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Avatar m tn sorry for my poor english to all person, i wanna know the risk of initiative oral sex in a gay behavior, can it transmit to me? very sorry to ask this question, in China AIDS information is too poor. I have pharyngitis, and gum bleeding when i cleaning my teeth.i'm so afraid of that. please reply me, thx a lot.
Avatar n tn Hello I am from china. In our country's Web site a lot of people say the HIV virus will survive outside the body for hours or even days. 1. A small amount of blood is with HIV will survive for long time in vitro? 2. If a half hour ago have AIDS barber, half an hour after the haircut, the barber caused damage to the scalp of HIV infection? I'm sorry I'm very proficient in English is not, translation software translation do not know whether you understand? Thank you for your reply.
Avatar m tn China used to ban entry people with Hepatitis B, C, and HIV/AIDS etc. Since then they changed the rules a bit, but it is still not clear whether they now allow entry. On the visa application form, they ask whether you "suffer from any infectious diseases?
Avatar m tn Thank you for your patience explanation, I am from China, there is a saying, if a person be pierced by the used needle of AIDS people, the infection of HIV/AIDS probability is 0.
Avatar m tn In 1992, Lei served as the Founding Board Co-chair of the Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS, the first AIDS organization to serve the API community in New York City. While working for the AIDS Treatment Data Network from 2001 to 2005, Lei collaborated with the Kaiser Family Foundation and the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors on the National AIDS Drug Assistance Program Monitoring Project.
Avatar m tn After this experience, i learned a lot and i wanna become a volunteer for helping the people which are fear of AIDS in China. u konw, in China, many young and educated people like me usually find supportive information in Medhelp! It is my great pleasure for listening ur guy's adivieces!
Avatar n tn Approx 8 months ago I received a protected (almost certainly protected - I was rather drunk) oral sex from a sex worker in China. It was a pretty awful environment and I became obessed about HIV and other infections on return home to the UK. I had an early duo test at 28 days (privately on Harley Street - London) and then a test on the NHS at 92 days.
Avatar m tn half of goblet;AIDS blood into water:about 1 minute ),will I be infected? 2.There are many data in the Internet says that AIDS blood in water can also infected people.Can you tell me how long can they survive(can infect other people)? Thank you very much!
Avatar m tn Has anyone heard of this hiv like virus in china? If so please share FACTS with me! I'm hoping it's bs.!!
1530342 tn?1405016490 Dec 1st marked the 25th anniversary of World AIDS Day, a time when the president urges Americans to come together in support of those affected by HIV/AIDS, and continue the commitment to a world free from the disease. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton echoed President Obama’s views. “We have set the goal,” she said. “We know it is possible. Now we have to deliver.” How optimistic should we be about efforts to combat HIV/AIDS? http://tv.msnbc.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. I agree this was a high risk exposure. But even in the highest risk situations, HIV usually is not transmitted. When a male has HIV and is the insertive partner (top) in anal sex, the anal partner (bottom) has 1 chance in 200 of catching the infection. The chance you were infected is lower than that, because your partner probably isn't infected, and the unprotected insertion was brief, without ejaculation. The condom-protected penetration was safe.
Avatar m tn I come from China .soory for my poor English! I had a fist fight at the street yesterday. My hand was bleeding , the wound is 1cm large .My opponent is nose bleeding. I think His blood contact my wounds!So if he have Aids,Whether I will be infected? The Chinese doctor tell me I have high risk if he had Aids!I am very fear Now! Teak,help me!
Avatar m tn But I also always visit China BBS and call China CDC(In China ,each city have CDC) and some of them tell me Oral sex has risk and they found it before.and Amercian CDC also tell me this. I don't know why, I know a lot of doctor from medhelp think it's no risk. and teak also show a lot of literatures from these doctor. But it's too old years. I didn't know until now in American or other country , We found HIV from oral sex or not? I just wanna know it.
Avatar m tn Hi,I'm a guy from China,I had sex with a prostitute a few weeks ago.During our sex,the condom was broken and we found it immediately.Then I went to the bathroom to wash my penis by water and shower foam for several times.Now I feel worried about my chance of getting infected with Hiv.Though I had asked if the prostitute had ever agreed with no condom sex and her answer was no,I‘m still worried that she might be positive to hiv.
Avatar m tn YES you should and you should ignore people like Gary L Glum because he's full of you know what.HIV/AIDS is real and so is HIV testing.These HIV/AIDS denialists don't have a clue and they have blood on their hands.
Avatar m tn thanks teak,Many people in China know you, you are a AIDS fighter.Can you tell me the reason why is no risk? Because the pinprick is too small wound?
Avatar f tn You can not get HIV this way. HIV is only transmitted in adults from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. So, this was not a risk.
Avatar n tn Dear doctor, I'M from china,I have had three weeks ago a cunnilingus, foot bath, massage her sit on my face, licking for several minutes, feel the tongue already into the vagina, extreme fear now infected with HIV, likely the behavior of the infection, excuse me I need to detect?
Avatar n tn This girl also has cssr5 dna which is a dna that hard to infect hiv. After 8 months, she had a negative result on HIV RNA and HIV ag/ab test. ( Another case is an american woman who had blood transfusion with hiv blood used AZT after 19 days and insisted with 9 months, she got a negative result on hiv ag/ab test too. I have some questions but my knowledge is not enough to solve that. Please help me!!! My questions are 1.
Avatar m tn n that is 2 yrs i have hiv?is that all symptos is of hiv infected?i dont have other symptom of aids like fever,sore throat,lymphadenopath,,wt loss..plz help me..