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Avatar n tn I have had acute pancreatitis and now have chronic pancreatitis, so maybe I can answer some of your questions. Some symptoms of pancreatitis include a swollen and tender abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sometimes a fever and rapid pulse. Weight loss is frequent. The nausea, pain and vomiting often follows a meal of some sort, and can be triggered more severely by foods heavy in fats. Often there is pain in the abdomen and between the ribs at the base of the sternum.
Avatar n tn My question is does this mean I have chronic pancreatitis or can you not tell on a MRCP? Does the duct dilatation set off an inflamation of the liver and pancreas and cause the pancreatitis pain? Also can the duct dilatation heal on its own in time? I have no desire to undergo an ERCP as I've heard such nightmare stories from people who have undergone but yet I'm so tired of not feeling good and having pain and just would like to feel good again. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I can't help you with your questions about SOD, but can answer any questions you may have about enzyme supplements. I have chronic pancreatitis and have been taking enzymes since July to help me digest food, not have pain with eating, and to gain weight. They have been very helpful for me and I am able to eat a lot fat diet with few problems, and have gained some of my weight back. If you wish me to answer any more specific questions, please feel free to post again.
Avatar n tn I have pancreatic growths on head and tail. Now 4cm. Smaller ones in the body. Had ERCP MAR.2010. GROWTHS much smaller then. Walked in to UCLA WITH NO PAIN, only CT SHOWED THEm. Was awake. Anesthesiologist apologisted for doing all the wrong things. He couldn't stop saying SORRY.Pain started during procedure and has never stopped. Had so much daily vomiting and diarrehea last year (2013). Lost 40lbs. In hospital last year 80 days. Severe vomiting and diarrehea better since last summer.
Avatar n tn 1) Glucose intolerance occurs with some frequency in chronic pancreatitis, but overt diabetes mellitus usually only occurs late in the course of disease. 2) Chronic pancreatitis may be associated with a variety of complications.
Avatar n tn My aunt had a mini schnauzer who lived over 18 years, and most of those years included chronic pancreatitis with a few acute attacks requiring hospitalization. Apparently pancreatitis is a big genetic problem with that breed now. Don't despair! Things are looking good for you both right now.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with divisum and am a carrier of the Deltaf508 with chronic pancreatitis. There were two failed attempts to place a stent at the university of Ann Arbor. Last resort is to go from the inside out. This doesn't seem like a good option. I have been looking into going to Chapel Hill North Carolina to see if a doctor there feels they can place a stent successfully. Anyone familiar with the University of North Carolina. I would love any input.
Avatar f tn I would like to ask a question of Dr. Lupo. I have chronic pancreatitis diagnosed as chronic 6 years ago. I am on stron pain meds and have to fight the insurance company to get them, sometimes not get them. I have increased pain in the last few months and the meds are just not cutting it. I have been to my gastro/pancreas specialist and had some tests done and I will be going on a transplant list. I am taking Methadone HCL 10 mg. 2 tabs 4x day & have been taking 600 mcg.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis this am and schedualed for a ERCP for friday. I have some concerns about this diagnosis and this test. I have not been hospitalized for this condition at all, not even ER. it has taken me over a month to get diagnosis and still no relief from discomfort. Just more tests to take. I look like a junkie from all the blood they have taken and they want more. My almase and lipase levels have continued to rise over the course of the past fourteen days.
Avatar n tn My mother is 66 years of age, recently discharged from hospital, present weight is 62 lbs, diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis, pseudocyst and tumor tail of the pancreas detected by C.T scan, my mother is booked forERCP,I'm very worried as she is very frail, is there any risk in doing this test with someone so malnurished.Internist says she is not srong enough for a biopsy,therfore we don't know if the tumor is malignant, is there any other way of finding out,?ultrasound.
Avatar n tn Door, autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) is an unusual form of pancreatitis that has only recently been recognized as a distinct disorder. AIP is an unusual form of chronic pancreatitis. The immune system mistakenly attacks healthy pancreas tissue, causing inflammation and hardening. Symptoms closely mimic pancreatic cancer (pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma), but the disease process is different. It can be a multisystem disorder in which the disease can affect other parts of the body.
Avatar f tn Different questions in different forums from related problems....... If you have been on narcotics as the primary therapy for migraines and arthritis for over a year it is probably time for a new physician. Yes, chronic narcotics are associated with pancreatitis and not the treatment of choice for your stated problems.
Avatar m tn I have had pancreatitis since December 2006 and have had pain pretty much every day since. I also have Pancreas Divisum and a stricture in the main duct ( an MRI at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St,Louis has shown the the duct is completely closed off) that was caused from a 9cm pseudocyst. I take Norco (hydrocodone) 10/325mg for pain.
Avatar n tn Feel free to post again if you have any more questions. What are the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis? The symptoms are very variable. Pain occurs in most patients at some stage of the disease. This may vary in intensity from mild to severe. It may last for hours or sometimes days at a time and may require strong painkillers to control it. It often radiates through to the back and can sometimes be relieved by crouching forward.
Avatar n tn If you are having pain and it is possibly from a pancreatic attack, those levels could still be elevated. I have severe chronic pancreatitis. I made it to the ER many times before being diagnosed at a Univercity. The ER kept calling my doctor telling him I was either passing stones or that I was in the middle of a pancreatic attack. My doctor wouldn't believe that because I didn't fit the profile. I am not underweight, I do not drink, I no longer had my gallbladder.
