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Avatar f tn Some hours had passed and eventually I noticed that I had developed a rash on my face, neck chest, and wrists. After I saw the rash I used some cortisone lotion, and I quit drinking, and when I woke up the next morning the rash had gone away. I hadn't eaten anything unusual or had any medications in my system. Is there any chance that this could have been alcohol poisoning?
Avatar n tn there are loads of people dealing with this, so many people have posted similar stories about their rash. The only thing i can suggest is talk to your doc about betablockers. They helped for me (only temporarily as the doc didn't want me taking them forever) but it's worth a try. mine was called nadalol i think, i only got the rash once in 3 months when i was taking them and i usually get it every day.
1662720 tn?1302801806 I get pink blisters that pop up on my chest when I get really stressed out.....they dont really hurt, they just itch really bad.....I scrub with rubbing alcohol and then put canfocfanic on them and they dry up and go away. What is this?
Avatar m tn i left it alone them broke out in a rash around the cyst. soon it spread to my chest, i went to the doctor and told me it was irritation caused through the deodorant i was using. she prescribed my an antibiotic then a anxiety medication to relieve the itch...the anxiety medicine didn't really work much, been taking the antibiotic for almost a week and the rash keeps spreading to my other armpit stomach and neck and arms. i havent been able to sleep much at all.
Avatar m tn In the next week or two it spreads to either my right collar bone, middle of my upper chest, or both. I assume its a heat rash based on my Google searching. This rash comes like once every 2 months It goes from barely not being noticeable to being wide spread and red. Only things ive done to try and get rid of it is use Cortisone cream (with Aloe) and wash the spots with Dove soap and let it air dry.
1341861 tn?1276198092 hi, my dad is 47 yrs old, he is alcohol dependant and also has hepatitis C, in the past month a very itchy rash has came out on his back spreading onto his chest, arms and legs he has explained that he feels a burning sensation under his skin and he is actually tearing his skin trying to scratch the itch he has tried cider vinagar and calmine lotion and other skin creams but nothing is easing it have you any ideas as to what this could be i would be very gratefull...
Avatar n tn I personally found the hypoallergentic ones to cause a worse rash on me---so when I did a 30 day event, I got the regular kind and it turned my skin red, but no rash. If the rash is blistering or terrible, just call them ask what can be done.
Avatar n tn 15, 2008 Herceptin every 3 weeks until June 2, 2007 Now I have developed a rash on my chest. It is not along the incision line. It itches like crazy. More of the rash is in the radiation field. I have seen 5 doctors with this rash. They aren't dure what it is. Yesterday the breast surgeon took 2 skin samples and sent them to be biopsied. Question: Has anyone else had a similar problem and how did it turn out?
Avatar f tn In case the symptoms persist then get it evaluated from a doctor. The rash can be due to liver disorder or pityriasis rosea. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and itching. Topical and oral steroids are needed. Water, sweat, and soap may cause irritation and should be avoided in the disease. Topical zinc oxide and calamine lotion are useful for pruritus.
Avatar f tn i have a rash which appears when im in hot conditions; a hot car, shower, direct sunlight, initially as i consume alcohol, exercising, talking to someone i dont know, under pressure etc. it appears on my neck, chest, arms legs and face, or one of these areas and eventually spreads all over, especially in sunlight, seemingly in places where the majority of sun exposure has been previously, although i rarely go out into the sun.
Avatar n tn i was told by my doctor it would go away by itself in 3-6 months. however, it has now been approx. 1 yr since i first noticed it. the rash is on my chest, stomach(incl. lower stomach/upper groin (not genital)). it is also on my back. i do not have any on the palms of my hand and soles of my feet. the rash sometimes gets worse (redder, more itchy) after excersizing or after drinking alcohol. please advise me on when i can expect this to go away and any ways by which i can speed up the process?
Avatar f tn I developed a rash on my chest about a week ago, mainly on the right side and it looks like mosquito bites and itches a lot but not constantly. I don't know whether it's just a rash or if it's connected to STDs. I haven't had intercourse for over a month and I wasn't exposed on anything that might cause an allergy. I haven't used anything on it yet. Could someone help me figuring out what it is?
Avatar f tn i was sick with some sort of virus so i went to the doctor and he gave me a shot and two pills of antibiotics and a day or two later i noticed a rash on my chest with a swollen lymph node in my groin the rash lasted a long time like about two months it looked like my hairs follicules were swollen sometimes they were itchy and other times it wasn't.
Avatar m tn I recently got a rash on my chest, below my nipple. It's a series of small raised red bumps (very close together) - maybe 12 -15. It's been a little over a week and they look to be fading a bit now. They're not painful, but can itch (although not all the time). I'm sexually active with multiple partners in the past few months, but always wear protection.
Avatar f tn Do let us know how things work out— Bill Denise, I reacted to her description of the rash being on areas that were sun-prone such as her arms and chest; perhaps I didn’t read her description thoroughly. As always, it’s nearly impossible to guess what conditions a person has over the internet but maybe this gives her something to bounce off her primary care doc. The PCP is often unaware of associations with HCV/Porphyria; this might help? I dunno :o).
Avatar f tn I got this rash from using facial cleansing cloths. And I get a really bad rash all over my face which then spreads down my neck and chest. I have an allergy to certain foods but have never had a reaction to a face wash. What can I do to get rid of this rash and prevent it from coming back??
Avatar m tn Over the past couple of years I have noticed my skin dramatically changing color from fair to pink/red. This mostly occurs when I am drinking beer or wine. The rash usually begins on my chest/throat area, and generally moves on to my face and occasionally arms. It is not raised, like hives, but is blotchy and hot to touch. My guess is that it is an ingredient found in both drinks, but what could it be?
Avatar m tn Eventually it will reach my upper chest and spread down through my arms and hands. The rash will then move from my upper chest and arms onto my face and scalp. The rash will remain on my head for a minute or two, and then pass down my body in a reverse of the rash moving up my body. The rash will "congregate" at my feet again, wait maybe a minute and then move back up my body. The time that this rash exists depends on the intensity.
Avatar m tn i have to add that this rash symptom is occuring since 4 days and 16 days after exposure
Avatar m tn At 6 week, I got another negative elisa test (should be 3rd generation too). At 43 days, I started checking my chest for rash, and I found a small patch of redness on my middle upper chest, just below my neck, I would say about 5cm in length and 2cm in width. It is flat and not raised, no pain, no itchiness, no irritation, infact it feels the same as normal skin. It could have been there before but i never noticed. It is still there today.