Cipro and upper respiratory infection

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Avatar f tn After completing the prescription, I still had a sinus infection and ended up in the ER with an upper respiratory tract infection and gastritis. I now have an equilibrium problem to go along with the upper respiratory infection and the gastritis. I don't know what to do st this point. Too afraid to take anything. Can someone give me some advice.
Avatar n tn In your case because you had not been to the gym for a long time, your sore shoulder muscles may have nothing to do with the cipro and it may just be coincidental. When you have not exercised for a long time and then start to exercise again, everything feels sore and tender. Had you been exercising at the gym non stop and got the muscle soreness when taking the cipro, then yes, I would have suspected that may have been a side effect from the cipro.
Avatar m tn I believe the pharmacist gave me the cipro as I had described the phlegm as yellowish in colour and she thought it was a upper respiratory infection. I stopped the cipro after the itching became unbearable. I should have consulted a doctor, but the pharmacist was closer and I didn't feel all that bad, despite the cough.
Avatar n tn Infections usually start out as upper respiratory infections, such as from a cold and then travel down into your lungs (lower respiratory infection). Other times it's from getting the flu and a secondary infection sets in, such as pneumonia or acute bronchitis. Other times you could get acute bronchitis from being exposed to a lot of irritants in the air (such as wood dust, heavy pollution etc).
Avatar m tn Regarding the urinary tract infection It sounds like the organism causing the problem is getting resistant to the drug Cipro and you may need a new prescription. Also, Cipro may be causing you to throw up. it is possible you have a kidney infection still and it is causing pain that is radiating to the front.
Avatar f tn Anyone ever had an upper respiratory infection during their pregnancy? If so, did it affect your baby in any way?
2041076 tn?1329881359 I am uncertain about what this statement means but assume the symptoms to be those of a cold or another type of upper respiratory infection. Such symptoms may be caused by persistent or recurrent infection but, in many instances are caused by repeated exposure to, 1) an allergic substance or, 2) to an irritant; that is, they can be caused by something present in your environment.
461838 tn?1255790216 When I laid down my headaches pounding in the back and top of my head and eyes. I had chills and a fever and stayed in bed from 9:30PM Tuesday to about 5:30 PM Wednesday. I felt bad the week before, and yes I knew these were tx sx but what are they but sx caused by the poison we put in our bodies and the battles that rage in our systems against those poisons. My hair and everything hurt and I was definitely feeling it. I didn't talk to anyone and didn't call anyone except work.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor last wednesday and he diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection caused by allergies. The main symptom I went there for was this brain fog, I have it bad and still have it bad to this day. The doctor said that would cause it, but i just want to know if it is true and will it be cured by the antibiodics he gave me please help.
746512 tn?1388807580 when is a canadian made high quality diet with botanicals, herbs, digestive enzymes, probiotics and fruits and veggies along with high quality protein sources (chicken and fish). I know vitamin C for us is suppose to help with the immune system but is that different for animals since they can make their own vitamin C?
Avatar m tn 5 weeks past possible (HIV) exposure I came down with a really weird set of symptoms which prompted me to go to the doctor. I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. I had fatigue, muscle and bone pain, sore throat, swollen tonsils and neck glands, upset stomach along with a cough and shortness of breath. I took a rapid HIV test at 6 weeks and another one at 7.5 weeks (53 days) to be exact (both negative).
Avatar m tn Resently Doctor decided to take Urine test and found bladder infection and gave me CIPRO as an antibiotic. I feel rush under my ribs and pain in the back (right side). Do you think that this infection can cause that? I am still taking this CIPRO things and hope that this'll help. Do you know if lymph nodes can case pain or infection could go up from bladder and affect other areas? Please help!
Avatar n tn Erythromycin and Cipro are both on the QT drug list that can cause prolongation of the QT interval on an ECG and can cause the arrhythmia Torsades de pointe. This is usually worse for patients with Long QT Syndrome or for people taking anti arrhythmic drugs or other drugs also on the QT Drug list. Check it out at www.****.org.
