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443434 tn?1255894833 I have been to my eye doctors 7 times, and yes, they agree that Cipro can cause floaters and eye problems. It is one of the side effects.
Avatar n tn I HAVE had 3 kidney infections in my life, and one that was very severe, and I asked the DR. in the ER if I could use Cipro, because I had some at home and he said "No, it's not good for the kidneys, and we are admitting you overnight anyway hon". That's all I know and this was about 7 years ago. Anyway, I hope you recieve peace and closure in days to come.
867582 tn?1311630997 In 2008, the FDA ordered the black box warning for all fluoroquinolones (which include Cipro). I started taking Cipro before I knew how dangerous it was (I'm over 60 and on aspirin). I had to stop it after the 3rd day because of really bad side effects. I was having to jump out of bed a dozen times at night with industrial-strength Charlie-horse cramps affecting my thighs, my calves.
Avatar f tn Thankyou...I am male and 71 yrs old. Have Lou Gherigs disease and cardio vascular disease..have had mini strokes first and then heart attack with angioplasty at age 55..on 15 persc. meds...3 of them for high blood pressure..vasodialators etc..also have cardio lipid antibody IQG am also on also a dry cough..taking cough syrup with codiene...helps some...Dad also had Lou Gherigs disease..he died at age 73. now this testiclular problem and kidney problem..I am kinda worried.
Avatar n tn I have had 5 kidney infections and a kidney stone in the past 6 months. My doctors say is is caused by a fistula (the disease makes itself a tunnel from pointA to pont B) that dumps bacteria from the bowell to the kidneys, this may be something uoi need to check on....
Avatar f tn I have lost my right kidney to this stupid disease, I won't let it tske my life. My suesting is to go Dr shopping and find one that is wiling to lisen to you.
1833444 tn?1325560662 I have cirrhosis and I took Cipro throughout my treatment for many months to prevent infections during treatment. This is standard protocol at my transplant center for cirrhotic patients so it is safe even for those with more advanced liver disease than you have. Because it results in fewer hospitalizations for patients with advanced liver disease. FYI: A family doctor has no expertise in hepatitis C or liver disease so you can't expect him to provide medical help for your condition.
Avatar n tn THIS CAN BE VERY SERIOUS!!!!!! like chronic kidney disease serious, or end stage renal disease serious. not to scare you... but, to inform you on how you can stop this before it leads to that. I have been there ladies. I had constant BV, UTI's (which were always really kidney infections too), and indifferent and negligent doctors who just prescribed me whatever they where prescribing at the time for UTI's.
Avatar f tn Recurrent kidney stones are found renal tubular acidosis, medullary sponge kidney, Dent's disease (genetic disease of the kidney), hyperparathyroidism, primary hyperoxaluria and Crohn's disease. For oxalate stones you need to restrict (not totally stop) foods which are high in oxalate like beans, legumes, dark green leaves, egg plant, spinach, beets, chocolates, wheat barn, rhubarb and nuts and fruit cake. Avoid Vitamin C as its metabolism produces oxalates in the body.
Avatar f tn I came down with a pretty nasty bladder infection about 1 month ago (painful, frequent urination, cloudy, bloody urine, etc..). I was put on a 10 day course of Cipro, and all seemed well. However... Probably about the second day of treatment I developed pain in my lower back, which I would describe as being on both sides of my spine just below where my ribcage ends. I guess this isn't technically the flank.
Avatar m tn This time I was given a massive dose of Ceftriaxone sodium Injection and a prescription for Omnicef 300 MG. With my Chronic Kidney Disease Stage III due to previous kidney cancer when I lost my left kidney, I have many allergies to medications. My kidney goes into Acute Renal failure with many drugs including Cipro. I saw my doctor and got the Injection yesterday and began the Omnicef today.
Avatar n tn 9/4/12 - call Dr. with severe UTI; begin Cipro 9/7/12 - call Dr. -no improvement; kidneys now involved; pain & fever increasing; sent to ER for IV antibiotic Roseffrin (sp?) IV; f/u injection next day; marked improvement in kidneys; bladder less so; sent home on Doxycycline for 14 days; not much improvement 10/1/12 - UA =K. pneumoniae >100,000CFU/mL 10/3/12 - DO prescribed Cefuroxime, 500mg/BID 10/8/12 - feeling worse; achy, constant 99.5-8 temp; call Dr.
Avatar f tn This is beyond what a normal doctor should deal with. And you don't want to develop Chronic Kidney Disease. You should ask them to do kidney function tests and not just urinalysis. Creatine, urea, and the like. A GFR rating is helpful and is the cumulation of a few different tests that estimate the level of kidney functioning. On many websites this is the number they refer to in discussing kidney functioning. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Avatar n tn all these are things that keep me on my path, helping me cope with the fear that is naturally there. So remember to love, and laugh, and live, while at the same time, stock up on cipro if you can get it, and be cautious. We aren't fully in control, nope..we have to now all live with the anxiety that more dreadful things may happen. That is a tall order, to tolerate that anxiety..but with support, and uniting with each other, we'll have an easier time of it.
