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Avatar f tn Hello In past i am very heavy smoker now i quitting smoking. After quitting i feel pain on my left side on chest. Any one tell me what is this.
Avatar m tn I have for the last week had a throbbing pain in my solar plexus (right in the centre of the chest on the little bone at the bottom), a feeling of a tight chest, but my airflow is fine. I am asthmatic but it is well under control. I am coughing up mucus and am fairly stuffed up, all signs that my body is cleaing out the crap in my system. My only concern is the pain in my solar plexus. I have also started exercising again and being more active.
Avatar f tn Hello. I've quit smoking for 3 weeks now after 32 years of smoking. I am using the patch and my doctor put me on zyban when I saw her sept 5 because I couldn't stop crying. The crying has gotten better I feel terrible. I think I'm obsessed with my breathing to the point where I feel it all the time. My chest feels tight. I feel myself inhaling all the time. I've been to the emergency room twice now in two weeks. Chest films taken. They put me on high does prednisone for.
Avatar m tn You did not mention your age. Did you get an EKG and stress test? Any chest pain needs to be evaluated for cardiac. Since you have been smoking only a year it should be much easier to QUIT now!!
Avatar f tn ve been checked out, I suggest the chest pain is anxiety created by the nicotine absence. Some quitters use nicotine gum or patches to help take the edge off nicotine's absence. Many quitters use a rubber band on their wrist to snap as a distraction. You carry a puzzle book or good pocketbook to read when you find nervous tension bothersome and want something more substantial as a distraction.
Avatar f tn ive quit smoking a week tommorw and ive bin experiencing really bad tight chest pains almost feels like colic but its in my chest, i regualry sufffer from pulpataions in my heart im really worried becuase im only young wot is this?? must i go to the doctors??
Avatar f tn com/heart-disease/heart-disease-angina However, It is most likely inflammation of the bronchi which is very common and why many people have chest pain after giving up smoking. However, it is really best to be examined by a doctor to make sure. Your lungs are going back to normal if you will and many people do have some chest discomfort after smoking. See your doctor to be safe but am very pleased to read that you are no longer smoking. Keep up the good work!
Avatar m tn I dont know if is the lung or the heart hurt after quitting smoking. Im on my 15 weeks now. I still have chest pain on and off also arm pain and nausea sometimes. someone told me that it will get better after 6 months ~ 1 year.
Avatar m tn everything you have written on here tells me that. True heart related chest pain is not located on one side or the other on the chest. Pain, if you are having it while resting or sitting in a chair, that is heart related would be caused by a very severe form of heart disease, which would have easily shown up on an EKG. The numbness could be a neck issue. Have you considered seeing a nuerologist? A gastroenterologist? You might want to consider seeing one or both of those two specialists.
Avatar m tn I see you mentioned no difficulty in breathing, however a cough and mild chest pain could also be due to illness. What is the chest pain like? Although you are young, many people are starting to have heart disease and heart attacks at younger ages, including in their 20s. I'm not sure if there is a risk for you, but this should definitely be addressed by a doctor to rule out any cardiac issues.
Avatar n tn I cut down smoking in march haven't bought a pack since then cut down to one cig a day ( with vape) however I was up to two packs a day in the last 1 1/2 years but it used to not be that bad my throught hurts a little bit but I also have dry mouth and I smoke a vape which I believe might put some tension on my throat. I haven't had a cig in a month and I'm going to get off the vape.
Avatar m tn I have been smoking heavily for just a year,and immediately I stop I have been having this feeling of shortness of breath,chest pain, and mostly the tightening of my chest. I feel caged everyday...i just wanted to ask if it's normal to have those symptoms?
Avatar f tn I am having chest pain and tightness(feels like someone is sitting on my chest for about two minutes) numbness and tingling in left arm and pain in back and nausia. i am 37 years old and i smoke a pack and a half a day.
Avatar f tn Nice information about quitting smoking side effects. Quitting smoking side effects are mainly to do with the body trying to detox itself from all of the harmful chemicals that you have been putting into your body by smoking cigarettes. You always have to bear in mind from the beginning of any attempt at quitting smoking that the benefits for you are going to be fantastic. Mild depression or sadness, there goes your best friend that you turned to in need.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am sorry, i missed the smoking history - it would be best to get a chest xray done and also to stop smoking immediately. Consult a chest physician and enrol yourself in one of the smoking cessation clinics if you have a problem in quitting. Regards.
Avatar m tn I have been smoking on and off since i was thirteen. But even before i was smoking I would have chest pains in the center of my chest while exercising. Now since I've started smoking, the pain just comes and goes when i take deep breaths or get up fast. It's not a severe pain, more like a discomfort. I have told my doctor about it, they did a stress test and everything. I had the chest pains but they didn't see anything wrong with my pulse.
1330864 tn?1275270365 I got weak, sweaty, hot, had to use the bathroom (soory but I did!) and Ive been having some heart palpitations and chest pain.. its crazy how I can not get this anxiety under control. Anyway, I am looking to see if anyone out there has ever experienced this same thing (FULL BLOWN panic) when quitting smoking.
Avatar f tn I am worried because I have heard that chest pain and shortness of breath can be caused by lung cancer. When I have completely quit smoking, will the COPD progression stop? Had a chest xray done just about a month ago at a walk-in clinic and they said it was ok.
Avatar f tn theres a 1-800 number for quitting smoking. or you can try drinking a glass of ice water every time you get an urge. or sucking/chewing on a straw, chewing gum, sunflower seeds, snacking lightly in general. rubberband on your wrist. taking a brisk walk. theres all sorts of things you can do. I also recommend figuring out what makes you crave the most. for me, I have to have a cig not to long after waking up, and after eating.
Avatar f tn m just concerned after seeing some blood in my sputum, and since my lung pain has persisted for 3 months now. What is going on? I had been attributing this all to quitting smoking cigarettes. Is it my continued weed smoking?
Avatar f tn My trigger, mainly is anger, I thought, until I relapsed AGAIN after April and finally realized my other trigger is my chronic pain. Smoking was helping me cope with it. Smoking also Increases my pain so 38days ago, I was done with smoking for good and I feel very secure in saying that. I don't miss it a bit! I think of it this way. My pain will never go away and anger and stress will always be a part of my life...I have no control over those as they are human emotions...