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Avatar n tn HI, The symptoms of chest pain associated with vomiting can be due to simple reasons like gastritis leading to gas and bloating and heartburn. However it is necessary to rule out a cardiac problem like angina. A baseline ECG should be done. Consult your Doctor for an evaluation. Hope this helps.
11587059 tn?1427631863 20+2. Ftm. I've been have chest pain for a while. It seems to be getting worse. Feel very dizzy, sweaty, sick, vomiting, diarrhea, my heart races, and my right arm goes tingly a lot. Those are all the symptoms of when the chest pain comes on. Is this normal???
Avatar n tn I am 31 years-ol and I woke up this morning to a pain in my chest. Not like pressure but a rolling, contracting type pain. It was better when sitting. No nausea or vomiting. No SOB. No rapid or increased pulse. Pulse was also strong not weak. What could this be?
Avatar n tn I am hoping it was just food poisoning but because my chest xray was normal I relax a little. But should I insist on a chest CT to make sure I dont have cancer? even though the chest xray was normal...
Avatar n tn Two days ago I had severe indigesion with chest pain, nausa and vomiting. I was given a EKG in the ER and was told that I had a short P-R interval and should have a check up by a cardilogist. What does a short P-R interval mean and what is the relation to the symptoms I experienced. Thank you.
Avatar m tn my husband has been having chest pain for a year now off and starts out he is fine then he is sick to his stomch throws up chest starts to hurt and arm and feels bad for days. he has has a stress test done twice all the blood work by a heart dr, everything fine a ct scan of the chest and a breathing test done everytinh is normal.
Avatar f tn * neck pain * Shoulder pain mostly on left * Jaw pain on left * headache on left side * Arm pain both hands, esp finger pain * leg pain near calves * Ear pain slightly painful when it occurs. * Slight Stomach pain and also at abdomen sometimes Even thought ECG was taken, I am somewhat feeling insecure.
Avatar n tn Hi all, Its chest pain that is getting me down at the mo. Its so inconsistent and i cant seem to see any patterns in its occurance. Am i right in thinking that heart related chest pain would become more present and severe when exercising? Coz last night i was playing football for over an hour running round like a headless chicken but i experienced no pains atall! Any other ideas of what could be causing it? Im worried its cardiac related. But im only 21 so i know its unlikely.
Avatar n tn When its started a month back i had needle sharp pain followed by continuous Burping and Ice cold sensation in the chest ,i was given pain killer and it subsided for a while and then returned only as a dull pain , At present i feel this dull pain in the chest,doctor pressed it on the chest bone and it hurted so he told me its Costocondritis.... At present I have dull Chest pain ,which with little exertion becomes worse,have back pain and stuck gas/air in the chest area...
Avatar f tn Beth, I would recommend that you see a cardiologist, they can run multiple tests to see if there are any cardiac issues associated with the chest pain. Your symptoms "could" be related, but then again, they may not. Sometimes the chest pain is simply indigestion, but the "crushing" pain sounds different. When you say "left side", can you clarify? Left side of what, your chest, abdomen?
Avatar f tn By curiouslouis | Oct 21, 2013 7 Comments My wife has been experiencing chest pain for two weeks. The symptoms are as follows...
Avatar m tn This is something I've been dealing with for a while. At any given time I get a really "tight" pressure type pain in my chest. most of the doctors I've seen have told me acid reflux or Indigestion. I've tried various types of Anti acids,zantac,I've even been prescribed ulcer meds with no luck. It really weirds me out because It happens at any time. I wake up in the middle of the night with it sometimes. It lasts about 5 to 10 minutes.
Avatar f tn Nausea, vomiting, chest pain, passing out, stopping breathing -- these are all symptoms that need to be investigated much more in depth than a simple chest xray and some blood work - IMO. Especially with your hsuband's long term fight with high blood pressure and him not taking it recently due to the financial issue (which I'll cover in a minute), this really is not something that should be dismissed so quickly as either bronchitis or an anxiety attack.
Avatar f tn I have been having chest pain since tuesday and i have been to the hospital 4 times with in this week. each doctor say something different. one said gastroesphageal reflux , another said costochonritis , another said carpal tunnel and a pinch nerve in the neck ,and then one said it have something to do with my mucsles and reflux . so my question is what is really going on with me .To me it sound like a stroke , heart attack , or angina .
Avatar f tn I'm having chest pains again!! I'm concerned because I haven't been lifting weights and my chest pain had gone away from May. I've been feeling a bit congested and have been sneezing; maybe I have a cold? I've had sharp pain in the left breast (same spot as the other two times), dull pain in my right breast, some random, dull/light pains in my arms and left thigh, and some achiness in my lower ribs.
Avatar m tn The pain itself is more of a sharp pulling/tugging/pressure-like pain that is only present at one specific point anywhere in my chest. The pain is located almost directly in the center of my chest, offset to my left by no more than 1cm or 1/2inch and about 5cm or 2inch above my nipple line(I am male). Or, another description would be 4inch below the inner-most point of my left collar bone. The pain feels a lot like that of a muscle/bone type injury.
Avatar n tn Also, when I try to reinact the motion of vomiting to see if I can bring pain, I can bring a little pain as well as pain in my stomach. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hello and welcome! The commonest cause of burning pain in the chest and vomiting blood can be gastro esophageal reflux disease or heart burn. Fatty foods, fried foods, obesity, hiatal hernia are all possible causes of Gastro esophageal reflux disease. These symptoms of chest pain and vomiting can also be confused with pain originating from the heart. Usually the symptoms of heart burn do not start or get worse with physical activity while pain related to the heart often comes on with exertion.
Avatar f tn Every test has come back negative. Her symptoms are chest pain, dizziness, occassional fainting spells, headache, abdominal pain, and of course constant vomiting. Doctors have no idea what is wrong with my daughter, and have discharged her although her symptoms are still as bad as ever. It is only 1 p.m. here, and she has already vomited 23 times. She has had no change in lifestyle , or any recent trauma, under no stress...
Avatar f tn It was different this time however, in that I also developed a terrible pain in the middle of my chest beneath my would last 15-30 seconds and was so painful i couldnt breath through these pains. I also became sooo cold that i could not stop shaking but at the same time sweat was running off me so bad that i had to keep wiping it out of my eyes. This continued for approx 3-4 hrs. I was finally able to lay down and the pain occured maybe 4 more times and then i feel asleep.
Avatar m tn My head, nose and chest was very congested and I had a slight fever. I took sudafed sinus and a breathing treatment, after 3 days of doing that I was fine.
Avatar n tn Hi. In November of 2012 I got really sick (vomiting, flu like symptoms, diarhea, the whole 9 yards), was sick for about 3 days then felt better. Thought it was the flu bug. Then the following week it happened again, this time worse vomiting. Over the next 3 weeks I was sick 3 more times, each time the vomiting was more intense. I had both upper and lower endoscopies performed, had an MRI of my chest, gallbladder, etc. I even had a camera endoscopy done - and found nothing.
Avatar n tn You can have attacks with no chest pain, but the usual symptoms when relating to food digestion affecting the heart are going very pale, feeling shortness of breath and dizzy.
Avatar f tn It can also cause a discomort in the chest and heartburn and regurgitation of food. Have you have ever swallowed wrong and feel that pain in your throat and chest? Thats what esophagal spasms can do. When you threw up that time you may have had irritation from the contents you threw up. Its often acidic and can hurt your throat.