Avatar n tn so can this kidney be causing me some problems. and should i get another opinion and get the kidney stone crushed?
Avatar n tn and there is almost always kidney pain before and after i urinate. not all the time though. also my urine is always cloudy and sometimes i notice tiny particles in it. i had a pelvic before all this started....and it was fine. what kind of tests need to be done to see if i have IC? do i see a urologist for this?
1778927 tn?1381882347 On 12/14/11 I went to the doctor again because I was still having the right flank pain and I was peeing more. She ordered an ultrasound just to be on the safe side and started me on cipro thinking I might have a UTI. After 3 days on cipro I began to bleed vaginally. Since I am like clockwork and my period was not due for another week I was a bit concerned. I stopped the cipro and made sure to schedule the ultrasound. 5 days into bleeding still I went for my ultrasound.
Avatar f tn They scanned the line and it wasn't leaking, sent me home. I told the infectious disease doctor who ordered the line and treated me in the hospital. She told the nurses to remove the line as she was worried about a blood clot. She then had me take Cefdinir for a month. It ripped my gut to shreds, I even had to go back to the ER for constipation and they did an enema (traumatic). I finished and was still in pain. I followed up with a urologist and they had me do a CT scan.
Avatar f tn Stories like this make me so mad!! As for what can help you, I dont know..ive never had kidney stones but my mom and brother have and nothing helped them when they were in the worst of it either. The only thing i can suggest to you is this... can you get them removed /crushed via ultrasonic waves? I think they call it lithotripsy (sp?). THats what my mom had done..she sat in a hottub and ultrasonic waves thru the water shattered her stones.
Avatar f tn Hello, Given your history of WBC and RBC in urine and the symptom of pedal edema, kidney causes should be ruled out. These include infection, pyelonephritis, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease. Other causes which need to be ruled out include Bladder conditions (cystitis, bladder polyp, bladder tumor), Urethral conditions (Sexually transmitted diseases, urethral injury, vaginal inflammation), and certain bleeding disorders.
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on Cipro and it went away. Two weeks after completing the Cipro, it came back and I did another round of Cipro. Two more weeks has passed after the past round of Cipro and I started having severe joint pain again but this time is was all over my body, with fever, and then developed kidney pain and feeling like I am getting another urinary tract infection, but it never burns to urinate. I just feel swollen.
Avatar f tn Dr did ct scan on my head, stomach and chest xray. Only said I had kidney stones. Please help. and not to mention the gland behind my left ear is always swollen. Could I have an ear infection? This discussion is related to Swollen Gland Behind Right Ear.
Avatar m tn Strep throat is diagnosed by culturing the bacteria from a throat swab. In kidney disease is suspected, a urinalysis will show blood or protein in the urine, and bacteria may be cultured from either the blood or urine. Infection responds to antibiotics. Consult your doctor. Hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn In not wanting to go on Prednisone again, we have used Salofalk - oral and suppository, Cipro and Flagyl and Entecort as different times. My new physician suggested I think about Remecaid and I began Remecaid in October 2009. For the fisrt four months everything went well and the, 1 week prior to infusion I developed very painful joints all over the body. On the day of infusion, paindisappread entirely within four hours.
Avatar m tn They took me for an ultrasound, no kidney stone, no abnormalities, blood work and urine sample as well. I of course wasn't able to get the results right away so the doctor that saw me prescribed Cirpfloxicin and basically sent me on my way. Honestly, for about 7 days into the antibiotics, the pain alleviated a bit, but was still there and it was pretty constant. I am the biggest worry worm on top of all this. I cannot stop thinking about this. I was just so worked up.
Avatar m tn feel weak and shakey and lots of pain alittle worse every day and im on cipro and flomax and uta and 24 hr. urine did have ct scan of pelvic area and psa level test but hasn't come back.thank u for your help.
10866013 tn?1413403500 My wife contacted a rash November 2013 right around the time she had a bladder infection and taking Cipro. We assumed it was Cipro but rash remained. Dr assumed Scabies and again that's a negative. We did 3 skin biopsies and all negative for IGG, IGA, IGM, C3, C5B-9 and fibrogen. Next visit was to do a patch test on back and two items came positive: bacitracin and Nickel. Between November 2013 and the Patch test (April 2014) she had very severe rash on chest, arms, back and buttocks area.
758424 tn?1234032069 I became depressed, and the anxiety followed quickly and I am still struggling with both the depression and anxiety. As the obvious symptoms of U.C or Crohns disease began to slow down(cramping bloating, unexpected, urgent, BM diareah (up to 10 times a day) other problems began to stand out. The last 2+ years Suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and an unexplained, unidentified pain on my right side of my abdomon above my hip.