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Avatar n tn Do cipro cause vaginal discharge and oder and disconfort in my stomach and back and sluggishness? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Discomfort after taking Cipro</a>.
Avatar m tn Im traveling in mexico and got pretty sick (my best guess is it was 'Travelers Diarrhea' or maybe food poisioning) I went to the pharmacy and got 500mg Cipro pills. I took one and got a horrible headache and vomitted alot. My symptoms seem to be gone however would it be a bad idea to stop taking the Cipro? I know people say you should always finish a course of antibiotics but in this case I dont know if I need them.
Avatar m tn When I took the 3rd dose (500mg per dose), I had the worst diarrhea ever so I decided to stop the antibiotics. At the 7 day, my diarrhea returned and I took ultra carbon but it didn't work. So far, I had never taken any probiotics. Any advice?
Avatar n tn Began four hours after eating out and having a salad at a well known restaurant, Have continued to suffer with Intermittent anorxia, gas and blouting and frequent loose and or diarrhea stools.. Some days are better than others. Have had two sets of stool cultures, of which one came back positive for blastocystis hominosis. Have been on cipro one week, bactrim one week and finally flagyll two weeks. Will have a few days where I feel better only to again feel poorly with above listed symptoms.
Avatar m tn I did some research and found these to be symptoms of Cipro. I'm thinking of calling my Doctor and asking to be prescribed something less harsh. Keep in mind I'm allergic to both Penicillin and Ceclor. What are my alternatives? Should I take the second Dose of Cipro today? Its suppose to be twice a day for ten days. Thank you.
Avatar n tn to mention that a year ago when i took antibiotic for bacterial vaginosis i suffered from diarrhea, but this time im not having diarrhea but black stool and bowel pains. A last question. I took metronidazole, vaginal tablets against bacterial vaginosis. I am getting it frequently since i got sexually active and this time the doctor gave me vaginal tablets in order of oral menotridazole that she gave me the first and second time. I would like to ask is intravaginal medication more effective?
Avatar n tn Now, I'm facing another case of kidney infection (many severe symptoms @ this moment), and I'm given Cipro with Bactrim. Three doses, and tremendous nausea and vomiting. Am I on the wrong track, and what should I be using instead if anything? I'm fading pretty fast, with little confidence in the treatment at present.
Avatar m tn Endodonist said there was pus -- infection. I have had allergic reaction to Levaquin and AzitheraI and have had side effects diarrhea and lightheaded from Cefdinir and Cephalexin so he prescribed Cipro 500mg. Said he doesn't usually prescribe but given that it have taken Cipro 250mg in the past (or urinary tract infection with no side effects. Is Cipro as effective as other antibiotics for dental infection?
Avatar m tn stayed 3 days and they did cat scan(radiation) and had me on flagyl and cipro very strong broad spectrum drugs. ever since then i have occasional gut discomfort and diarrhea. lately i seem to have symptoms more often. i went to a gastroenterologist and he suggest limitiing alcohol consumption.. i stopped drinking my beer and drank tons of milk hoping to soothe my im worse than ever, bloating, gas, bubbling , diarrhea, stomach pain.
Avatar n tn I was also instructed to finish Metronidazole 500mg 3x a day that was previously prescribed for suspected parasite. I tested negative for a parasite. I took z pack and Cipro one month ago. I believe one or both of these antibiotics could be a contributing factor in getting c diff. I can't find any literature on C diff being treated with a Cipro/ Metronidazole combo. It seems like the standard treatment is Metronidazole for 10 days.
Avatar m tn While I was there I started getting diarrhea after almost every time I ate. I went to the doctor and they tested me for parasites, but the results came back negative. They suggested I start taking fiber pills, which helped but did not solve the problem. I went back to the doctor a few months later and the doctor prescribed me cipro (antibiotic), but didn't test me for anything. This definitely helped, my diarrhea after each meal stopped.
Avatar m tn After experiencing what was likely a stomach flu from some food, I took some cipro to help stop the slight fever, vomiting and 30+ very liquify movements that cam on over the course of 24 hours. Started to feel better quickly, but the diarrhea didn't stop. I visited a doctor when I got stationary. He said what I did was good, but he also proscribed me a series of Metro, to ensure I don't have giardia, as well as a series of Normaxin and Econorm to help settle my motility out.
611999 tn?1298761891 3 with normal T3 and T4 Endo diagnosed as mild hyperthyroid today and asked I start 5mg tapazole. Cortisol, catecholamine, metanephrine, all ok. started after taking a few cipro and discontinued beause diarrheah then took zpack. Diarrheah continued. Had nuclear stress test done woke up sweating nausea with diarrheah 20 times. Went to ER and WBC 17. Told gastroenteritis. GP doc suspected c diff.
Avatar n tn Her treatment does not seem to be working and she has been on large doses of IV steroids to control the pain, diarrhea, and dry heaving. We actually just went back to CIncinnati last week and all her biopsies were clear. But because of all the steroids she has had they are not sure what worked.
