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Avatar n tn I tooko a lie down for about 1 hour also. Afterwhich, the tension/tightness in centre of chest had almost but gone, no acidcity in stomach, or pain under left arm pit. However, on movement, the tension and nerve pain returned very soon after moving. I have also been taking up Yoga to try to help with coping with whatever 'it' is that I suffer from! Tonight I spent 30 mins doing Kundalini yoga, to help relax my mind and body. I have spent 1 week so far doing this type of Yoga.
Avatar n tn Ive noticed that since the cold started whenever i try to take really deep breaths it feels very constricting in the middle of my chest. i feel fine in the morning when i wake up but the pain in my chest is all day long. Its kind of hard to ignore but when i do i dont notice it as much. Every once in awhile i can squeeze in one or two deep breaths in a row but not consistently. My Dr. has told me in prior visits that it could be from a pinched nerve or compressed nerve.
Avatar m tn today i started getting this tightness squeezing sensation in my chest in the middle that was 7 hours ago and im still having it i have been having palpitations for a long time now but never chest tightness and i have been lightheaded with headaches for awhile to i saw my primary doctor and i saw my cardiologist twice she did a echocardiogram gram a ekg and a 48 holter monitor i also had a chest x ray done and had my blood taken and everything was normal im writing this now because im trying to
Avatar n tn Hello All, For the past 6 months I have had a tight feeling in my left chest, sometimes to the left of my chest, and sometimes more in the middle. I have seen a cardiologist, and had an Echocardiogram, Multiple EKG's, a 24 hour holter monitor, a stress test and a stress echo in addition to a CT Angiography. All has come back normal. I still have the tightness in my chest and I feel short of breath a lot of the time. Other symptoms I am experienceing are lightheadeness, and fatigue.
Avatar n tn I have tightness occasionally too but it doesn't sound quite the same, positions don't change it. I get it right in the middle of my chest, right below my sternum and it is an intense tightening that feels like my skin is being pulled really tight--I hope that makes sense to you! Anyway, thanks for listening and thanks for replying, this forum really has been of great comfort to me in such a weird time. Good luck, I hope you get your chest issues resolved quickly!!
Avatar m tn I'm of 20, I'm feeling tightness in the chest Middle that bone is like sticky after I tried to loose it it is ok At starting it is middle but now the tightness is rightside also breathing problem is not there and I been to doctor he tested ecg and said Ok no problem in the ecg I'm a non smoker non drinker and relatively healthy Kindly tell me what is the problem and treatment for this
Avatar n tn I doubt that all you describe is caused by the same thing. The "…sharp pains in my to part of my lungs,…" could be musculoskeletal from bone or muscle, neuritis from inflamed or compressed nerves, especially the intercostal nerves that run at the bottom edge of the ribs and encircle one's chest, or simply "shooting pains" that are sharp, often severe, "electricity-like" pains that can occur in any part of the body and usually last from a few to 30 seconds or more.
Avatar f tn The problem I now have is.... I feel a tightness or heavy weight in my chest. Right in the middle of the Sternum. Like somebody is stepping on it and wont get off. Its worse when I'm up and walking. Is it because I'm no longer on the HCT? Is the Metoprolol Tartrate doing this? I never felt this at all on the Metoprolol Succinate. Is my body just adjusting to the new med and/or lack of the HCT??? Am I having a heart attack?
1756592 tn?1315366837 For the past three days I've had a tightness in the middle of my chest right under my breast bone/above my stomach. It doesn't hurt but it's uncomfortable and it comes and go throughout the day but I notice it more at night when I'm laying down. Has anyone experienced this feeling? The best way I can describe it is a feeling like someone is squeezing the inside of my chest. I have don't have any breathing problems.
Avatar n tn I have had 3 episodes over the past several months of tighness in the middle of my chest through my neck and lower jaw. It is not painful exactly, but feels like a muscle spasm I have no control over. All three episodes have occurred when I was sitting quietly at a computer and lasted less than 5 minutes. I have no shortness of breath, nausea or other symptoms. I am a 60 yo female in good health. BP/weight are normal and I run 10 miles a week.
Avatar m tn my life is getting miserable now a days as i am spending my life with loads of complications. since couple of months my chest become heavy. i feel like smthing is giving pressure in the middle of my chest...middle bit slightly upper position. i feel so heavy somtimes that i cant breathe well for that. bt its still pain less. tonite abt an hour back i was sleeping well....suddn i got up and felt like my left breast bones place is squeezing, and felt like a tight pressure in it.
1014527 tn?1251061098 Things seems to have slightly improved for a small amount of time but I could never shake off this tightness of chest/tightness on full breathing. One concern was I had thick, yellow-dark yellow mucus for a few days straight at work(I work as a stocker overnight/around dust/etc.) and my temperature was fine. As well as this discomfort in my chest which is located about dead square middle of my breast cavity, sometimes in the ribcage/sternum with sensitivity touching below the sternum.
Avatar f tn I'd get this awful headache and at times in the middle of the night, I'd wake up and the room would be spinning. I couldn't get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I was crazy. I did go away though like I said about the 8th day. I wish you luck with your test and good results. Take Care. t.
