Chest pain on left side under breast

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Avatar f tn Sometimes its under my left breast and sometimes its in the left side of my of back below my should blade. It is a recurring pain that sometimes makes it hard to breath. I am beginning to notice tenderness on my breast bone. Sometimes, it's worse after eating.
Avatar n tn I am 40yr.old female. Pain on left side of chest (just under breast) began 1yr ago, sporadically, not necessarily during exercise (sometimes middle of the night), lasting for minutes to hours. Progressively more frequent. No significant SOB or fatigue. Edema in extremeties also comes and goes. Recent ultrasound revealed 1) Hypokenisis of left AND right ventricle, 2) mild pulmonary hypertension and 3) mitral regurgitation.
Avatar n tn About 5 days ago, I started experiencing stabbing chest pains on my right side under my breast. I am a 56 yr old breast cancer survivor (left breast) of 3 years. The pain is sometimes accompanied with heartburn but not always. It wakes me up during the night and if I roll around onto the other side, it subsides somewhat (but not completely).
Avatar f tn for over 2 weeks now i've been having an ache, pressure, with pain on and off under my left breast or to the side. tonight its been waking me up on and off since 1am. i so feel like it has something to do with my heart, like my heart is aching or struggling to work hard. i saw a cardiologist who said i had a normal echo last year so we didnt need to repeat that, and then he did an holter monitor which he said was normal, and ekg that was normal. does anyone know what this pain could be then??
Avatar n tn I've been having the pains that last a few minutes on my left side under my breast bone and the pain goes into my back as well it comes and goes once every few months but when it happens i feel like Im having a heart attack. Went to the hospital to get checked and they checked my heart which was fine as well as did some blood work which came back fine as well. All they said was i probably had a muscle spasm or gas. No xray or further testing they just said Im fine and sent me home.
Avatar m tn i have a pain in left side of chest just under my nipple but it is inside of chest and i dont no what it is im 22 male not over weight but im not healthy i have read all comments above and have same problem its hurts for a few weeks then just goes over night dont come back for a mouth or 2 then starts to hurt again but it is getting worst every time i smoke but dont thing that is the problem i just feels like i have pulled something but it has been going on and off for about 2 years now i know i
Avatar f tn Hello for about 2 weeks now i have been experiencing intermittent pain under my left breast to the side (left) random twinges left by a burning trail. These do subside after a few hours & sometimes i get an ache between my shoulder blade. I was put on omeprazole a month a go as previous to this i had reflux on occasions and the typical heartburn. All these symptoms are very new to me. Today the pain started after eating cheese on toast...
Avatar n tn I have had the pain on the side of my breast before too. It's kind of a weird pain though because I can't exactly pin point where the pain is coming from. I don't know if yours is similar but mine feels almost like my breast is stretching or ripping even though it's not. I always blamed mine of a pinched nerve or muscle. I always let my just subside or I massage it and it helps a little.
1701959 tn?1488555141 Anyway, About a year ago I under went a cardio work up due to PVCs.All came back well but during that testing I developed a pain under my left breast. It came and went, never very sharp but dull ache. My PCP did a full work up, sonogram of my upper ab., Chest Xray, spine xray.... all came back well.Then she went on to have a Chest CT Scan with contrast (about 8 months ago) and after that a thoracic MRI. She said all came back good except for a slight slipped disc in my neck....
Avatar f tn Im 16 years old and ive been having there chest pains on my left side its my whole barest sometimes it hurts under my breast then sometimes on the left side of my left breast or the right side of my left breast or on top it hurts sometimes when i breath an sometimes it just keeps hurting an wont stop this started a year ago then it stopped now it started again its been 2 weeks an im not sure what it is should i go see a doc or will i be fine i hope i made sense thank you for your answer ^_^
Avatar n tn I've been suffering for about 4 months now with pain on the left side of chest under the breast. The pain comes on suddenly very sharp, then it dulls to when I take a breath. It seems like when I go to take a breath, something gets caught and I can't take the full breath. I've been getting it 3-4 times a week, sometimes 2 times a day. I've had x-rays done which were negative, don't know where to go with this now...doctors don't seem to know either. Help!
Avatar n tn It is dull and I can feel it in my chest, shoulder, back and just under my left breast. the Dr. checked me for costalchondritis but did not feel it was that. then he said we may never know what it is from and left it at that . I still have the pain where do I go from here?
Avatar n tn I am 25 years old and have been suffering with pain in the left side of my chest right under my breast for about 3 years now. The pain is absolutely horrible and almost unbearable at times. I also can only sleep on my back at night. I have been to many doctors and physical therapists who either dismiss me all together or try to send me to psychiatrists.
Avatar f tn Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of the pain. Pain on the left side underside of the breast could be caused by pancreatitis/ pseudocyst, gastritis, issues with chest wall/ related structures etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by your treating doctor for appropriate management. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn Im 28 w pregnant and lately I've had a sharp pain under my left breast almost everyday and when i lay on my left side is this bad? I don't think it's my baby kicking..... Is anyone having the same problem?
Avatar n tn the swelling started about three years ago, although both sides are swollen the left side (heart side) seems worse.i don't have any back pain, but since the pleuracy i have felt that there is a brick under the left side of my ribs. i used to do a lot of yoga but it started to hurt when i did the inverted poses ,again under the left rib so i stopped.
Avatar f tn hello i kep getting this weird pain.
Avatar f tn There is no visible bruise, but it hurts as if there were. The pain is not on the breast itself, but under it, in the ribcage area - as she says, where the bra line is. My bra is definitely not too tight. If anything, it may be a bit too loose. Can not enough support cause something like this? But it's odd it's only on one side. There were no helpful replies to the lady who posted the earlier message back in 2010. Hoping someone out there has an idea what could cause / help this?
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing a dull pain and tightness on the side and under my left breast. At times I'll get the slightest sensation of being out of breath. The last time it happened it felt like something near my heart did a backflip. I'm a relatively in shape 21 year old with no history of any sort of problems. It's been happening a few times a month.
Avatar n tn I'm having the same pain in my left side under my breast. I will get the pain out of nowhere. Sometimes when I'm laying down or sleeping, others when I"m walking. I have never before had a serious health problem and It scares me that something might be wrong. By any chance would anyone know whats wrong and if it is serious?