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Avatar f tn I have read the above comments. Yes a heart attack is a possible concern, I agree that chest pain occurs differently in women. ahaving knowledge of other existing health concerns could help determine what is going on. For example rolling and stretcing in or lifting an arm can cause muscular spasms that are stabbing in nature and then last for short periods with no control other than waiting out the pain.
Avatar f tn Ive had this niggling pain in my right side half way up the ribs for a few weeks on and off then 9 days ago it was quite severe. I was admitted to hospital where they said it was gallstones, an ultrasound showed nothing. I came home after one night. My chest xray was clear. The camera into my stomach showed gastritis, ( inflammation of the lining of my stomach). Gp thinks its inflammation of the intercostal muscles but it doesn't hurt when i move, when i eat i get severe pain.
Avatar m tn I have had intermittant pain in my right side for 25 years, since I was 19. I had my gall bladder checked out 10 years ago and nothing was found. I coincidently have drank regulary for the same amount of time since I was 19. My liver function tests all come back normal, as I have one done every year, however, the last test a year ago showed a little elevated, in the high 40's. During an ultrasound fatty liver was discovered. I am also overweight.
Avatar f tn I'm an 18 yr old female. I've been having this pain in my right side, below my breast and in the rib region. I went to a pediatrician about 3 years ago who (doing no test at all) told me it was probably growing pains. I don't believe it's growing pains because it's been off and on pain like this for 3 years. The pain is occurring more and more often now. And I'm positive I'm not pregnant. I am a virgin.
Avatar m tn I have an extremely sharp pain on the right side of my chest when getting out of bed. It starts to hurt when I lay on my sides. When I try to roll over, the pain shoots through my right side. And when I try to get up and out of bed, I can only move an inch or two at a time getting up. Once I get on my feet, it goes away after a minute or so. The pain is so bad it feels like being electrocuted.
Avatar f tn i have a dull chest pain on right side comes and goes within few seconds.. i also have a lil pain in my breast, and a lil bit breathing problem, and a slide back pain too and have gained 2 kgs in last 1 and half months..i'am a 21 years old...
1535550 tn?1292460322 i have had pain in the middle of my ribs under my chest for a while it often moves to the right side under the ribs usually when i get it i have alot of nausea and sometimes diahrea or constipation it switches and i recently went to my dr. and she had a ultrasound done of my gallbladder,but they were normal.She has sent me to another dr. and taking me for more test and i was wondering if i should have it removed?
1084131 tn?1256332658 I have had this sharp pain in my right side for 4 years now. It started sporadic, but is now constant. I can't sit, drive, or go anywhere because I don't know how bad it will hit. I have been diagnosed with IBS, but with Align, I have found my stomach problems decreased dramatically. I have had every test for GI and chest (colonoscopy, blood work, GI track, liver biopsy, CT scans, and a liver MRI. All tests were normal except my liver was enlarged and my liver enzymes are high.
Avatar m tn s not going away. This pain also spreads to the right side of my chest at times. Yesterday I felt a painful spasm like sensation several times on the right side of my chest as well. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn It most often occurs in children and teenagers and sometimes in adults. The chest pain is localized and deep breathing can result in a "popping" feeling after which the pain quickly dissipates. It's also possible that this could be a form of costochondritis, inflammation at one of the costochondral junctions as suggested by SurgiMenopause. However the pain should be more consistent.
Avatar m tn The most common areas are my lower right lung, my chest next to my right armpit, my upper right lung, and sometimes the lower left side of my left lung. The pain is sometimes not very noticeable but sometimes it is clearly there. It lasts for a few seconds then goes away. Breathing in and out usually does not affect the pain, or when it occurs. I have had fears about my lungs before because of my smoking history, and I've gotten myself checked out at the doctor.
Avatar n tn went to doc today for right side and right back area hurting.. I have hep c 1A and they did urine sample and liver panel with ast and alt... just one was slightly elevated.. Iam really scared.. they think I may have strained my back... in which I didn't tell them I been moving a whole house... but it radiates to the front area.. just worried I guess.. sorry to bother anyone..