276730 tn?1327962946 Mine is mostly sinus/throat/upper respiratory stuff and a nasty UTI. Before TX I got frequent sinus infections, too - I'm on allergy meds and injections as well as cipro, allergy meds, nexium, TX meds - interferon and riba wreak havoc on the immune system.
Avatar n tn 2 months ago i received oral sex and had protected vaginal sex for less than a minute from a prostitute in London , now i have Upper respiratory tract infection and i am at hysteria , because i heard that upper respiratory tract infection is the beginning of HIV
Avatar m tn My guess is you kissed as well as had oral sex with your partner 3 weeks ago, and you acquired both adenoviral NGU and a very typical upper respiratory adenovirus infection at that time. This explains why your gonorrhea and chlamydia tests were negative, and why ciprofloxacin hasn't made any difference. Like all viruses, adenovirus is not affected by antibiotics. Your ophthalmologist is correct that your infection will clear up on its own, at all involved sites.
Avatar m tn t sound like herpes and in fact is just tonsillitis or some other upper respiratory infection, but I am more like to shed the virus any time that I am ill even if I don't have any signs (i.e. cold sore). Thanks for all you do here.
1491252 tn?1297450771 i have had two upper respiratory infection in the past year. i am wondering if another one is developing or if it symptoms of asthma?
Avatar n tn 2 months ago i received oral sex and had protected vaginal sex for less than a minute from a prostitute in London , now i had Upper respiratory tract infection last week now i have an Ear infection and i am at hysteria , because i heard that upper respiratory tract infection and Ear infection is the beginning of HIV.
Avatar f tn I'm 8 months and have been struggling with upper respiratory crud the last two weeks. Tea has helped,along with me humidifier, smoothies (lots of fruits and veggies), water, and rest. I've also been using doTerra essential oils. You can look it up-many are safe for pregnancy.
Avatar n tn My seven-and-a-half year old son has always had a high number of upper respiratory infections since toddler. Asthmatic symptoms include cough and sometimes wheezing when coming down with viral infection, and when exercising in cold weather. Infections resolve on own, but I'm concerned about high susceptibility to viral infection. Since school began in September, he has been ill with URI seven times, as well as with H1N1. Pediatrician did CBC and seems unconcerned, should I be?
Avatar m tn due to groin pain, pain/burning feeling behind testicles and feels like also in rectum and sometimes pain in upper thighs. Comes and goes thought the day. Pain can be quite annoying most of the time. Checked prostate and said he did not feel it to be enlarged. PSA normal. Urine test indicated no infection detected. He put me on 10 days of cipro. No change after cipro. STD seem unlikely since "I" am faithful in my marriage. Please, any thoughts?
Avatar n tn is not an indication for antibiotics, unless an infection is diagnosed, and an infection is an unlikely cause of such symptoms in men. And non-STD urinary tract infections are rare in men, especially under agoe 40 or so. Was this self-treatment or prescribed? If the latter, what did your examination and testing show? But perhaps all that is beside the point. Regardless of the reason for taking ciprofloxacin, there is no point in getting tested for STDs at this time.
Avatar n tn Many parasitic infestations and worms increase the eosinophil counts in the blood and thus cause an increased risk of upper respiratory infections. Conditions like tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, asbestosis and silicosis along with pulmonary fibrosis should be ruled out. If there is no fever then chances of allergic reaction, acidity and reflux and high eosinophil count are more. Common allergens causing these symptoms are pollen, mold, dust, pet dander.
Avatar f tn i bought an over the counter urinary tract infection tester and it game back negative for leukocites and slightly positive (very slightly) for nitrites. i had some 500 mg cipro from a respiratory infection that i had last winter. i called my pharmacist and she said that cipro is used for urinary infections. she said the dose is often 2 pills twice daily for 3 days. i have just enough so i started taking them and my frequent urination stopped after the second pill.