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Avatar m tn Treatment involves topical and oral antifungal medicines. You can try any of the over the counter antifungal shampoos like Selsen or Nizoral on these rashes. If the symptoms persist then please consult a dermatologist and get it evaluated. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn For the itching please take some over the counter antihistaminic like Benadryl or Claritin. In case the symptoms persist then antifungals may be needed. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn The general treatment options for such rashes are antihistamines like cetrizine (non-sedative antihistamine) or avil (it has sedative side effects), which are available over counter for general allergies, use of over the counter corticosteroid creams, cool compresses, bathing in water with baking soda added, or use of various anti-itch lotions that are available without a prescription such as Aveeno or Calamine lotion. You may also take Vitamin C along with the above treatment.
Avatar n tn You can treat flaking and dryness with over-the-counter dandruff or medicated shampoos. Shampoo the hair vigorously and frequently (preferably daily). Active ingredients in these shampoos include salicylic acid, coal tar, zinc, resorcin, ketoconazole, or selenium. On the face topical steroid under a dermatologist’s consultation are required. If the symptoms persist, then it would be best to get it confirmed from a dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn Hi JerseyGirl.... I am SO happy you got my post! I was hoping somebody would see it. Thank you so much for the response!! -Everything you say makes a lot of sense! Except, I am currently taking an oral anitfungal... its generic Lamosil in pill form (darn toenail fell off and I didnt want fungus to grow). Do you think that the pill would treat a scalp fungus??? Also, I have even more unsetteling news. The day I posted that, I went to shower.
Avatar m tn I have lost 24 lbs over the last month probably due to the anti-acne diet and maybe the b vit. def. ? Should I be wary of starting on 100mg doxy 2x a day? Also, I cried when I came home from the dermatologist and the places where my tears were on my cheeks actually feel really good right now [twice i've noticed this] -- Does that mean anything? How can you know if this is sebhorreic derma. from vitamin deficiency and getting rough with a face scrub?
529981 tn?1212853666 My hair has also started to fall out and at the end of my hair, a white little grain is at the end. Hair will not stop falling out. I have gotten blood tests at a dermatology office and everything was normal. I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations. Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair.
Avatar n tn you have to apply the lotion and cream twice a say put they are absorbed into the skin VERY fast. for the pill, you have to take it with food or else youll throw up..i learned that the hard way. anyway..
Avatar n tn As for seeking relief right now, use hydrocortisone cream (over the counter). Apply it to the itchy area. The itching should go away immediately. But just because you can control the itch, don't give up on seeking a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn He also gave me a prescription for a topical cream. I took the first pill, and applied the cream. The itching became 100 times worse. I kept putting on the cream until the itching became unbearable (2 days), and then I took my second Diflucan pill after three days. A few days later I got the results of my Herpes test and I am happy to say that it came back negative. And the best news is that my fissures are completely gone. I've had no signs of them reappearing. Back to normal and very happy!!
Avatar f tn if you can get your hands on some, do not take it constantly, just maybe if you're losing sleep or having an especially horrid day). 3. Vitamin B tabs (these are over-the-counter, they're to help with stress too!) 4. D-Mannose (said to help with UTIs—which this is NOT, but it might help us!) 5. Summer's Eve Feminine Hygiene products (soap, wipes, spray, whatever you feel you need. keeping sanitary can only do better than good!) 6. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction exercises may help you!
Avatar f tn I was the first of the siblings and I was in my 20s when it began. Over the years my problem sites have changed. When I was younger it was more from my elbow to my wrists. The worst is when it is located near a boney area but I seem to be past that. Now it is shoulders and back of my neck area. I live in RI and I get it in late summer through January. I refuse to see anymore doctors or use any more creams/pills ICE Packs are the only relief.
Avatar f tn You saved me!! I was so depressed over the greasy hair problem, especially since even the doctor didn't have an answer. If you have this issue - USE THE LISTERINE!!! I've been trying for months to fix it and nothing else worked. Listerine corrected the problem in 2 days - you couldn't ask for a faster or cheaper solution! Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I honestly can't say it enough!!!
Avatar f tn Coal Tar shampoo made by Neutragena helps some, and is available over the counter. I highly recommend if anyone is suffering from these symptoms to talk to your doctor for more options. Good Luck to anyone else going through this nightmare.