Avatar n tn 1.What kind of pancreatitis is recur. idio. panc.? is this an acute kind? 2. Each time he has pains are they outside warnings that the pancreatitis is eating part of it away? 3. can this progress to cronic pancreatitis and, 4.will he have this the rest of his life? Thank you in advance for any information you can give us regarding this matter. We are very excited to have found this sight where people really do care. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn Hello, Thank you to anyone who may respond and offer information in regards to my post. My simple history is I have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and then was upgraded chronic p. I have been to a slew of doctors(GP/GIs) who have done numerous tests including multiple ultrasounds, amylase/lipase serums, ct scan with contrast, and a hida scan with all of them showing negative results. My pancreatitis seems to come and go for no apparent reason.
Avatar n tn Hi - Is there anyone in cyperspace that has Cystic Fibrosis that is pancreate sufficient and developed pancreatitis. Would really like to chat with you. Also has anyone with pancreatitis tried antioxidant vitamins such as melatonin, Vit and selenium? Did it help? What is the "10 fingers" mentioned to manage back pain? Once your gall bladder has been taken out has anyone been prescribed Actigal? We have and don't know why since my daughter no longer has a gall bladder.
Avatar n tn It may be true that there really isn't anything left to do. People with chronic pancreatitis sometimes suffer for years and years until the pancreas basically burns itself out. Of course, by then there's all kinds of digestive problems, but at least no more pain. I know of an excellent gastro doc in the Houston Medical Center (Baylor College of Medicine) who has done some wonderful things with pancreas patients. PM me if you would like his name.
Avatar f tn I would like to ask a question of Dr. Lupo. I have chronic pancreatitis diagnosed as chronic 6 years ago. I am on stron pain meds and have to fight the insurance company to get them, sometimes not get them. I have increased pain in the last few months and the meds are just not cutting it. I have been to my gastro/pancreas specialist and had some tests done and I will be going on a transplant list. I am taking Methadone HCL 10 mg. 2 tabs 4x day & have been taking 600 mcg.
902019 tn?1249865014 I stayed in the hospital for five days to calm the pancreas and remove the gall bladder (no stent.) The pancreatitis remained chronic after that with mild elevations of enzymes. 200mg Imuran was of no help for me at all. I had run the course of drugs for lupus so was given rituximab off-label. I have never since had any pancreatic symptoms...except...when the rituximab wore off after 10 months. Re-treatment put it all back into remission. That's my weirdness! :) (...
571337 tn?1233261897 I live with Chronic Pancreatitis. It took me ten yrs to find a doctor. Finally, after loosing so much weight, my internest, (reg doctor) referred me to Indianapolis, North side Gastroenterology. Well, the two procedures were, one to place a stent in bile duct. That one was not suppose to have made me have pancreatitis, but it was one in a million. I guess I was that ONE>\\ The next? Just 13 days ago? I had a celiac block done. In which they burn the nerves around the pancreas.
1453931 tn?1285188953 Hi, I am 19, and I have chronic pancreatitis. I have been battling this for about 3 years. I have battled with doctors and have had a really difficult time even getting diagnosed. I a finally seeing a pancreas expert and we are finally getting somewhere with my body! I am having my final diagnostic study next Friday called a endoscopic ultra sound, EUS. This is so much safer for people with pancreas problems, I am just really excited to finally have this diagnosing part over with.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have chronic pancreatitis and have found that if I get too hungry I will have pain too, it's strange and I thought it was just me! yes, I too will stay away from food as long as possible to get rid of the pain, but then comes that not eating pain if I go too long, can't win, it's either pain because I ate, or pain because I have gone too long without eating enough!
Avatar n tn This sounds more like an acute Pancreatitis attack. Chronic Pancreatitis, to my knowledge, does not have the type symptoms you indicate. Acute pancreatitis has high levels of amalase and lipase and is sometimes very critical as this one appears to be. Do a search on the web for acute Pancreatitis for more information than you can read. Then do one on Chronic Pancreatitis and see the differences. Hope things improve.
Avatar n tn I have had acute pancreatitis and now have chronic pancreatitis. The lab that tests my bloodwork says that with amylase, anything over 88 is high, lipase, anything over 63 is high. Some labs allow a higher range for both, but even those adjusted levels are less than your daughter's levels. Her lipase is especially high. Her triglycerides are high. Another important indicator. Don't buy it!
2013942 tn?1328267340 2Daay i tuk my Methadone and the Tramadol on top without thinking, can you mix Methadone and Tramadol, bcuz am also alternatiing my Co Codamol and Tramadol to help ease the pain The doctors at the hospital cant do anything for the pancreatitus except treat the pain and then discharge me again, they dont know the cause of it as i dont drink anymore and havent done 4 over 3yrs now and all my Blood Testz and CT n Ultrasound Scans iv hd while bein in hospital have all come back clear for Gallst
Avatar m tn My daughter has been on Dilaudid IV infusion pumps and Lortab for chronic pancreatitis. Now her MDs think she can just "cold turkey" the problem after over a year of 2-3 weeks of every month being on this. She is on TPN (IV feedings) because of the pancreatitis and has to be carried to the bathroom. Her muscles have wasted to the point that she can not walk. Would someone please give me some advise or just "words of wisdom".
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