Chest pain right side below breast

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Avatar f tn i have a dull chest pain on right side comes and goes within few seconds.. i also have a lil pain in my breast, and a lil bit breathing problem, and a slide back pain too and have gained 2 kgs in last 1 and half months..i'am a 21 years old...
Avatar f tn i am also having this same pain. on my right side. just below my right breast (about 2 inches down from my right breast)...This pain started exactly 5 or 6 days ago. I thought it might be my ribs and that it would go away. but i think it's getting worse. and now when i take a deep breathe, that pain increases majorly. Enough that I can't take a full deep breathe without major pain. AND NOW I'M A LITTLE WORRIED. I HAVE A SON THAT'S 8 YEARS OLD AND HE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT ME.
Avatar f tn It started on my right side and that is the side that bothers e most. Well lately it has been like 3 or 4 times a day, now on both sides (still mainly on the right) and it is very sudden very sharp pains. It is so sharp i stop doing what im doing or stop mid-sentance. I have even dropped things because of it.I dont have asthma or any breathing problems, I have not had pnemonia or any respitory sickness, I am not pregnant. I have no idea what it could be.
Avatar n tn I'm 52 years old and I have been getting a pain on my right side of abdomen below rib cage which is getting more frequent over quite a few weeks. I developed a chronic pain in my chest below right breast and thought I was having a heart attack, had all the GI work ups only showed a thicken gallbladder wall. Ultra sounds have not found anything. Feels like a baseball in my side. Sometimes it burns, but mostly just hurts like a toothache.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing pain on my right side under my upper ribs and just below my breast. It it made much worse when I have to cough (I have had a bad chest cough for almost 2 months now) or when I have to blow my nose. It hurts to breath deeply, and it is painful to move around very much (sitting up, turning, etc). Today I was also experiencing heart burn. Is this something i should be concerned about and what could is possibly be?
Avatar f tn I woke up yesterday with a pain in my right side and front, just below my right breast. It is only painful when I am moving a certain way, sometimes getting up from sitting or trying to bend to the right. I have no pain at all when I am sitting still or lying down. Have I somehow strained a muscle or something ? I also feel a twinge of pain when I take a deep breath. I am able to walk around with no pain too. Any ideas would be appreciated.
624829 tn?1240755671 however, from yesterday, i have developed a severe strain kind of a pain in the right upper rib cage just below the breast, which is constant...when i cough i have to hold my right breast so that it does not pain much...would like to know the cause of this strain like pain and whether any tests are there a problem with my breast or rib cage ? I am 55 yrs. Pl do respond. Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn While the cough lasted i got a pain under my right breast extending to the area below my right underarm. At first it felt like a muscular sprain, it hurt to breathe in deeply, move in certain ways, etc. The pain has gone away, but at night when i sleep on my right side and then move i get this stinging/burning pain that wakes me. I also have less sensation to touch in the area. What could it be and how can i get it better?
Avatar f tn Right below your breast bone? Could be your gallbladder but i am no doctor!
Avatar f tn Hey there ! I'm a 20 year old female and lately I've been having these weird chest feelings. I don't want to call them a "pain" because it doesn't hurt nor does it interfere with anything, I can just feel it and I know its there. So it's mostly on the left side, Under the breast and also right above the left breast it feels bruised. I have a pinching sensation that comes on and off around my elbow.
Avatar f tn I got gerd but I'm having chest pain and my right breast I really don't know what it could be.
Avatar m tn For the past 4 months I have had constant pain/discomfort on my right side, under my rib cage somehwere between the bottom of my rib cage up to just below where the breast is, half way from my spine to the end of my right side. The pain seems to migrate from my back to the front slowly from day to day. The pain started 3 or 4 days after I trimmed my very high hedges. At first I thought that I had pulled something. I waited a good 4-6 weeks before going to my doctor.
Avatar n tn Any sharp pain should be checked by a doctor, especially chest pains. Pain that high up isn't usually kidney pain but sometimes pain can refer from one part to another so it may be harder to tell. Kidney pain is often inbetween the hip and the last rib, and inbetween the spine and the side on the back of your body.
Avatar n tn When it was time to eat, as i swallowed, I realised that i was getting a slight pain in the right side of my chest with each swallow, located on the left side of my right breast (NOT my breast hurting, just the location of where the pain is). The pain has continued up to this moment, and I have been burping alot since saturday, but how could I have gas in my chest? And if I did, why would it last this long? I do not get the pain when I breathe deeply, nor when I swallow saliva.
