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Avatar n tn I would definitely take her to the doctor ASAP. That is not normal for a 17 year old. If it's nothing to worry about, you'll know. You can't play around with chest pain, and hope it's nothing or that it will go away. Get her checked out.
Avatar m tn No actual muscle weakness, just heavy numb sensations. Chest pain in upper-central chest and all over symptoms listed above continue. Please help me, I am in severe despair.
959212 tn?1246871420 The aorta vessel is the output of the left ventricle that is the pathway for oxygenated blood to the vital organs and system. A tortuous aorta indicates a less than normal pathway that include twists and turns. More common as one ages. It is the crowding of space within the chest wall due to osteoporosis (narrowing of space between disks) or disk degeneration due to a disease, etc...the spine is shortened.
450439 tn?1249233238 My fiance has CAD, he has been having chest pain and palpitations...during a EP study the doc discovered he was having a left bundle branch block but thought the chest pain was unusual...I was just wondering how serious is this and how unusual is the chest pain? I'm extremely worried becaus everywhere I look, it says something about sudden cardiac death and how much worse it when having been diagnosed along with CAD....the palpitations happen almost regularly...
Avatar n tn The following morning the chest pain and abdominal pain occurred to a small degree whenever i would exert my body (walking fast). An exception to this was when I was taking a #2 in the toilet, the effort required caused intense abdominal pain (9/10). The chest pain appears to be dormant currently (Date is 27/9/11) with any moderate exertion causing it to slightly appear with only minor pain (1/10).
Avatar f tn There is no direct cause for any irregular heartbeats associated with mitral valve prolapse. Symptoms associated with MVP could be fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath, etc. WPW is a heart rhythm disorder that affects the heartbeat. Individuals with WPW have an accessory pathway for electrical impulses to pass in addition to the normal pathway (AV Node) that connects the atria and the ventricles.
Avatar m tn Palpitations, chest tightness, chest pain, rapid heart beats, skipping beats, extra beats, etc. I was told this was normal, that the syptoms were only from the swelling in the heart after the ablation and would wear off 6 months later (after ablation). However, i'm 8 months after the ablation and i still have symptoms. So, is this normal ? Should i get it checked out ?
1425157 tn?1311651679 Three different types of tachycardias are associated with accessory pathways. The most common type results from an electric circuit that travels from the atria through the AV node to the ventricles, then backward through an accessory pathway to the atria, and then back through the same circuit over and over again. Because this is a circuit that reenters itself and involves the atria and ventricles, it is referred to as AV reentrant tachycardia.
Avatar m tn It can be treated with medication that will dilate the vessel and open a better pathway for the blood to flow. If you have chest pain (angina) and medication does not correct, then the procedure may be a stent implant.
Avatar f tn The stress echo will record the perfusion of blood through the vessels and usually recognizes any blockage...a cause of chest pain (angina). The test should help getting to the underlying problem.
Avatar m tn Strangely enough I did not get headaches with Verapamil, just chest pain, shortness of breath and pain/weakness in my legs. The Dilitiazem was much better for me.
Avatar m tn Dear Umar Khan, Supraventricular tachycarda (SVT) occurs when there is an extra electrical pathway that connects the top and the bottom of the heart, so that electricity goes down the normal pathway, then comes back up the extra pathway quickly. It causes a fast abnormal heartrate, called a dysrhythmia; SVT is just one of many kinds of dysrhythmias. Although I am not evaluating her myself, so I can’t tell you everything about her prognosis for sure, there are a few things that I can say.
Avatar m tn Good Evening. I had Radiofrequency catheter ablation to cure a bad PVC and Bradycardia issue. I'm 4 days post op and noticing some mild pain in the chest, heart area. B/P, and pulse are great! I am just wondering how long this chest pain should last. I had ablation caths enter through the groin, and mid chest by the xiphoid process to zap a spot on the exterior of the heart. Thanks for any comments. I had my procedure done at UCSD Medical Center in San Diego and they are great!
Avatar n tn An abnormal EKG would indicate the pace of the impulse to be too fast, slow, and sometimes the pathway for the impulse to reach the ventricles for contraction is blocked causing a skipped beat or the impulse takes an alternate pathway causing a rhythm disorder (irregular heartbeat), etc.. Impulses are measured and calibrated with the EKG instrument.