Avatar n tn I used to deal with pooping all my blood out but now that the colonoscopy saved my life I have to deal with life-long diarrhea and Dr's and DEA who have no idea nor care what kind of hell I've lived through and will go through without proper medication. Opiods have been used for thousands of years to treat diarrhea!
Avatar f tn The MD prescribed Cipro for 10 days, and my diarrhea worsened. After I finished Cipro, the diarrhea continued. Finally I was sent for a CT Scan with contrast on my abdomen and pelvic area. MD said everything looked good except for some small pockets(diverticuli) which I already knew I had. He referred me to a GI doctor but I can't get in for 3 weeks. He gave me a prescription for lomotil, which helps with Diarrhea, but only if I take 2 ea. 4 times daily.
Avatar f tn I finished the prescription but got massive diarrhea every day. I know diarrhea can wash some drugs out of your system -- is Cipro one of them? Symptoms are gone, urine is clear, and testing with AZO strips is negative but I don't know how accutrate AZO strips are.
Avatar n tn It's possible that you may have skewed the bacterial count and type in your GI tract with the antibiotic use - and Cipro and flagyl are two of the big offenders, but not the only ones. I don't know where you're from, but pick up some probiotics and use them. You may have to be on them for several months to start to make some changes, but do it. Some decent brands are Culturelle, Digestive Advantage-IBS and FloraQ.
Avatar n tn Since this event one month ago, I have had no further GI bleeding, though the diarrhea continues. It is accompanied by considerable mucous, and I feel constantly the need to have a bowel movement. Additionally, the evacuation never feels complete. I have tested myself for fever several times recently, but it is always a subtle, low-grade fever, hardly worth mentioning. After my episode of bleeding I had a rectal exam. It was unremarkable.
Avatar m tn They treated with Cipro and Flagyl and I am still taking the Flagyl. I am still experiencing a burning sensation in my colon and dark (purple) sticky stools but no diarrhea. I have a follow-up with my internist on Tuesday. I spoke with the doctor's office yesterday and he said not to worry about a small amount of blood right now. He is planning to schedule a colonoscopy in six weeks once this settles down. Is this consist with diverticulitis? Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn It has been about 2 weeks since I sent the record release and they are still waiting for records. Meanwhile, the cramping diarrhea persists. I am going up to 10+ times a day. My question is should I go to the local er, or continue to wait for the appointment with the gi doctors?
Avatar f tn It's the third time that a different Dr put me on them first 2 times was flagyl and cipro and last was flagyl and lovazana or something like that. They have all been prescriptions. They aren't what cause the diarrhea. All I know is probiotics make it worse which to think about it. It may be because I was taking the antibiotics with it. I'm prolly gonna have to have a colonoscopy done to see what they can find.
Avatar f tn Started Cipro Monday afternoon for travelers diarrhea with bloody stool. Finished last dose Wednesday night. No symptoms yesterday, but has a bloody stool today.
Avatar f tn However, there is a major drug-drug interaction with warfarin (Coumadin) and Bactrim. Please follow up closely with signs and symptoms of bleed and check your INR again.
Avatar n tn He has tried Immodium AD, Tums, Fibercon, and prescription drugs such as Bentyl, Hyosophen, and various antibiotics including Cipro. The only thing that has given him temporary relief are the antibiotics. He has also had stool samples analyzed and had blood tested. There is a long history of Thyroid problems in both sides of his family, but blood testing showed no Thyroid problems. His symptoms have slightly improved lately, but only because he has virtually stopped eating.
Avatar f tn My father had colon cancer, a portion removed and left with sever colitis going diarrhea 10-12x per day and they had him on it for several YEARS!!! It is terrible. Another problem is that colonoscopy's will not reveal the reasons as to the cause of the colitis, neither will conventional MD's bacteriology/virology cultures as they do not look for bacteria other than pathogenic kinds such as cryptosporidium, giardia and worms.
Avatar f tn Well right after I took the 2nd dose I broke out with hives on my face, chest, rear end and back. Then the diarrhea began. I was able to make it through a Doctor visit and taken OFF Cipro (which was free at Publix) and put on a stronger Keflex type drug that was $226.26 with a $25.00 coupon. This one has very few side effects and I've always been okay with Keflex. Thanks for the help!
Avatar n tn i have had diarrhea for 2 weeks now sometimes w/ blood in diarrhea. dr prescribed Cipro which did nothing. sent stool sample and bacterial came back negative, still waiting on culture? should i go see a GI specialist? how severe is this?
Avatar n tn I have taken Cipro, Flagyl, Levaquin, and two other antibiotics that did nothing. Lomotil, pepto and immodium have no effect in controlling the diahhrea. The G.I. doc said they could not find anything yet gave me Asacol which made the diahhrea worse. The infectious disease specialist seemed only interested in HIV which I tested negative for. He check for Isospora, cyclospora, microspora, microspoidia and CMV which all were negative.