Avatar m tn OK, so weird- this morning I woke up to a strong vibration on the lower right side of my chest (below my right breast). I thought I was laying on my cell phone. I sat straight up in bed as it freaked me out and it happened again. I kept thinking somehow my cell phone was stuck to me. It vibrated about 5 strong cell phone like vibrations. I am healthy and have no known heart problems. I am on the tail end of a chest cold.
Avatar f tn I have a pain by my right breast, feels like heart attack but on the wrong side. Its a sharp stabbing pain. I have had it for 2 days now and it isn't getting any better. I think Indigestion but getting concerned now. It is behind the right breast but my breast isn't hurting at all.
Avatar n tn Pain killers actually do NOT take the pain away and its miserable for years now, finally after 2 yrs new symptoms have came into play and it almost seems as if something is just attacking the whole right side of my body?
Avatar n tn I just had my baby four months ago and since then my right breast its been hurting with a burning sensation and not only my breast but all of my arm and right side of my chest. I am 21 years of age, I am very scared i went to see a doctor and she told me that she was feeling my milk glands still there, but since i stoped breastfeeding 3 weeks after my baby was born she said they shouldn't be there. I very concern because my mom had breast cancer too! Can it be canceR???
1440422 tn?1284028762 I had pancreatitis in December and it felt like a very sharp pain under my left breast and sometimes shooting down the side. There was a lot of discomfort involved as well, it felt like I was swelling underneath my skin on that side.
Avatar f tn It feels like someone is tighting a belt around the area. Its just under her breast- all the way around the front and down her right side mostly. Kind of like a belt being tighten. The pain onsets when she begins to walk or move around. The pain subsides when she sleeps on lies down. She describes it as a sensation of heaviness and a downward pulling sensation on the sides.
Avatar f tn I don't smoke. I eat decently. I exercise. I don't have history of cancer in my family. But, I have a chest pain. It's severe, sometimes. It hurts right between my breast, especially when I breathe deeply (or it worsens when I do.) and when I press it, or put pressure there. Sometimes the pain actually moves to be more on my breast, or it will be right below, on my ribcage. Any ideas of what could be going on?
Avatar m tn Hi I get this intense pain below my ribs right in the center of chest, it's brought on with meals.. The stresnge thing is I also get short of breath maybe from bloating and my feet start to hurt.. The entire area of the stomach is painful.. Is it possible that it's my heart and I feel the pain below the ribs in the center of chest... I thought heart pain like angina was felt in the upper chest, does my pain sound more GI or is it possible to get Angina like pains below the ribs??
Avatar f tn She has been having constant pain in her upper right side for about a year. It wraps around her body to her back and chest (below breast). She says it always hurts and some days it is so bad she wants to cry. It feels tighter than the left side but not like knots. History: She has mild case of lupus, former back injury, she's 57, and slightly overweight.
Avatar m tn Smetimes i feel this tightness in my upper arm or in my lower arm, pain in left lower side of my neck and below my neck, i still get the chest pain although not as bad as before and just this morning I felt like this sharp pain right below my left breast but to the left side of it for about 5-6 minutes, it came and went for that long.
Avatar f tn t taste right, the next day I had diarrhea really bad was back and too from the toilet, then a couple of days went by bearing in mind I still have diarrhoea, I started experiencing a sharpe pain on my right side of the chest just below my ribs, so then a couple of days after that I still have bad diarrhoea and this share pain started to travel it was still below the right side of my ribs and also in the middle below my ribs, but I also then noticed it was in my back on the right traveling throug
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if this question is under the right forum but here goes. I have been experiencing a dull pain and tightness on the side and under my left breast. At times I'll get the slightest sensation of being out of breath. The last time it happened it felt like something near my heart did a backflip. I'm a relatively in shape 21 year old with no history of any sort of problems. It's been happening a few times a month.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 18 years old and very concerned about this pain I m having in my right breast, it almost feels like it is underneath the breast but the whole area on the right side of my chest is hurting for the past 2 days. I m quite concerned about this, I am not pregnant or in a sexual relationship, so I m wondering if I could have breast cancer at this stage in my life. Pleas do answer, I m quite unhappy and in pain right now, so please do tell me what is it and what should I do about it! Thank you.
Avatar m tn I have a horrible, dull pain on the side of both breasts & underneath my armpit. I work in a factory so it possible that's something is pulled, but it's random. I could go weeks with no pain, and once the pain starts, it's consistent for a while. I have recently added on quite a bit of weight & I'm wondering if it's just muscle pain from gaining so much weight. Any tips would be much appreciated!