didnt stop , i saw another doctor and he prescribed 5 days of cipro for prostate and again it didnt work ,, after like 40 days of pain and i could feel that something really went to my prostate cause it left untreated that hall time i went to another doctor that he did an ulttrasound for my prostat and the size was normal he asked for a urine regular culture and a urine anlysis and the results were n
Avatar m tn She then gave me a prostate exam and my prostate was slightly tender to the touch and she gave me a prescription for Cipro 500mg for 14 days which I am currently taking. Yesterday, the day after my exam I was very uncomfortable from my anus up through my urethra and started to panic even more. I also started to notice a slight burning sensation at the tip of my penis when urinating but not every time I urinated. When I woke up today I felt better in the areas I just described.
Avatar m tn I assumed so, but the testicular pain has caused me to second guess myself and assume its NGU because I hadn't tested for it. I'm also concerned about passing on the NGU to my wife. My Doctor has given me Cipro 500 for the possibility of Epididymitis. Hopefully this clears up the discomfort.
Avatar f tn Basically i was told by 3 different doctors i was negative for any stds but i kept having burning with urination. So finally my gyno did tell me i have chlamydia which was associated to my urethritis even though i had six negative chlamydia tests. So far i have taken 8 weeks of different antibiotics. Im starting to get better but after 8 weeks you would think i would be better and beyond. I have taken 2 weeks of azthrio. 2 weeks of cipro And on my 4th week of oflaxcin.
Avatar n tn All tests came out negative. I then had a cystoscopy where it was determined that my prostate was enlarged so i was on cipro for 8 weeks, my symptoms slightly improved however the wierd part that no one has answered for me is that at the same time that i was having these symptoms i also had a red inflammation of my urthral meatus and testicular folliculitis.
Avatar n tn i recently receiver oral from a female while unprotected, and i have had several symptoms that are consistant with chlamydia, but i have not been tested as of yet, but on an unrelated trip to my doctor for a sinus infection, he gave me(12ea) cipro 500mg, so would that take care of chlamydia, if indeed that is what i have?
Avatar n tn Hook said that my completing a course of cipro 40-48 hours before my exposure could cause gonorrhea and NGU symptoms to not appear. 3 days after my exposures, I noticed that inside the opening to my urethra (pee hole) was definitely more red than normal. Since then I have experienced mild burning when I first start to urinate (not excruciating burning, and sometimes there is no burning) and the redness areas/spots inside the opening to my urethra are still there.
Avatar n tn He gave me 2 grams, (2000 Mg) of azithromycin right on the spot, and put me on cipro, 500mg, twice a day, for a week. This seemed to mostly clear up the pain, (and I never did have any discharge). Then, four days after I had completed my antibiotics to the letter of instruction, I had sex with my wife, for the first time, and the pain came back. That was February 6th. It has never fully gone away, and is least painful when sleeping and when I first get up in the morning.
Avatar m tn What is the proper treatment for NGU or just Urethritis? Is 1gm of Zithromax the preffered and correct treatment? Or is another medication better? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Is there anything I should be tested / re-tested for? 2.) Could this be NGU? I thought NGU was accompanied by a discharge. I have not had any discharge at all. 3.) Is it possible that I transmitted something to my wife the one time I have had sex with her since this encounter? 4.) When is it safe to resume sex with my wife? My urologist advised that I not have sex while being treated.
Avatar n tn You probably need additional treatment, at least with azithromycin or doxycycline (for NGU/chlamydia) and perhaps with a better drug for gonorrhea. I suggest you find a provider more experienced in STDs than yours apparently is, such as your local health department STD clinic (or GUM clinic, as they are called in UK and some former commonwealth countries). Also, you need to call your partner and make sure she knows of your problem, if that hasn't been done.
Avatar m tn He said it may be epididymitis and prescribed Cipro bid for 10 days. It is now 4 weeks since the pain in my testicles started and 3 weeks since I started the Cipro (13 weeks since encounter) and the pain in my testicles has never really went away although it is very mild. I have never had any penile discharge or painful urination.
Avatar m tn so at week 7 i went to my GP she perscribed me 2 tablets of zithro and 7 day twice a day doxy for NGU or ureathritius. she also advised me to discontinue cipro which i had been self treating with, my questions are could the purell caused this infection, and if so will the NGU treatment cure me? i did not tell my GP about the purell. also with reguards to my testicular symtoms do i need to be concerned about Epididymitis?
