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654491 tn?1226212919 chest tightness, congestion
654491 tn?1226212919 chest tightness. congestion.
Avatar n tn They gave me steriods,inhalers,nebulizer,antibiotics,cough syrup with codeine, yet i still have shortness of breath,wheezing,tightness in chest and chronic coughing, I cant even leave my apartment. nor work.Cause I cant breath enough it seems, nor do i get much sleep. Im at a lost, its starting to seem unfixable, Ive been searching for home remedies, and other imfo, that might help, it just seems i keep getting a dead end.
Avatar m tn however, I’m still suffering from chest tightness/wheezing along with chest pain. The chest tightness/wheezing is worst in the morning, which, sometimes makes it difficult to breathe; the chest pain is in the sternum area and is always there; I would say the pain is a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. To make matters worse, a few days ago I coughed up some blood when I woke up in the morning; it has made me very concerned.
Avatar n tn i have a question, i have been having a tightness in my chest for the last week and a half. What I have been feeling can be described as this: diffuculty breathing or just hard to catch my breathe ( especially when sitting up or standing, easier to breathe when lying down) When i first noticed this it was very very mild,but i it got worse after being around cigar smoke. I went to the doctor last wednesday, just to make sure i didn't have phemonia or nothing like that.
Avatar n tn Currently have no other symptoms, such as tiredness, weakness, dizziness, coughing or noticable wheezing--just this chest tightness and pain. Have studied symptoms for several of the respiratory disorders mentioned in this site, & it seems that I could be experiencing one of them and will indeed get it checked. Question first ... about 2 yrs ago, I had back surgery at L4-L5 for a ruptured disc--lots of sciatic pain, nerve damage to my right foot and weakness in the right leg.
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Avatar m tn but it still feels heavy. i feel like if i'd go on with breathing to the chest again, that my problem with chest tightness would get worse quickly. WHY have i been fine breathing through the chest for years, and now suddenly not anymore? one other thing. --------------------------------- Last week i got really upset about something, and i could feel my throat become really tight...
Avatar n tn 1 week and I was still having severe chest pain, tightness and shortness if breath. My OB then suggested a pulmonologist, who took me off all the other remedies and put me on Advair 500 2xs day, Spiriva inhailer 1x day, sigulair 1 a day, and albuterol inhailer for emergenies. 2 weeks and was back in the ER. Went back to pulmonologist and he put me on Advair 250, Prednisone 10 days, still singulair (not related, I am hypothy and take synth 100).
Avatar m tn I've never been diagnosed with asthma, but I do smoke cigarettes although I have severely cut down since this started happening 5 days ago. I've also had a feeling of tightness in my chest that seems to come and go as well, which can happen either with the shortness of breath, or it can present on its own. It almost feels like something is grabbing me from the inside, will last for 30 minutes to an hour, and then go away as well.
Avatar n tn It started off as a minor sore throat, nothing that really bothered me and a bit of a stuffy nose. Within two days both of those were replaced with chest congestion, tightness, and a wet cough producing green phlegm. Now its been about 5 days of wheezing and this cough i can feel the congestion deep down in my lungs. When i breathe i can feel the phlegm and mucus and i wheeze when i exhale. It is usually worse at night before i go to sleep. Im not quite sure If i should go see my doctor.
Avatar n tn And I felt as if something was in my lungs.And even right now, after 7 hours later, there is a certain tightness in my chest. I could feel sometihng in my lungs. I clear my through but nothing comes out. BUt when i breathe in, i can feel it sitting there. And its really annoying me because i cannot breathe. Do i have athsma?
Avatar f tn Many visits and medicines later still coughing. I have also used asthma medications for wheezing. In November of 2011 I had to go to the ER with tightening in my upper chest. After xrays and treatment felt some better. The next day it happened again. ( The tightening reminds me of a muscle that doesn't want to relax. It is in one spot.) I made an appointment with a pulmonologist and he did a methaline (spelling??) challenge test. No asthma. He also did a bronchoscopy. Nothing.
Avatar n tn I had shortness of breathe, coughing, unproductive cough, tightness of chest, wheezing and on top of that trying to prevent myself from going into a full panic attack because I felt I couldn't breathe. Finally from all the coughing I gave myself whiplash. What esle could go wrong. My husband purchased my a humidifier. The tightness in my chest was located under the breast area. That night I coughed up alot.
Avatar m tn Two mds have diagnosised me with Asthma, but I never here any wheezing and no one heres wheezing when they listen with a stethoscope. I do get chest tightness mostly around the middle sternum and lower ribs. When I get up and walk around it usually gets worse, but at night I don't have to even get up. However moving around alot during these episodes does cause me to get short of breath. I feel like I can't get a good deep breath to go all the way in. My chest xrays are always clear.
Avatar f tn My doctors keep giving me something for sinus, even though I tell them that it feels like a lump in my throat. If I lay flat, there is a wheezing sound, I have had x rays of my chest and they are fine. I feel like I have to clear my throat all the time. What can I do. He put me on a nasal spray fluticasone. It makes my nose run , an nauseates me, This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/235166'>Belching and throat tightness</a>.
993046 tn?1249428793 same thing happened to me, my family physician said to goto the gastero... btw... did you drink an energy drink? before that 3 weeks? i think this certain drink tore our esophagus and stomach lining which lead to our chest pains/soreness and belching.
Avatar n tn woke up with tightness of the chest pass after 10 minutes, high blood pressure is141/106
Avatar f tn I quit smoking exactly 4 months ago. I have chest tightness and difficulty breathing. I take Advair 250/50 and can inhale ProAir when needed. I get 98% oxygen, according to the finger test. I have been diagnosed with asthma. Have had a negative chest x-ray and blood work and EKG. I feel like something is always stuck in my chest or esophagus. I've rarely coughed since I quit smoking. I only wheeze or discharge rumbles after a nebulizer treatment. Because I have an allergy cluster, i.e.
Avatar n tn Last Friday night into Saturday, I started to get congested with phlegm with the tightness in my chest and thought it was my asthma but I didn't have my Proventil (rescue inhaler/albuterol), so I took Flovent which didnt help that much but helped clear some of the phlegm. On Sunday morning, I played softball and I felt fine but then Sunday night I went to work and ended up getting fever and chills along with a dry, hacking cough.
Avatar m tn I'm still wheezing and have chest tightness when I exhale for 10 weeks now. I take Dulera/Singulair/Xopenex and Spiriva and sometimes Combivent. Is there a med like theophylline that can help me? I'm also having bad sleep apnea and am crippled by this and can't work or think because of my lung diseases. Is my sleep apnea caused by asthma or narrowed airway?
Avatar f tn however, in the past week, i have noticed a new sensation of tightening/constricting of my upper chest / trachea. I dont know if this is possible, but it doesnt feel like the same sensation i get from wheezing, however it is difficult to move air and has resulted in a dry annoying cough. There is also the constant sensation of having a tickle in the back of my throat. This also hasn't been resolved with the use of albuerol, which also leads me to believe that it is not my asthma acting up.
Avatar m tn I have found taking Claritan or Zyrtec or their generics, causes a progressive tightening in the chest and wheezing with a little phlegm at the bottom of the right lung which is hard to cough up. I have read this can be a side effect of the allergy medicine. It gets worse on the tablets and slowly improves when off them. I have not been diagnosed with Asthma although as a child had bronchial spasms.