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Avatar f tn Im really concerned with how my OBGYN stitched me. My cliterious is literally to the left side of my vagina and sex still hurts and thin skin between my vagina & anal. I dont know what to do. But none of this feels right. Please help.
Avatar f tn So my 7 year has expressed that she wants to see a video of childbirth. I have showed her one that was not very explicit and very quick. But I don't think she grasp the pain part that I was trying to get across. We have spoke about where babies come from, and how they come out but nothing in detail. anyone else dealing with this situation?
Avatar f tn It's been three months since my vaginal birth but my vagina feels tighter than it did pre pregnancy and it feels swollen. Is something wrong?
Avatar n tn My husband sex is different. He says it feels like the opening is smaller and once he's in my vagina it more open. Not sure. IS this normal or is possible the doctor made too many stitches?
646779 tn?1281999641 this has become a concern more lately as my partner has not got any children of his own and former partners he had, I know they haven't had children. i then feel as though i do not pleasure him like they did. i worry i suffer from a looser vagina and this constantly worries me during intimacy also which ruins my enjoyment. i want him to feel fulfilled from love making and wish i could be tighter... is there anything i can do about this with the aide of surgery?
717184 tn?1230348061 i had a baby 12 weeks ago (which is breastfeed) i had 4 weeks of after birth bleeding then a bout 4 days later i bled again for a week which i assume was a period but i have not had one since, ive been having protected sex apart from one night 2 weeks ago and earlier thismorning i found a pea sized lump on the inner part of the opening to the vagina which i think is a cyst? im not sure what is going on wondering if the cyst and no sign of a period is related?
Avatar f tn I was told I couldn't because it would stay in the vagina area. And be pushed out at birth. I was wondering if it was possible for it to reach my fallopian tubes. If so couldn't that be a way to get pregnant. I had sex hours before I gave birth at the time I was only 26 weeks and 6 days. So I didn't think I'd be giving birth it was an average day turned into a beautiful day. I've ended up pregnant dating back 4 days after my son's birth.
Avatar n tn My problem is regarding my first childbirth. I got myself admitted to the Maternity Ward on 13th March?2008 at 7.00a.m because my waters broke. I was starving at that time since I hadn?t eaten anything since last night. The doctors and nurses instructed me not to eat anything. I had to wait for about 7 hours in the Ward since the Labour Room was full and I had to wait till a bed was free. All my clothes were drenched with sticky substance. When I was taken to the Labour Room(at about 2.00p.m.
7965686 tn?1396913829 Sometimes it's not for everyone else to understand. Having your hair and makeup done, and vagina trimmed or shave. Is a decision that many women make for different reasons. Like I will get my hair braided because it will be easier to manage rather than trying to tame my unruly curls after a c-section. I will have my husband shave me because I don't want the nurse to do it.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 32 weeks pregnant and very scared to tear during childbirth. I know 80% of the women do tear or are cut during childbirth. There is this product that I recently came across called the "Epi-no". This product is supposed to stretch your perineum so that it doesn't tear during child birth. What you do is starting from week 37 you insert the balloon in your vagina and begin to pump it to the point where it is slightly uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn last night i noticed i have a bit of lose skin hanging from the inside of the vagina...its not painful nor is the bleeding any different..what could this be?
Avatar f tn ) your only almost a week after labour..if you're ready you're ready..just wouldn't want you to get an infection..cause the tears are on the inside..
Avatar f tn it wasn't that bad for me, i had my vagina cut, so i had stitches, just had to wipe carefully after going to toilet.. and didn't get an infection, and the stitches healed perfectly, wouldn't even know there were stiches! :) so happy, i was worried about being cut, thought it'll look ugly forever.. i bled for about 2 and a half weeks.. had period like pain, sometime bad, sometimes okay..just get a lot of painkillers... had sex the first time at like 3 weeks after labour..
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks but has anyone suffered from swollen vagina? It's not itchy or sore just bit of pressure but I noticed its very swollen.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of stretching the vagina? Ever since my hysterectomy I am very narrow and the pain with intercourse is unbearable. So needless to say I am in a sexless marriage that I am very unhappy about and so is my husband. Is there some type of specialist out there that deals in matters of this nature? Any ideas would be greatly appreceiated.
Avatar n tn Prior to pregnancy, I've always had such a sensitive vagina that it would hurt during intercourse, we can only stock to once position because every other way hurts more, lots of certain lubricants would irritate me, had countless UTIs despite my efforts to prevent them, etc. I'm wondering if having a vaginal birth will help relieve the pain and sensitivity. Have anyone else experienced this? Had childbirth helped your sex life and improved your sensitivity?
233448 tn?1199130435 Towards the top of the vagina, there is also what I can only describe as a whitish colored cyst. I realized childbirth would alter my vagina, probably considerably, but I wasn't sure what to expect and am wondering if this is normal, something I should bring up with my doctor soon, or something I can wait until my postpartum checkup to inquire about...? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
1491219 tn?1291618436 Hi, I'm thinking of losing my virginity and know by fact that my vagina is tight and was wondering if there was a way to stretch it. My bf has tried inserting his penis just at the base of my vagina and it just hurts way too much and i tear so just wondering how i could help prepare myself for sex.
Avatar n tn I just got my first period and tried to insert a tampon but I think I have a prolapsed uterus cause there seems to be a wall of muscle inside my vagina. I haven't been to the gyno yet as i'm living in a foreign country. I have been researching on the web about alternatives to tampons and found a product called the "Diva Cup" it's worth a look. I have just ordered one so hopefully it will be here before the next period comes as I don't like the bulky pads.
5842835 tn?1375274362 dear ones i have a girl friend who does not enjoy sex with me because she got a big vagina and i have got a small penis so please i want to ask how my girl friend can make her vagina small and if is exercise please teach the kind of exercise.or how i can make my penis bigger in width and lenght safely and naturally and i will be very grateful.
Avatar n tn I am wondering, ever since I had my children my vagina has not gone down to pre-size. Intercourse can be pretty tough with my husband and makes sex a hassel. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn ) When I was doing my Maternal Child clinical rotation in nursing school, we had a patient (an immigrant from a third world country) who had torn during a previous delivery such that there was NO divide between her vagina and rectum and she had been that way for over 3 years! She was in giving birth to another child (can you even imagine having sex with a tear like that?!?!?!?!? Yeeeouch!
Avatar n tn I've noticed that the lower portion of my vagina seems to protrude and seem swollen especially during my period. Is this normal? Has my vagina changed due to childbirth or is there something wrong with me?
Avatar n tn Are you not receiving enough physical stimulation during penis-vagina sex? If so, do you know why that is? It’s also true that childbirth can damage vaginal muscles and contribute to them feeling “loose” unless a woman does Kegel exercises to strengthen her muscle tone after childbirth. I don’t know if this is true for your wife, but if so, the two of you may find it helpful to discuss this.
Avatar n tn At a childbirth class I went to, the nurse said if you're having any type of green discharge to go into the hospital right away. Could be a sign of infection and that your water may have broken without you knowing it. Good luck and God bless!
Avatar f tn From what I've researched it's basically an extra stitch on your vagina after you tear and it makes your vagina feel tighter?
Avatar f tn With that being said, let me add that looking at your Vagina now, being pregnant, certainly does not look the same as a non - pregnant vagina! So No worries there either. Getting preganant so soon after the birth of your first child your incision never really got a chance to heal. After this baby is will heal and things will start to look better. The length between your perineum area (area between the vagina and the anus) will never look the same after child birth BUT...