Avatar m tn I have had neck and back pain for about 5 or 6 yrs. now and have been on numerous pain meds that only made me dependant upon them. There was a nuero surgeon years ago who told me that i needed fusion surgery due to the c4-5, c5-6 and c6-7 diffuse disc buldges. The c5-6 one has severe left foraminal encroachment. i have been in pain for years and my symptoms seem to be getting worse by the years.
Avatar m tn Movement of the left hand becomes difficult when the pain comes. Hot application and use of balm reduced the pain.The pain comes down throug te left side of the left ear. The patient has a history of diabetes mellitus for a very long time, but the symptoms of left shoulder pain is very recent.There is imflammation on the left shoulder, similar to a sft stone.Right side has no pain. Under such conditions, an ECG was taken, and the doctor comments that there is a Left Anterior Hemi Block.
Avatar f tn but this also means somehting is going on in your heart rythm that causes the palp. feeling. If your not feeling dizzy or faint, and no chest pain, or short of breath.. I wouldn't get too worked up. First let me explain the p q r s and t wave on an ecg... P wave, is when the sa node fires the electrical impulse to beat, then this signal travels down through the heart causing all the chambers of the heart to contract in order. Q wave is the next stop this contiues through the s wave...
Avatar f tn burning, chest pain and pressure, difficulty breathing, panic attacks, all came back. I had an upper GI barium swallow that showed wrap still in place. I have also had chest and adominal xrays. Nothing. I am taking Nortripteline but am only at 30 mg and need to reach 50 mg to see it it the old phantom syndrome know as neurological pain. the Nortripteline will block the pain pathway in brain if this it the cause.
Avatar f tn For a while now i have suffered with chest pain and since last week it has hurt when ever i take a deep breath. I went to the doctors last week and they said it was probably plurasy and to go back in seven day if it got worse. Yesterday it was unbearable, i was in so much pain i went to my local hospital ( i couldnt go to the doctors at it is closed at weekends).
Avatar m tn Now, I have again started having low grade pain in the left wrist and forearm, without any corresponding pain in the upper arm or the chest. Can this be a Referred Angina Pain? Is it possible to have pain when there is no pain at the source or along its supposed pathway? Also, I am regularly feeling soreness and pain coming from inside the body, in the region of the heart only. Why ?
Avatar n tn i was suffering with anxxiety from 3 months before and then i had slight chest pain for 2 days and i decided to visit my doctor for check up.I am a medical student too. i was afraid going for a check up whether i will be diagnosed some heart disease. and the dr advised me to do an ecg,which made me fear my heart rate was increasing gradually and it went up upto 173 in ecg recordings..and after the ecg was done it gradually went on slowing down..and dr said it was psvt..
Avatar f tn I personally do not have pain at the same time I have my tachy for instance. When dealing with chest pain its important to understand the source of the pain. Be sure you understand angina and tell your doctor about your chest pain. Chest pain can be a really big red flag that may not have anything to do with abnormal electrophysiology. You understand this, correct?
Avatar m tn I had an ablation 2 months ago for AVNRT. Afterwards, the doctor told me that he had did his best to burn the pathway, but that it was so close to the good pathway that he didn't want to damage the good pathway. Bottom line is that he probably didn't get it, although he said he had to "burn" it numerous times. Since then, I have been more fatigued than ever and am having even more episodes than before the ablation.
Avatar f tn Hello! I am a 26 year old female and I have atrial tachycardia that is brought on by an allergy i developed about 4 years ago to MSG, artificial flavors and colors, and artificial sweeteners. I was out with my friends eating sushi and on the way home my heart started beating extremely fast to the point I thought i was dying. It was very scary and the paramedics rushed me to the hospital only to be told that I had suffered a panic attack- which I knew wasn't the case.
Avatar n tn It hurts nothing to get an EKG and or ECHO. I am the mother a cardiac 11yr old boy! I feel you stress and pain! Best of luck! Have a blessed out come!
Avatar m tn ve also had this since the beginning....when I bend over i can clearly feel 2/3 of the pathway below my adams apple that is in pain. It's not an excruciating pain but it's a pain that makes me think that my shortness of breath/lack of mucus/dry cough has to do something with this. Please any advice would be appreciated. I've been healthy all my life, I barely drink and don't smoke at all. I've never smoked cigs.
Avatar n tn You have asked so many questions. I will try and answer some of them for you. If Gracey is on medication, you did not give the reason for putting her on the medicine so it's kind of hard to know about what to give as a reply. W-P-W by itself is really not dangerous unless there is a serious underlying heart disease and you would already know about that due, if it exsisted, to the EKGs.