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Avatar n tn recently i have begun bench pressing 250-260- have been working out, running and swimming all my lofe 21 year old male 6'4 185 lbs at times at rest i experience tightness in my problem running any ideas...
Avatar n tn They took EKG, chest xray, blood work all were normal. Breathing treatment didnt help. Finally gave her a seditave to calm her down and she fell asleep and sent her home. I am taking her to her dr today. Anyone every experiance this?
Avatar n tn Jmike1 thankyou for your advice, I am in the middle of getting tests done to evauluate a GI cause as my stomach is also causing the pain - it is ths frequency that this chest tightness and pain occour that i can not let the heart question drop. I have only had the regular strees test - but if all my test come back negative I will pursue this nucular strees test. If you dont mind me asking what sent you to the doc's in the first place.
9595044 tn?1405899597 So far the only side effect that concerns me is the tightness in my chest I get sometimes. Has anyone else had the same experience? It is a little scary . Called and left message with my doc this am thought I would ask while I am waiting to hear back from him.
Avatar n tn Has lots of headaches, 5-6 daily, come fast and sometimes leave fast, other times lingering pain. Experiences tightness in chest. Serious aching of joints. Night sweats and chills at night. It is very hard to concentrate. Can not work everyday. Experiences lots of frustration and sadness. He is in the beginning of fifth week treatment and he has anxiety about his treatment. Does it get better??? Does it get any easier? He Is he taking too much riba?
Avatar m tn I'm of 20, I'm feeling tightness in the chest Middle that bone is like sticky after I tried to loose it it is ok At starting it is middle but now the tightness is rightside also breathing problem is not there and I been to doctor he tested ecg and said Ok no problem in the ecg I'm a non smoker non drinker and relatively healthy Kindly tell me what is the problem and treatment for this
Avatar n tn My husban is having chest tightness and heavy feeling from past 1 year. He was on Nexium. 15 days back he stopped nexium . But these chest pain and tightness disappeared after stopping nexium. And heis getting stomach acid comming in to his throat. He has cleared all primary health checkups like Blood reports, ECG, X-ray, even endoscopy. every thing is normal except he is is havind hialtle hernia. Now what to do?
Avatar f tn Gave me a breathing treatment. Chest xray was clear. Neck and throat xrays were ok too. Went to the Pulomonologist the next day and my PFT was abnormal, so it was pretty clear to him that my problem was in the upper airway. I do have a funny feeling in the my throat on the right side like something is in kinda feels like my tonsil is hanging half way down my throat or something.
Avatar n tn tightness in chest and difficult breathing after using a chemical tile sealant
Avatar n tn last week i started having a tightness in my chest and about 3 days ago sharp pain seemed tocome and go...
Avatar n tn The next day I was home sick and stayed home for 4 days. The symptoms following after were of course the chest and lung tightness...I was very weak... could barely talk, get up to move around, and my appetite was shot! I lost 8 pounds in two days! We called the doctor and he sent cefzil, a med pack (which are steroids to rebuild the lungs) and a steroid inhaler(aerosol). I took the medicine as regular and used it all up, and began to get better. I could get up and walk around...
Avatar m tn tall and currently weight about 130lbs. For the past 3-4yrs I have been having tightness in my chest (on the left side, in the region surrounding the heart). It seems to come on randomly, and seems to be present very often during the day - I notice it more when I am sitting (especially when I hunch). And there are some days when I don't seem to detect it (it is probably there, but I don't notice it). This has been going on for over 3yrs now and needless to say it has made me quite anxious.
213398 tn?1202674074 Micheal, I got the butterfly feeling in my chest, it follow with few beats, big dumps and tightness. My tightness in the chest can last half a day long. I discovered it could be a LBBB. Just my discovery. As everyone has LBBB is being told it is harmful and the Drs "DON'T CARE". I learn to live with it. Have a run, power walk or strong coffee. You may have luck!
