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Avatar f tn I have had toenail fungus since I lived in the snow for the first time last winter. My damp boots really affected my snow virgin feet. Now back in CA in the sunshine I really have had a chance to take care of it. I clipped the nails all the way back (getting rid of all the discoloration), I file the entire surface everyday with a disposable nail file, and soak in apple cider vinegar and scrub with a foot brush (about ten to thirty min.
Avatar n tn Luckily I had an appointment with my primary physician who said I had a minor fungal infection. She prescribed Nystation cream for the skin and Ciclopirox for the nail. However, my insurance would only cover the Ciclopirox if I had testing done by a dermatologist. My appointment isn't for a week and a half, and then I don't know how long the diagnosis and authorization will take. In the mean time I have been looking at alternative remedies that might help or cure the problem.
Avatar n tn Prior the the potential exposure, I was prescribed a topical nail fungus medication (ClearNails Pro) that is fat soluble and claims to penetrate to the nail bed. This medication contains a drug called ciclopirox which was recently discovered to kill hiv infected cells in vitro. The percentage of ciclopirox is 6 percent. 1. Since my fungal medication is fat soluble and contains ciclopirox, will it enter the blood stream in enough concentration to affect the accuracy of an hiv antibody test?
Avatar n tn Hi, I was recently prescribed this medicine after I have been diagnosed for having nail fungus (on my toes). My doctor prescribed me Itranol (by Liconsa, contains 100mg Itraconazole) and when I specifically asked him about Lamisil he said that he believes that for my specific type of nail fungus this would be more effective. Since I always prefer to be mainstream, I wanted to ask if I should insist on taking Lamisil (I've read there is less risk associated and it's more effective?).
569705 tn?1217021092 Most treatments are either systemic antifungal medications such as terbinafine and itraconazole, or topical such as nail paints containing ciclopirox or amorolfine. ref: Those with eczema or other skin problems get ringworm [or other Onychomycosis related conditions] more easily because the protective barrier of the skin's outer layer is less intact.
Avatar n tn Penlac Nail Lacquer; ciclopirox, topical solution, 8%, by Dermik Aventis. It's rather expensive -- my copay is $50, but my health plan has high copays anyway. I used it several months ago and it worked, but the infection has returned. I'm trying it again as it probably requires several treatments. BTW -- I haven't started hcv tx yet -- probably by the end of February.
Avatar n tn Hello, For onychomycosis or nail fungal infection, systemic antifungal medications such as terbinafine and itraconazole, or topical such as nail paints containing ciclopirox or amorolfine are used and for these you need to consult a dermatologist. Bleach or hydrogen peroxide is used but in dilutional form. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn Candida can cause yellow, brown, white, or thickened nails. Creams and other topical medications are usually not effective against nail fungus. This is because nails are too hard for external applications to penetrate. However, a new medicated nail lacquer ciclopirox (Penlac) topical solution 8% has been approved to treat finger or toenail fungus. Oral antifungal therapy (like Griseofulvin or Terbinafine) works about 50%-75% of the time.
Avatar n tn Good luck all, Ben Ciclopirox Nail Solution Active Ingredients: Ciclopirox Nail Solution Representative Names: Penlac Available Product Images: What is ciclopirox nail solution? What should my health care professional know before I use ciclopirox nail solution? How should I use this medicine? What if I miss a dose? What drug(s) may interact with ciclopirox nail solution? What side effects may I notice from using ciclopirox nail solution?
Avatar n tn The Crazy Glue formula is not Penlac, it is Renew Nail focusing on starvation of the fungus by disrupting the fungal food chain: air, food (keratin) and water. His solution creates an environment that allows the antifungal to remain in the nail, killing the fungus, while simultaneously blocking absorption of air and water.
Avatar f tn When I became pregnant almost 3 years ago I developed a nail fungus which I could not treat as I was pregnant. I left it and did nothing about it. After my baby was born nail got worse , and other sytoms emerged like irregular period ,bad breath , skin problems , skin ichy , tiredness , lack of breath. I struggled with nail fungus for 2 years it was getting worse and better. I am also very sensitive to certain food. I cannot treat the nail fungus with medication as I am breastfeeding my baby.
Avatar n tn That just so happens to be the same smell that happens under your fingernails when you get finger nail fungus. Anyone who wears tips or acrylics knows what smell I am talking about. Anyway, the cure for this is using a number of antifungal remedies altogether while keeping the scalp as dry as possible. You can buy anti-fungal/medicated shampoos at CVS that contain zinc or sulfides which fight fungus and yeasts......take acidopholis pills......
Avatar f tn I am also taking an anti-fungal oral pill (for about 2 months as well) because my toenail fell off and I didn't want to get a fungus. Its called Terbinafine. I also take a Kirkland brand multi-vitamin each day. As far as my diet, well, I started eating a high-protein, lots of fruits & veggies diet about a month ago, but about 2 weeks ago, fell off the wagon. (lol) I don't eat "bad" per say, but more junkier than I should.
Avatar n tn Wow, I almost started crying when I read someone say that it felt like "bugs crawling on your skin and trying to get out". That hit the nail on the head for me. I have no idea what is wrong with me either. My symptoms started out as what I thought was a really bad yeast infection, with the cheesey discharge and all, and REALLY REALLY itchy, everywhere, from my anus to my clitoris. The itching was like nothing else that I can describe, nothing.