Avatar m tn So in light of all of the negative tests do you think I even need to take the Cipro. I have not had any symptoms in the past week or so, and really don't like taking medications for "heck of it". Thanks Doc.
Avatar n tn I am a homosexual male, 26 years old. I have been in a relationship for one month now, and symptoms go about just as far back. The day after our first sexual contact (oral sex and mutual masturbation only), I felt what I would describe as a "hightened awereness" or "sensitivity" of the penis, and the feeling of my pee passing through my penis the fraction of a second before it actually starts flowing out (never had this before).
Avatar m tn negative for HSV and bacteria HIV: negative at 17 weeks. 4 weeks levaquin, 3 weeks doxy, 1 rocephin shot, 3 weeks of a different cephalosporin (forgot the name), 10 weeks of Valtrex. Do you have any suggestions about what to do? The doctors have run out of ideas and my condition is not getting noticably better with time. Any thoughts about a Western Blot test for atypical HSV1 condition?
Avatar n tn I went to doctor 6 days after. There was no white blood cells in urine. Treated with zithro and cipro. urgency and frequency went away, but came back. gon/clam test came back negative. I got culture done which came back negative culture. There was trace of non hemolyzed blood. What is that? There were detectable ketones 40. What is that? Specific gravity of 1.005 and on other page 1.010. what do these things mean and potentially mean?
Avatar m tn Originally, in March I was diagnosed with having an E. coli infection which cleared up after taking Cipro. A few weeks after I developed the NGU. I acquired this in Asia back in February of this year. Has anyone had any success with these recurring NGU's??? I am at my wits end. Could this be a resistant bacteria? Can being on and off and then on again with the Doxycycline be making the bacteria resistant? Was the 7 days of doxy and metrodinazole combo enough days.
Avatar n tn Hi Doc, One last follow up if you don't mind (I will gladly pay if necessary)... I went to the urologist last week complaining of frequent urination, urge to urinate and abdomen tightness and lower back pain (these symptoms have remained for the most part since my encounter, although I cannot really say if it has been daily or weekly basis).
Avatar f tn I asked the doctor if it was reasonable to assume that i may have never had ngu in the first place for the following reasons. first swab done was negative for nsu. second swab done 1.5 weeks later was slightly over 5 wbc third swab done 3 weeks later was within normal range but with a few wbc fourth swab test done 3 weeks later was completely normal. spoke with doctor at length.
Avatar m tn However, because of the UTI symptoms I was experiencing I had been taking Cipro for a few days before the test. My test was on a Wednesday; from the Sunday to the Tuesday before the test I had taken five tables of Cipro 500mg, with none on Tuesday evening or at all on Wednesday. It had been 24 hours since I had last taken the antibiotic when I gave my urine sample. Given the amount of Cipro I took, the timing, and the nature of the test, can I rely on my negative result?
548956 tn?1215477667 LCFR - it could be chlamydia or NGU. Timann - It will take up to a week or so for symptoms to resolve. If you have further questions, you should start your own thread.
Avatar m tn 5) I also read of NGU, would cipro help that? 6) how long until the testicle pain should be going away if it was any of the above concerns and the cipro was used?
Avatar m tn My doctor said my urinalysis results (Greater than 100,000 FU/ml of Ecol) for e-coli and fast response to cipro were definitive for an e-coli UTI/prostate infection despite it being rare in young men (I am 30). The diagnosis of chronic non infectious prostatitis has been discussed as a result of damage from the initial acute e-coli infection. So none of this would make you consider herpes? is e-coli and irritation rash reasonable?
Avatar m tn You've obviously done some research, and I agree with what you've said so far. Also I'd add Ureaplasma to the list of possible causes. I don't think it's that the US in unaware of these infections, just that for some bizarre reason they never test for them, even when there are mountains of evidence which indicate them as causes of urethritis. Then they stick their head in the sand and give out trashcan diagnosis of "prostatitis" or a recurrent UTI.
Avatar m tn hey docs. i was treated recently for ngu and a testi infection. 750 mg of levaquen for 28 days. but this is what i read. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) sertraline (ZOLOFT), widely prescribed for depression, has been associated with a decrease in the effect of levothyroxine. i take zolaft 100 mg daily. i still have testi pain and burning. i am now bieng treated with diflucan for 7 days for a yeast infection. should i be worried. do u think my ngu was wiped out.