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Avatar f tn After completing the prescription, I still had a sinus infection and ended up in the ER with an upper respiratory tract infection and gastritis. I now have an equilibrium problem to go along with the upper respiratory infection and the gastritis. I don't know what to do st this point. Too afraid to take anything. Can someone give me some advice.
Avatar m tn Finally my family doctor sent me to a lung specialist and he told me I had a mycoplasma infection. I was on antibiotics for 2-3 weeks and I felt much better. Needless to say that has not been the end of it and I've never been the same since. I don't know if the long term mycoplasma infection did damage but anytime I get a cold or flu my body can't fight it off and I end up on a 2 week course of Biaxin (minimum). I met another older lady in a hospital clinic and we started talking.
Avatar n tn   From that point on fatigue never left me.  Several months later, in February, I came down with a horrible upper respiratory infection at the same time I was exposed to a huge dose of animal protein and a very unsanitary condition filled with unimaginable filth.  I've never lost my voice before, but this time, I could hardly squeak out a word. A few weeks later, my sense to taste altered.  I had what is neurological damage to the area in my nose that sense taste.  No doctor seemed to care.
Avatar m tn Amoxciline is used for Upper Respiratory infection such as ear infection and nose.. Amoxicline is good at that, but not the prostate.
Avatar n tn Oh my goodness, I am so glad I looked at this forum. I have had 6 infections in the past 8 mos. Under left arm, was very painful & abscessed, outer ear infection I'm told outer is unusual) upper respiratory brought on by flowering plants, while on vacation) Asthma under control for years, ended up with pneumonia,A tooth with 3 previous root canals which ended up being retreated. I felt the tooth was bothering me again when I developed the next infection. My latest was in my nose.
Avatar m tn Chronic infection or recurrant infections,autoimmune disease like lupus, sometimes no reason or it is hereditary. Upper respiratory tract infection, asthma can cause this. So, this would also make you get a lot of infections. It is possible if you have TB (active) that your immune system is low and you are getting other infections. Did they do a quantiferon gold skin test for TB yet? Sounds like they are doing the right thing by doing culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing.
276730 tn?1327966546 Mine is mostly sinus/throat/upper respiratory stuff and a nasty UTI. Before TX I got frequent sinus infections, too - I'm on allergy meds and injections as well as cipro, allergy meds, nexium, TX meds - interferon and riba wreak havoc on the immune system.
Avatar n tn zena, i got a really bad lung/bronci infection, (started caughing up blood streaks and it really scared me), i was on tx too and dr had to give me two courses of zithromyacin... 2 "z packs"...that worked for me...strong stuff though...check liver info with dr. the eye problem is a big deal...please make an apointment with a real eye dr...your dr may not realize that eye problems is common but can lead to serious eye problems or rarely better safe than sorry...
Avatar n tn In your case because you had not been to the gym for a long time, your sore shoulder muscles may have nothing to do with the cipro and it may just be coincidental. When you have not exercised for a long time and then start to exercise again, everything feels sore and tender. Had you been exercising at the gym non stop and got the muscle soreness when taking the cipro, then yes, I would have suspected that may have been a side effect from the cipro.
242516 tn?1368227505 The flu has passed epidemic rates in much of the country, and if you don't have a cold, I'm sure you have a friend who has the sniffles, fever, chills, aches and pains of a viral upper respiratory infection. This is different from a bacterial infection such as sinusitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia. A viral infection doesn't improve with antibiotics as these infections do. A virus hijacks your own body's healthy cells and uses it to reproduce and spread.
Avatar m tn The last time I went to the doctor they gave me antibiotics for a viral upper respiratory infection which is a waste of medication. And given it takes about a week to get your test results and assumption by the doc that you were lying yes they figure it doesn't hurt to give you antibiotics just in case vs. not giving you antibiotics and having you suffer, getting a more serious infection then suing him if you developed complications.
Avatar m tn After two weeks finishing Bactrim I started to have the itchy skin around my neck and shoulder area and in a few days I developed a pretty bad skin rash and infection. My doctor told me that I must have had a delayed reaction to Bactrim and he put me on some penicillin based antibiotics for the skin infection. After being on it for a week I developed hives and had to stop the antibiotics and got on prednisone to control the hives. Since then my body is not the same.
Avatar m tn I believe the pharmacist gave me the cipro as I had described the phlegm as yellowish in colour and she thought it was a upper respiratory infection. I stopped the cipro after the itching became unbearable. I should have consulted a doctor, but the pharmacist was closer and I didn't feel all that bad, despite the cough.
Avatar n tn I'm going through the same thing. Mine starts upper-left and radiates to my breastbone and goes into the center of my back. Has to be the worst pain I've felt. Sitting makes it worse, pacing back and forth makes it better. Overall an 'attack' will last for 3-4 hours. Had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, hidascan/cck and gallbladder removal (due to poor function), bloodwork, etc... The gastro doc blew me off and my regular doc has stated I have IBS. Now I'm on Bentyl so we will see what happens.
Avatar n tn Finish the cipro and go from there. You can request a tissue biopsy of your throat and see what your physician thinks about that. Unfortunely, this is not going to be an easy road for you. I am not sure if you have an Immunologist you can consult nearby since you are not really getting anywhere with the ID Specialists.
Avatar f tn The important question is why an otherwise apparently healthy woman should suddenly start having recurrent upper and lower respiratory tract infections. Unless you have been aspirating food, drinks or gastric/stomach contents due to reflux, this series of events suggests the possibility of an acquired immunodeficiency state, the most likely of which would be, common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). This is not a rare condition and it is treatable.
