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Avatar n tn For over two months, about 20 minutes after eating just about anything, I have been having chest tightness above my sternum and upper back/neck pain/burning between my shoulders and down my spine to a point on my spine directly behind my upper sternum where I feel the chest tightness. Have had an upper endoscopy which found a small hiatial hernia and minor esophagus erosion on/near my LES, but nothing that should be causing this pain.
Avatar f tn I am having pain/tightness/tingling in my left upper chest,arm and left rib cage. I have been to ER few times and Cardiologist. Heart and lungs trashed fine. I am a nervous wreck and don't know what else to do.
Avatar f tn I also notice that I have a painful tugging feeling when I try to look down in the same area of my upper back. Last night in my sleep I woke up with a chest pain right in my breastbone area. It felt like a heavy burning tingling burning pain. I just rolled over onto my chest with my arms tucked in under my chest and waited it for it to pass. This morning when I woke up I felt very tired and my muscles in my arms felt weak. Anyone that can help me with this?
Avatar f tn I have had anxiety for 2 years now. I have been battling it with meds then alternative meds. IT's been a daily struggle. Right now I am getting ready to start lexapro. I struggle with chest tightness. I get left arm pain , upper back pain, depression now too. Weird head pain and it's all on left side. It's the chest tightness and shortness of breath I hate the most. I concentrate on taking deep breaths just to help calm down. Does anyone else go through this?
Avatar f tn Tightness in the chest and sholder and upper back pain along with my left arm numb and tingling. When I saw my doctor she had that face like she did not believe me. She did anothe EKG and this time she said it was diffent from the fitst EKG she had done. I went back to the ER had an MRI, Labs and X Ray . Everything turned out normal. They where thinking that It would be PE ( Blood clott) I have not been taking meds so I am not sure what is going on. Yesterday I did a treadmill test.
Avatar f tn This pain is accompanied by burning and tightness in my left arm, and also some pain in my upper back as well. I do sometimes get palpitations as well. My symptoms tend to come on more when I'm exercising but they can occur at rest as well.
245504 tn?1224099316 I have had anxiety/panic attacks for at least 12 years. I am in one of my anxious kicks (hypochondriac) lately and am experiencing a "new" symptom of intermittent chest tightness on the upper left side of my chest (almost near shoulder). It just comes and goes and it is just a tight sensation. I have read this could be anxiety and am wondering if anyone else experiences this. FYI I recently had a echo done that was all good and holter monitor showing Sinus Rhythm/Sinus Tach.
384896 tn?1335294331 But like, today, I got a really REALLY sharp pain on my right side, followed by a tightness in my throat... then like, the pain traveled up the left side of my neck to my ear, but that pain wasn't that bad, it was more annoying than painful... but the sharp pain on the right side of my chest was really uncomfortable. It lasted for about a good minute, but now, like 15 minutes later, I still kinda got that uneasy tightness in my throat, and a minor head ache.
Avatar f tn 3 months back, while eating a meal, I accidentally suppressed a burp. Ever since I have been having these symptoms: > Constant tightness and Pain in chest..heavy weight on chest > Headache all the time.. more after eating > Pain in upper back.. poking pain in shoulder blades.. > Constant Pain in left side of abdomen upper side.. gets worse on eating . > Bloating .. fullness > Acidity.. 4-5..
1969859 tn?1325813286 My pains r tightness n squeezing feeling along with upper back pain n left arm tingling feeling n numbness Idk if it my stress or anxiety or something wrong wit my heart if u have these symptoms wen really stressed or have anxiety
Avatar m tn Soon after pain, I started to feel tightness in my chest. It is difficult to explain the tightness. It is not tightness caused by congestion. If feels like my chest is heavy or the muscles are laboring more to suck air into my lungs. Today the pain in the back feels more like a burning sensation. It also seems like my face is a little swollen. Any thoughts and help will be appreciated...
Avatar m tn The pain ranges from sharp pain to burning pain to discomfort to tightness to even feeling like there is a freakin small bush stuck in my chest. Such a weird feeling and hard to describe. One thing I can say thought is it is ALWAYS in the same spot. I found a similar post from 2008 and actually modified that post to fit my circumstance, hope to hear back from that original poster as well considering they were the first person I have ever found to have exactly the same symptoms.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have upper chest burning all across the top of chest and upper back burning all due to anxiety? I have been suffering with quite severe panic attacks for a few months now, but recently Iv developed this awful burning as I said above and of course suffer with chest pains, shortness of breath etc. (usual anxiety symptoms). Doc said Im suffering with severe anxiety disorder and has arranged councelling.