Avatar n tn 1 week and I was still having severe chest pain, tightness and shortness if breath. My OB then suggested a pulmonologist, who took me off all the other remedies and put me on Advair 500 2xs day, Spiriva inhailer 1x day, sigulair 1 a day, and albuterol inhailer for emergenies. 2 weeks and was back in the ER. Went back to pulmonologist and he put me on Advair 250, Prednisone 10 days, still singulair (not related, I am hypothy and take synth 100).
Avatar f tn In November of 2011 I had to go to the ER with tightening in my upper chest. After xrays and treatment felt some better. The next day it happened again. ( The tightening reminds me of a muscle that doesn't want to relax. It is in one spot.) I made an appointment with a pulmonologist and he did a methaline (spelling??) challenge test. No asthma. He also did a bronchoscopy. Nothing. I continue to treat allergies, though allergy testing (2x) has shown nothing.
Avatar n tn Symptoms may begin and/or stop suddenly. Signs and tests: Listening with a stethoscope (auscultation) of the heart shows a rapid or irregular rhythm. The pulse may feel rapid or irregular. The normal heart rate is 60 to 100, but in atrial fibrillation/flutter the heart rate may be 100 to 175. Blood pressure may be normal or low. An ECG shows atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter.
Avatar n tn woke up with tightness of the chest pass after 10 minutes, high blood pressure is141/106
Avatar n tn -Tightness or restrictive pressure feeling in the middle of chest -feeling sensation of a strap across my forehead sometimes -constant Dizzy light headed feeling very light headaches 33yrs-Male, non-drinking -non smoker- No known family history of heart problems, Mother and father with hi-blood and hypertension. 10 yrs of migraine headaches with avg of 2-4 attacks a year usually between the months of July and Nov, I used to have problems with my sinus.
Avatar m tn I have nasal congestion, drainage in the throat, and tightness in the chest. I had a chest x-ray which was clear. I also had an ECG which showed the R wave diminishing. My stress test was positive but the cardiologist felt, after an exam, that this was a false positive. So now I will have a CT of the heart, but I am wondering if this is strictly allergies. My chest is tight and when talking I have to cough. Sometimes the cough is without talking.
Avatar f tn I have had mild/occasional chest tightness for almost two weeks now (12 days). It started in the evening while I was just hanging out with family, so not during any stressful situations or physical activity. It came out of nowhere and was mild (and has continued to be mild except last night when I started getting really worried about it, but once I calmed my self down it was mild/occasional again).
Avatar f tn I'm a 23 year old female and I have been having chest tightness for a little over 4 months. It started two months after I quit smoking. I was a smoker for 6 years. I've had multiple chest x rays, ct scan with contrast, upper endoscopy, pulmonary function test, stress test and an echo. Everything turned out fine on my test except I have little secretions in my chest he said I needed to cough up. I currently have a gastroenterologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, and a psychologist.
Avatar n tn I am currently on my 6th day of antibiotics and for the past few days have been experiencing chest tightness and asthma like symptoms (I was asthmatic as a child and experience symptoms rarely now). I do not have any yellow/green phlegm and each day my coughs seem more productive but havent really produced any clearing of the lungs.
Avatar f tn I'm facing a problem with shortness of breath and tightness of chest. Like a few mentioned in the forum i have to yawn several times before i can fill t deficit of the air to breathe and if i concentrate on it, i loose the breath. I have to yawn several times before i can take a deep breath which i require to, every few seconds. It was'nt this chronic earlier and ive been facing this for over 5 years.
Avatar n tn Hx of anxiety/palpitations,sinus tachy up to 130-140,recorded on event monitors and in office ekg. Last year while on trip chest felt tight, around whole chest. No chest pain associated with these episodes. Started to panic, hr up to 130s. Upon seeing Dr. had echo/stress, ekg, chest x-ray, blood etc, repeated. EF% normal, no ischemia, all sizes wnl. All good, no changes. Possible allery or anxiety related was the thought. No asthma. Sinuses are swollen/congested.