Avatar n tn When it was time to eat, as i swallowed, I realised that i was getting a slight pain in the right side of my chest with each swallow, located on the left side of my right breast (NOT my breast hurting, just the location of where the pain is). The pain has continued up to this moment, and I have been burping alot since saturday, but how could I have gas in my chest? And if I did, why would it last this long? I do not get the pain when I breathe deeply, nor when I swallow saliva.
Avatar f tn I weight train regularly and work on good nutrition. I began having a dull pain in the right side of my chest and of course assumed it was a pulled muscle. It hurts when I try to turn from side to side. It has now started to hurt when I take a breath, deep or shallow. Today actually , it began to throb as I was sitting motionless. I'm trying not to become too concerned about it, but it's starting to bother me. I had some chest x-rays about a month or two ago due to a bad cough.
Avatar n tn its in chest and right under left rib cage it started in my upper left side right under my ribs thats why my doc thought it was intestional now it hurts all the way up to my left arm like someone socked me in my left breast and its sore.
Avatar m tn I have been having a sharp pain that goes from the back of the right side of my neck down to my chest. Mostly in my chest area. I cant sleep the pain is to bad..also my heart beat is strong and painfull. I dont have medical insurance so i am just wondering if this is serious?
Avatar f tn The pain sometimes will radiate to my right shoulder and up in to the right side of my neck. I have been scared to go the doctor with this and most everyone I have talked to said that it sounds like gas. When the pain starts, I have to take shallow breaths because if I try to breath deep and slow, it makes the pain worse. Is this something bad or simple?
1039460 tn?1252965275 I woke up this morning and had the worst pain in the right side of my chest. It really hurts the worst when i breathe in deeply, doesnt hurt with short breaths. I had a friend come over this weekend and smoked alot more cigarettes than normal. Its only started this morning so its been goin on for about ten hours so far. I dont feel sick, i'm not coughing, its just simply every time i breathe in deeply.
Avatar f tn Ive had this niggling pain in my right side half way up the ribs for a few weeks on and off then 9 days ago it was quite severe. I was admitted to hospital where they said it was gallstones, an ultrasound showed nothing. I came home after one night. My chest xray was clear. The camera into my stomach showed gastritis, ( inflammation of the lining of my stomach).
Avatar f tn I've been having pain in the right side of my pelvic area for about 7 days. It's not sharp and it comes and goes. It's just beside my right hip bone and if I lightly press on the site it's tender. The only time the pain is kind of sharp is just before I pee. Like JUST before the urine flows, it hurts really bad but once I begin to urinate it eases up. I've had UTIs before and this doesn't feel like that. I'm not having and burning when I pee or frequency.
Avatar f tn t taste right, the next day I had diarrhea really bad was back and too from the toilet, then a couple of days went by bearing in mind I still have diarrhoea, I started experiencing a sharpe pain on my right side of the chest just below my ribs, so then a couple of days after that I still have bad diarrhoea and this share pain started to travel it was still below the right side of my ribs and also in the middle below my ribs, but I also then noticed it was in my back on the right traveling throug
799959 tn?1239293294 When women were added to the cardiac research it was discovered that they do usually present with the same symptoms that men do when experiencing heart pain. Some never have chest pain, or only have right sided pain, or back pain or a bit of chest pressure but great fatigue. All sudden onset chest pain (either side) should be treated as serious until it is proven otherwise. How is your Mom doing?
Avatar f tn Discomfort or pain in your chest just behind your right breast could be acidity or heart burn. Antacids give relief. The other reason could be due to esophageal reflux, where the food in your stomach is thrown up into your food pipe or esophagus. Cough or heart problems like tricuspid valve problems too cause pain and discomfort in right chest area. Pulmonary artery hypertension or embolism too should be investigated. You must get your BP checked.
Avatar n tn Right side pain can sometimes indicate appendicitis. When the doc released the pressure, did you have pain then, called "rebound pain". Are you nauseous? Running a fever? If it continues, I would see another doctor and ask for more tests, one being a white blood count, it is better to be safe than sorry.