Avatar m tn The pain ranges from sharp pain to burning pain to discomfort to tightness to even feeling like there is a freakin small bush stuck in my chest. Such a weird feeling and hard to describe. One thing I can say thought is it is ALWAYS in the same spot. I found a similar post from 2008 and actually modified that post to fit my circumstance, hope to hear back from that original poster as well considering they were the first person I have ever found to have exactly the same symptoms.
Avatar n tn m a 26 year old male, Today I had some really strange things happen to me, my chest felt really tight like it was hard to breathe, and I had this pain in my left chest/side, Kind of under my armpit. I laid down for a little while and kept changing my sides to see if it would go away. Now the feeling has gone away but in my left bicep I have this feeling like there's a elastic tied around it. sometimes my fingers tingle, my back of my upper arm seems really warm as well.
Avatar f tn i have COPD and have had lung infections at least 4 times in this past year. I quit smoking 4 weeks ago and am feeling better already, but, I still have this pain to my upper back, pain appears to be from deep within. I sleep on a heating pad for releaf. what could be the cause? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Upper back pain, chest congestion, cough</a>.
Avatar n tn I have chest pain that radiates into the left arm pit,thru to the back shoulder blade and sharply up to the left lower jaw in area of lower second bicuspid and first molar.It can also radiate into my left cheekbone. It can be mild,or severe,and not all signs together or in sequence and usually accompanies chest tightness/crushing and shortness of breath. Women can be very different from men in their signs, having only tiredness of a symptom of an impending cardiac event.Joan.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am 32 years old (6 feet, 208 pounds) and I have been experiencing upper chest / throat tightness & lightheadedness every day since 12/15/10 ... Driving me crazy. I can breathe normally. I've never had a fever, no aches, no pains, no injuries. I have had 2 EKG's, a brain MRI/MRA, a brain CT scan, chest xray, blood tests, stress test, thyroid test, & my blood pressure checked on the regular. All of these tests came back OK.
Avatar n tn m completely exercise intolerrant for example if I go walking for 1 mile I experience chronic chest pain and tightness afterwards. In addition the pain has radiated to the top of my of my back to my upper left side. My question is what do I have or what should the doctor be looking for to see what I may have? They have ruled out a heart attack, and the doctor's at the ER have said after a chest x-ray there is no sign of heart enlargement.
Avatar f tn Hi, for the past 2 months I've been having very bad pains in my upper body. It started with sharp pains in my left hand, then up to the forearm/elbow, then in my upper arm (deltoid area), Recently, the pain has spread to my armpit and the top of my chest and shoulders. (It's basically a very painful tightness everywhere). Now the pain has mirrored itself on the right side of my body, hurting in the same ways in the same spots as on the left side.
Avatar m tn Anyways, the next day, I was having chest tightness/pain in the upper abdomen/lower chest area and had a hard time eating because I would get nauseas. Today, I woke up hungry, ate a little bit and my stomache felt bloated while i was still recieving that chest discomfort. I have a feeling it isn't anxiety but I'm not exactly sure, I will go to the doctor on monday and ask for an ultrasound done because the symptoms seem similar to those of gallstones.
Avatar f tn I have been to the ER three times with arm pain, chest pain and recently jaw pain (started on left and now on right as well). The pain in my chest is alway fast and sharp. Every time I went to the ER, they said my EKG, blood tests (cardiac enzymes, thyroid, etc) and chest xray were fine. I was given anxiety meds and told to take Ibuprofen for the pain/spasms. Last night I had pain in my neck when turning my head and in my back while bending over, so Im thinking it is a nerve/muscle thing?
Avatar n tn I did develop dry sockets and an infection after these teeth were removed, but those things have been corrected. The pain starts around my bottom back teeth on the right side and goes down my neck, into my upper chest, and sometimes down my arm, making my hand numb. There is also pain in the right side roof of my mouth and upper teeth. I also have been experiencing headaches on the right side. This pain is keeping me from sleeping, eating, talking, you name it.
Avatar n tn There were signs of reflux, and I was put on Protonix. I continue to have shortness of breath, and tightness in my chest and right below my rib cage where my stomach is. I have been concerned about a Hiatal Hernia, because i get extreme belcing, reflux, and somtimes pain there. Could this still be a possibility even though they havent seen it yet?