Avatar m tn * Repeated episodes of cola-colored or tea-colored urine, usually during or following an upper respiratory infection * Pain in your side(s) * Foam in the toilet water from protein in your urine * Swelling (edema) in your hands and feet * High blood pressure * Low-grade fever Now these are the early you may want to check out for more detailed information...
Avatar n tn I started having all kinds of issues such as yeast infections and constant itching and severe burning even when the infection was gone. Within 2 weeks of starting this pill my energy level, motivation and spirit hit rock bottom. I had never been so depressed in my life. I think I cried for a couple weeks strait which didn't make any sense because things in my life were great at the time. Being on this pill was a disaster for me and my relationship.
Avatar f tn I had a fever and felt VERY fatigued, with upper respiratory symptoms, was bedridden. I was finally starting to feel better when I experienced a "double sickening" over NYE, and went to the doctor on Jan 2nd. Got a z pack for what was a sinus infection. That helped pretty quickly and after a few days, I was getting ready to go back to work. One evening, (maybe 2 days after finishing the z pack) I got hit with some pretty intense GI symptoms and my fever came back.
Avatar n tn The UTI is a known stimulus for a relapse, with or without fever, as in an upper respiratory infection. I suspect that it was the infection that caused your symptoms and not the Cipro. In fact, I was getting severely increaed fatigue and arm weakness. My MS neuro thought I might be starting a relapse and checked me for infection. I had a silent UTI. We were able to head it off with the antibiotics, but he thought I might slip all the way into the relapse, so I was lucky.
242516 tn?1368227505 This new box warning via FDA is something i've been aware of for some time in patients using ciprofloxaxin, levaquin (levofloxacin), Moxifloxacin (Avelox), ofloxacin (floxin), gatifloxacin (tequin), and i'm glad it'll be highlighted on labeling, showing it's increasing incidence: risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture is further increased in those over age 60, in kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients, and with use of concomitant steroid therapy.
461838 tn?1255793816 When I laid down my headaches pounding in the back and top of my head and eyes. I had chills and a fever and stayed in bed from 9:30PM Tuesday to about 5:30 PM Wednesday. I felt bad the week before, and yes I knew these were tx sx but what are they but sx caused by the poison we put in our bodies and the battles that rage in our systems against those poisons. My hair and everything hurt and I was definitely feeling it. I didn't talk to anyone and didn't call anyone except work.
Avatar n tn could the night sweating and waking up have anything to do with whatever sinus (or upper respiratory) infection I've had? In the past day or so, the sinuses have begun to feel a little better (tension in the jaw and teeth pain relieved, and lymph nodes feel less tingly). I'm thinking this is due to the Cipro. But these intermittent sweating episodes at night are concerning me, and I would like your advice on whether or not I should be concerned, given the rest of my symptoms.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks after treatment of an upper respiratory infection with Augmentin 850mg TID I tested positive for C Diff. I took a 10 day regime of Flagyl. Symptoms returned 4 days after completion of Flagyl. Dr put me on second round of Flagyl for additional 7 days. Completed 2nd regime-- four days later more severe symptoms returned. Repeat C Diff came back negative. Dr put me on Cipro and Flagyl for 7 days. Four days later.....symptoms even worse than before. Dr.
Avatar n tn Hello, Much in the same here, I have had these pains for about 2 months now. It started off with walking pnumonia and then went to a serious sinus infection and now I have the sinus infection along with an ear infection that was and still is unnoticeable. I have had bad anxiety for the past 3 months that started with my job and has moved to my health as every little thing seems to make me think I am dying.
Avatar n tn then goes back to normal. I've seen my doctor 3 times and have recieved Cipro 500 mg, Levaquin 250 mg, and a new antibiotic I can't recall. He has cultured my sputum, ordered chest x-rays, blood tests but nothing shows up?!!! I do occasionally have a sore throat that lasts 4-5 days then disappears???? Also, I now suffer from post-nasal drip and sneezing attacks although that may just be an allergy. The mucous is very dry, stringy and clumps together...amount is usually 1/4 teaspoon.
Avatar n tn Joint pains following an infective illness, and especially upper respiratory infection can be either reactive arthritis or rheumatic arthritis. Arthritis or inflammation of joint that moves from joint to joint (migratory) can be due to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, rheumatic fever, SLE, HIV, Lyme’s disease, sarcoidosis, Whipple’s disease, Henoch-Schnlein Purpura, bacterial endocarditis and gonoccoccal arthritis. Hashimotos thyroidits is another possibility.
Avatar m tn 5 weeks past possible (HIV) exposure I came down with a really weird set of symptoms which prompted me to go to the doctor. I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. I had fatigue, muscle and bone pain, sore throat, swollen tonsils and neck glands, upset stomach along with a cough and shortness of breath. I took a rapid HIV test at 6 weeks and another one at 7.5 weeks (53 days) to be exact (both negative).
Avatar n tn We live in the country, and there was a huge fire near us 2 years ago and that's when all the vertigo started. I had a horrible sinus infection and lung infection after the fire and it took me 4 months to get better. I think something may have happened in my inner ear or something, because I"ve never been the same since. I would have never thought that allergy could make somebody feel so bad. I think I hear my sister talking to me beyond the grave, saying "see, I told you so!
Avatar m tn My guess is you kissed as well as had oral sex with your partner 3 weeks ago, and you acquired both adenoviral NGU and a very typical upper respiratory adenovirus infection at that time. This explains why your gonorrhea and chlamydia tests were negative, and why ciprofloxacin hasn't made any difference. Like all viruses, adenovirus is not affected by antibiotics. Your ophthalmologist is correct that your infection will clear up on its own, at all involved sites.