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Avatar f tn m a 20 year old female, who has recently been put on cipralex for panic attacks and anxiety. About a week ago I came out in a strange red rash on my chest. I have also been experiencing blurring vision and lightheadedness several times a day. Usually when I wake up in the morning I have had quite bad headaches which usually pass within an hour of being awake. I'm worrying whether this could be the medication or something else. Should I go to a doctor or is it anxiety related?
Avatar f tn I have a patchy rash that comes and goes mainly on my torso and chest, but has also appeared on my lower arms and thighs. It doesn't itch, and seems to be made worse by the heat from a shower, or when clothing rubs on the skin. Could this be caused by stress? I have no other illness or symptoms. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn About 2 weeks ago I got a rash on my chest. The rash itself looks like reddish-pink spots on my chest, some darker then others, and as big as about 2 cms and as small as a dot. They appear in one spot go away, and show up on another. It is primarily on my chest and a little on my traps. What type of rash does this sound like? I did some research on the internet and it resembles a maculopapular rash. What could cause this type of rash?
Avatar m tn HI! has anyone else ever experienced a red blotchy rash on their skin due to anxiety? This rash is literally ruining my life and my career. Whenever someone makes me feel any emotion whether its happy embarrassed uncomfortable etc my face turns bright red instantly and my neck and throat instantly get red blotches all over! It last's a good 30 mins. I used to take propranolol (beta blocker) which helped me tremendously! I never ever got the rash.
Avatar f tn The ingrown hairs may indeed have been a rash, if it was a rash, across my chest and torso would that make any difference? What about the warts? My anxiety is so severe that I cannot function. what would a ARS rash look like? Sorry, I am worried sick. Would a rash alone be a sign? About 7 days post exposure I had slight aches on my arms at different times but never with another symptom and I put this down to anxiety. Rash / hairs outbreak at 4 weeks. No fever. No sore throat.
Avatar n tn Well it seems as though every person here that worries too much develops a rash of some type. A rash is a symptom of anxiety in case you didnt know and anxiety is a lot more common than HIV. Yes if you cant get over the anxiety then counseling might be in order but lets hope that a 13 week negative will be enough to kill off the anxiety.
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Avatar f tn One of the tip of my toenails also discolored, it became greenish yellowish. Im having a red mark on my chest, but its not definitely i rash. What are the chances that i have contracted the disease. The anxiety is killing me.
Avatar f tn I do get why it must annoy you but surely you can understand I am a fit healthy man never had a rash in my life and 4 week after a lot of sexual activity with a man I get a rash on my chest what the internet sayd is like hiv rash all I want is some help with my anxiety surely anyone can see why I'm worried
Avatar f tn t see how that would cause a rash and I googled rash without itch and hiv come up and me been a gay male set the anxiety of
Avatar m tn Can a HIV rash occur on the chest as a red blotch with lots of small pimples? & Can it exist alone, without other HIV symptoms?
1451936 tn?1294898715 The experts on this form have told me to move on as this is not a risk for hiv specifically, however the rash and the timing of the rash is causing me anxiety and i live in Asia, where docs simply say its a rash and dont give details on what rash it is. The doc did say it was a rash or it was herpes, but since propaderm ointment 0.025% cleared it up within 1-2 days of use, he finally said it is not herpes. 1. Question - Will Propaderm clear up a HIV or a Viral Rash?
Avatar f tn For over 10 years I have been breaking out in a red blotchy rash when I get nervous, anxious, excited, etc. It is very embarrassing and since having a child it has gotten worse. I have always just shrugged it off and dealt with it but it has taken over my life. I don't even want to go to public events or exposed social situations because of it. I cannot wear the things I want because I know I will break out in this rash.
Avatar m tn I have developed a pimple type rash on my upper chest area. They are small red raised pimples that don't itch or burn. The skin around the pimples is still normal color. i have about 40 or 50 of this pimples scattered around the upper portion of my chest. They seem to became a darker red color right after a shower. I do shave my chest and have been for years and never have had a breakout of any kind. I have been suffering anxiety over the last few weeks after a broken condom incident.
1758217 tn?1312812657 Hi Over the last couple of years i have found that i am having blotchy skin on my neck that when i itch it the skin flakes off and its a burning sensation, as well i have red patches of red lumps on my chest which itch too. It gets worse when nervous, stress or even when i have had a drink. Can someone help me with what to do its driving me mad and its embarrasing when i am at work and out with friends.
Avatar m tn 1) Is the pimple on chest/ armpit / neck an early symptom of Hiv/Stds? 2) Am I in the high risk of getting hiv/stds? 3) Is the test on 1 month reliable and conclusive? 4) are all stds curable? 5) is 10 days from exposure and did not get symptoms mention above means i am safe?
Avatar f tn The rash associated with ARS does not itch and is flat. You need to take a test as you had unprotected sex. At 6 weeks it will give you a really good indication and at 3 months it will be conclusive. A pimple like rash and a rash that itches however, are not ARS related. Guaranteed.
Avatar m tn Not worrying is so much easier said than done...I have a splotchy rash on my chest...very splotchy not continuous and it is peaking my worry. I just want to make sure that this was no risk and that I am suffering from anxiety! Thanks again Doctor for what you do!
Avatar m tn I have developed a pimple type rash on my upper chest area thats been there for about 2 weeks. They are small red raised pimples that don't itch or burn. The skin around the pimples is still normal color. i have about 40 or 50 of this pimples scattered around the upper portion of my chest. They seem to became a darker red color right after a shower. I do shave my chest and have been for years and never have had a breakout of any kind.
Avatar m tn hi im on PEP for a high risk exposure but 19 days in i've developed a spotty like rash on my chest,( sometimes itchy sometimes not) no other symptoms no fever no sore throat this likely a side effect of PEP or is it ARS?
Avatar m tn calm down...deep breaths...and stop posting every few minutes...lolol you are ok. this is not an ARS rash. you do not need further testing. anxiety is driving you crazy...get off the internet searching for hiv symptoms...that will make things worse.
Avatar f tn Are these HİV rash symptoms? I have a small patch of red on my chest like size of a silver dollar and no raised areas--no dots-- just red and and İ have allergy symptoms like stuffy nose. No fever. Does this sound like ARS conversion and HIV rash?
Avatar m tn s really a long time ,maybe 5 to 10 mins . After that I found there is some rash on my chest , and I suspect she lick some node . And sometime she close the mouse with my nipple in it ? How dangerous is it ? And what should I do now ? PEP ? it's happened about 12 hours ago .
Avatar n tn Someone told me they think it might be a heat rash, But it looks similar to the maculopapular rash. The rash itself is small and pink, some of them seem to surround a hair follicles , while others don't. Id say I have around 20 of them on my chest. A few look like they are starting up on my back. My incident occured 4 weeks ago. I am wondering.... 1) Can Anxiety/stress cause this type of rash? 2) If someone bloods gets into your penis hole can HIV be transmitted that way?
Avatar m tn I am asking for a risk assesment as 2 weeks after this incident I got a bad rash on my chest with different size red bumps and half of them were like acne with white heads. This rash lasted for the last 2 weeks but is starting to clear up. I have pic of the rash if there is any way to send it. All the anonymous labs in Toronto just do the INSTI rapid test. I did one at 23 days which was clear and I plan on another at 30 days even though I am still in the window period.