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Avatar f tn After having a shower my upper body (chest, shoulders, neck and now face) after lightly covered with little red spots. They are like little raised inflamed lumps that are red (kind of like heat rash). But about 30 minutes to an hour they go away. Some times it's worse than others. I am a ceoliac (gluten intolerant), and have no other allergies besides the obvious of gluten. Besides the suspected heat rash, is there anything to be concerned about?
Avatar n tn I'm 21, male. On and off for about four years now, after every time I take a shower and dry off, I itch unbearably on my lower legs, arms, back, and sometimes chest. There is no rash or skin irritation. I have changed soaps, shampoo's, and my methods of washing and drying myself to try to make a difference, but nothing works. I once heard some pregnant women itch after contact with hot water due to a vitamin deficiency. Could I have a similar problem? Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Every time I shower I come out covered in red extremely itchy bumps across my chest and top of my arms, which goes away after about an hour. It's not the shampoo or temperature because when I have a cold shower it's the same. Even after swimming in a pool I come out with the same rash. Please help.
Avatar m tn 10 minutes after he ejaculated on my leg, he left, and I hopped into the shower. When I got out of the shower, I had a rash all over my chest and stomach, it looks like little red dots all over. I asked him what his hiv status/sti status was, and he said that he was clean, and that his last test was 6 months ago. My last test was 3 months ago (negative), and I have not had any sexual encounters since. I'm worried about this rash on my stomach and my chest.
Avatar n tn For the past three years or as far back as I can remember everytime I get wet I always get this weird rash. This rash usually appears on my chest and back and sometimes on my legs. When ever I work out or leave the pool this rash would appear. I swim about 20 hours a week in a chlorine pool so that might be part of this problem. The rash consumes about 50% of my torso and back with red spots. In the middle of these spots are little individual bumps that are very itchy.
Avatar f tn Whenever I go in a bath or shower I come out in a blotchy red rash all over my upper back, chest and the side of my face. I have tried getting in a bath and not using any form of soap or bubble bath and the rash still appeared. It is slightly itchy when it appears but as soon as I am out of the water it will disappear with 5-15 minutes. It isn't life damaging or anything, it's just a pain to deal with, any ideas what it could be?
Avatar m tn They seem to became a darker red color right after a shower. I do shave my chest and have been for years and never have had a breakout of any kind. I have been suffering anxiety over the last few weeks after a broken condom incident. I did test negative for HIV after 6 weeks. Should I be concerned over this out break and does this sound like an ars rash?
Avatar n tn Recently, I've noticed these weird blackish/brown spots on my chest. Here's the thing about them: They come off - either in the shower or just by rubbing them. I'm wondering where they are coming from - they look almost like mold, to be honest, though I'm assuming that's impossible. It usually happens when I've sweat a decent amount and maybe go a day-plus without a shower. I also sometimes use shampoo on my chest hair, arm pit hair ...
1731798 tn?1310253152 Are there other symptoms present? Did the rash appear after shower or it was already present? This could be due to a variety of conditions and it is important that direct clinical examination is done. It could also be due to shingles, which is a painful, blistering skin rash due to the chicken pox virus. This usually occurs in one dermatome only. Analgesic medications may help relieve the pain.
Avatar f tn Am 8 weeks pregnant and am getting a rash of my left side of my stomach and boob is this normal ?
Avatar m tn i have about 40 or 50 of this pimples scattered around the upper portion of my chest. They seem to became a darker red color right after a shower. I do shave my chest and have been for years and never have had a breakout of any kind. I have been suffering anxiety over the last few weeks after a broken condom incident with a female. I did test negative for HIV after 6 weeks. Should I be concerned over this out break and does this sound like an ars rash?
Avatar m tn I have no visible rash throughout the day. But when I take a hot shower my chest and back develop red rash and bumps. Sometimes, I get an itching sensation at night. After searching the internet for help, I was worried this might be scabies. But after going to the std clinic, the doc told me he didn't think it was scabies. He did, however give me a treatment of permethrin, and I did no itch after the first dose. But it's been 3 days and my symptoms are back.
Avatar m tn I get very painful itch after i shower, it happens only in summer time when the weather is warm and humid. I tried showering without any soap, i boiled water and used it when it cooled, but didnt help, i use cold water cause i feel hot water makes it worse, i itch in my chest shoulders and arms, its gone after approx. 20 minutes. I am 55 years old male, i tried Zyrtec one hour before shower, it helped a little but the itch still there, is there any thing i can do ?
Avatar m tn s after a hot shower, is that just hives or is I hiv rash? Does hiv rash appear and then disappear in segments like that or is it chronic and stay for a while consistently won't going away?
Avatar n tn it comes and goes for months at a time. It starts to smell after I cum and I do not immediately take a shower or was though it has smelled hours after I shower. Fishy really foul smell. Anyone know what this could be? I also have a new rash appearing in different part of my body arms, chest, stomach, they are small very very red dots that could be confused for blood and normally 2 appear less than 1" apart from each other any reason to be concerned about STD?
Avatar m tn When in the shower, I often cross my arms across my chest while standing in the water. The rash on my chest is exactly where the back of my hand (with the rash) touches my chest when I cross my arms. My questions are below. 1. If I have HSV2, how long before I stop auto-inoculating as the rash appears to have spread to the back of my hand and chest. 2. If this is HSV2, what are the odds the rash will return on my chest and/or hand. 3.
Avatar m tn Since yesterday my deltoids and half of my chest is red, it looks like a sunburn but I havn't been exposed to sun. Yesterday I used a corticoids ointment and it went away but came again, today after a cold shower it went away again but its slowly coming back. It doesn't itch at all but it has a small burning sensation (just like when you get sun burned) I havn't used any new shampoo or ate anything different from usual. I'm totally lost, what do you think this might be?
Avatar m tn Thank you for the information..Now the rash has spread to my arms and after i take a shower it gets worse...The bumps and rash on my neck chest and scrotum are going away and it seems like the rash on my arms is too but does this sound like eczema or something worse???
Avatar f tn 19 year old healthy male, but In the middle of April I had gotten mono, right after I started feeling better, whenever I would take a hot shower or workout, I would get small red dots all over my skin and body usually on back, chest, and arms. They are not itchy and usually go away after I stop working out or cool down.
Avatar m tn For a few weeks now I've had an odd rash type breakout across my chest and back. Typically the area is discolored as shown in the picture and usually lacks any other issues. At times though after being outside for a bit in warm/hot weather or getting sweaty through random tasks it'll grow a darker red and have what I can best describe as a stinging pain.
Avatar m tn Hi I am getting red bumps on the skin right after the shower on chest and arms and will gradually disappear in 30 min. I have the similar situation when i am training in the GYM. They look like a mosquito bite and very sour to touch. can any one has idea on what this rash is?
555329 tn?1232555514 I've had this rash on my chest for months now, They're like little white heads all over my chest and there's some near my neck too. I went to the doctor and they prescribed me some cream for it but it hasn't worked! I'm going to a wedding as a bridesmade in two weeks and i'd really like it to clear up by then :( Please help!
Avatar f tn So 7 days after protected sex a upper chest rash, cough (which started the same day as intercourse), sneezing, and runny nose I shouldn't be worried like I am?
Avatar m tn the rash was just really red and very icthy it kinda setteled down for like a day but then it got kinda dry and flaky around my balls and penis then recently just formed a rash on my chest and neck..and found little clear bumps on my hands and really scared and nervious this is serious..please someone help..
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