Avatar n tn A common cause is an undiagnosed rib fracture or separation of rib-cartilage from its attachment to the breastbone in the middle of the chest.
Avatar f tn I had some anxiety pills that was given to my doctor and it made to sleep. I work up in the morning, I am having the same symptoms, pain and heaviness in my middle chest toward left that goes towards my neck and I feel tightness in my left part of my neck. This happens to me after a hard working out or during intimacy as well. I used to work out hard 5 times a week before and now I barely go to gym.
Avatar n tn hello friends ive been experiencing chest tightness in the middle of my chest for the past 10 days in that time ive been through 2 alcoholic benders of 2 days a piece ive been clean since july 1st after going to the er..they detoxed me for only 1 day and would not give me an echo due to the fact i got one 9 months ago they did an ekg and chest ex ray and said it was not my heart but everytime i stand up for long periods of time or walk my chest seems to tighten up...
Avatar m tn I have seen many doctors, Internal medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Psychology, Pulmonology, and a GI, and a Ear nose and throat doctor. As of yet I am undiagnosed. I have a tightness in my chest and shortness of breath that comes and goes (but I never feel normal anymore) It all started around the age of 15-16. Now its to the point where I feel dizzy, tired, short of breath (some times are much worse then others) and the sensation of someone sitting on my chest.
Avatar n tn I have felt really stressed over the past several weeks, could this be adding to the tightness in my chest? And I don't have any chest pain when exerting myself like with exercise, if anything, I feel fairly good. I have noticed a slight ache in my arm but not in my shoulder, in the middle of my arm down to my elbow. Another symptom I have noticed is a gurgling type sound in my chest. Would appreciate any insite you might have on this and what it is! Thank you!
Avatar f tn Unlike ischemic heart pain, chest pain of esophageal origin is not predictably elicited by exertion and often occurs spontaneously, in relationship to meals or in the middle of the night.such pain can occur in achalasia, hiatal hernia, neoplasm,etc and commonly have other related symptoms associated.
Avatar n tn -Tightness or restrictive pressure feeling in the middle of chest -feeling sensation of a strap across my forehead sometimes -constant Dizzy light headed feeling very light headaches 33yrs-Male, non-drinking -non smoker- No known family history of heart problems, Mother and father with hi-blood and hypertension. 10 yrs of migraine headaches with avg of 2-4 attacks a year usually between the months of July and Nov, I used to have problems with my sinus.
919456 tn?1243520470 It is a horrible feeling being in a middle of a conversation and gasping to get the words out. But no one has the answer. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn I have a new chest pain in middle to right side of chest a burning sensation my right arm is aches a bit not really any thing on left side could it still be heart related?
Avatar n tn I was also advised to give up smoking (which I have done) The tight chest was not the typically described band around the chest rather it could start in the middle of my diaphragm like a knot or radiate out. It could be one side of my chest feeling like it was being squeezed or it could be the other side. Today my cough has gone and my wheeze. I still cough up the debris from stopping smoking but the tightness is still there.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the feeling is stronger than others on occasions I have a funny feeling in my throat, both sides of my neck and head (almost as if my blood is not flowing) I dont get any tightness in my chest but I do get a throb down my left arm, now my doc thinks this is anxiety and I 'think' I agree with him because it can make me feel very anxious. I have been assured its not life threatening and will leave no long term damage to my heart.
Avatar n tn But mostly on the left side....not the ones in the upper middle chest and throat that FREAK ME OUT. Neuro came in and told me he viewed everything and EKG for all 3 days was fine. I told him I didnt get the BIG ONES so it wasnt "captured to evaluate" and he said "doubt they are cardiac though". My GP called this afternoon, holter came back NORMAL OUTSIDE OF A FEW PVC'S BUT DONT THINK THAT EXPLAINS ALL THE SYMTOMS. NEED TO START THINKING ANXIETY OR GASTRO.
Avatar n tn I have a thump in my throat that I know these severe chest pains will follow, they seem to also rotate from my back to front chest, upper chest tightness like someone is pulling something from each side of the chest, then to the middle. it last about 5 to 8 min, I drink a cup of hot water and it goes away . the pain makes me take in breaths of air.
Avatar f tn Does it start in the middle but also radiating to under the right ribs and into the back ? It may be some gall bladder problem, it may be a good idea to have it checked out.
Avatar f tn hello doctors I am male 21year old I am having chest heaviness in the middle as if some weight is kept I an feeling from past one year I have chest tightness but heaviness is from one month doctors told in starting some ulcers ecg, tmt , echo went normal kindly help me what exactly happening suggestions are appreciated
Avatar m tn Hi all, I had a sudden sharp pain in the middle of my chest that lasted about 30 seconds to a minute. I wasn't doing anything strenuous, just closing a door and pushing a towel into the gap between the door and the floor with my foot. I am wondering if this is something I should be concerned about. I don't have insurance, so if I want to see a doctor I would probably have to go to the ER. I have an appointment to get a physical at a free clinic, but the appointment isn't until Sept. 15.