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Avatar f tn I jerked my neck when they did this startled by the pain of the process but didnt feel much persistence with the neck pain. This morning however i woke up and i CAN NOT at all, move my neck to the right or very far up and down without being in excruciating pain.
Avatar m tn One day, after having a rather heavy day doing tricep extensions and bicep curls, I was messing around and tried to fall on my face and catch myself in a push up, and then push myself back up to standing. I did so. However, afterwards I had an extreme pain that hurt to move my chest, and turn my neck. the pain has been isolated to the extreme left of my right pectoral muscle (pretty much feels like its touching my sternum) and it is hard to manipulate it to make it hurt.
Avatar m tn Well, I get a dull kind of a pain in the right hand side of my chest. The same pain occurs when I turn my neck too. It is kind-of on and off. 5 years back I had a stent inserted in my right coronary artery. I'm a smoker even now and smoke quite heavily - say 40-50 cigs a day. What could it be?
Avatar n tn Hi, I think your symptoms may be due to nerve irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because of cervical disc bulge. This pain may be referred and perceived as occurring in the back of head & shoulders (as it blades)- LHERMITTES SIGN, arms or chest, rather than just the neck. Other symptoms may include vertigo, nausea (dizziness) and stiffness. It will be best that you consult a neurologist who would like to prescribe Pain killers, steroid and muscle relaxants.
Avatar f tn I have a neck injury from whiplash in a car accident over 20 years ago. Good times. The muscles are crazy the way they are all connected. Releasing the back of the neck from your front muscles of your neck is common. I did medical massage which was a life saver, saw a chiropractor and did physical therapy. All helped significantly. I would consider getting a full evaluation.
Avatar m tn Pleuritis and Pulmonary embolism are other possibilities causing shortness of breath with chest pain. Another possibility that can explain the pain is pericarditis. However all these conditions cause other symptoms too like fever, cough, breathlessness etc. Hope this helps. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn I have extreme pain starting in my neck,shoulder back , and chest. (right side) When I say extreme I mean extreme! this all started 4 years ago when I sprained my shoulder. This hasn't gotten better its gotten extremely worst i can barely pick up my son.
Avatar f tn m just another person like you dealing with pain in me left arm, shoulder and neck. It is a sharp piercing pain that goes all the way up to the shoulder and neck. I have been checked all over, MRI, MRA, spinal tap, EEG, EKG and other test too numerous to mention. My left arm is very weak and if I try to use it, the pain is excruciating. I can't sleep on it and it wakes me in my sleep. My neurologist latest diagnosis is it is all in my head. Depression. Get over it.
Avatar n tn After few months i had this excruciating pain in my left shoulder,neck and doctor gave me the pain killer but its ma second day after the pain occurred and i can still feel the pain when i do any moment in ma left hand.
Avatar n tn My husband has been suffering from sporadic chest pain L of medial plane for ~4 mo...EEG, CBC/Chem, etc. all normal. 4 wks ago he suffered "minor" trauma to back of head @ base of skull...has had a chronic non-remittant local headache since then. As of yesterday AM headache became severe and generalized to entire head. Neck X-ray normal, CT normal w/ minor calcification to 4th ventricle. 2 Darvocet TID did not reduce pain after 15 hours.
Avatar m tn A rotator cuff injury is an injury to one or more of the four muscles in the shoulder. Your pain could also be from a labral tear or a disruption of the acromioclavicular joint referred to as an AC separation (not dislocation), it's possible your pain could be related to the bursae in your shoulder join, it could be a severe muscle stain though less likely with the grinding pain you describe........and the list continues.
Avatar f tn t know if its significant or not. My neck pain comes and goes, but I have a lot of shoulder, upper back and chest pain. In my chest its more pressure and tightness, than pain. But it is very uncomfortable.And the headaches, I get the headaches, bad ones.
Avatar f tn is it possible to have a pinched nerve in your chest? i am having pain (pins and needle tingling and burning) in my chest arms neck and back. Thought it was my heart but all the test say heart is fine.
Avatar m tn There have been cases with no demonstrable injury to the original site. spontaneous pain or pain from a stimulus as light as touch, which would not provoke pain normally, not limited to the territory of a single peripheral nerve and disproportionate to the inciting event are characteristics. other conditions are fibromyalgia, neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia. Discuss this with your neurologist who will decide the best course of action. Take care.
Avatar m tn about 10 years ago i was lifting a heavy item when i felt a pop in my neck just behind my right ear then i felt a throbing banging sensation in the same position i sat down and after a while it calmed down after that i felt very dizzy for a few weeks but every time a strained i got dizzy and if i stained really hard i would get the same banging feeling in my neck i also get a grinding in neck around the same pos as initial injury since then it has just been a down hill slope ive had constant s
Avatar n tn Dear Team, Please help me out, i was facing chest pain for almost 4 months with neck and shoulder pain. I have done ecg it was normal. I have done neck scanning it is normal. I have also done neck xray, but it shows that my neck bone are compressed. it needs massage. Doctor told me my nerves is pressed. Then i did massage aryuvedic and my neck pain is almost gone and now i am feeling fine. my now problem is my chest pain left side at one point and middle or between the chest.
Avatar f tn I sustained an injury to my neck 20 years ago. It seems to start in the spine up near the base of my neck. After a few hours i feel my muscles in my back and along my shouldars start to become painful. The pain gets so bad it begins to burn. I now that it is the nerve endings that's causing the pain. I take Curcumin for the pain and use cold on my spine and hot packs on my muscles. I am always in pain and going to three Chiropractors has not fixed the problem.
Avatar n tn My symptoms now are lightheadedness, nausea, pain in the neck, stumble periodically, numbness ini left shoulder/chest into my left hand. Noticing motor skills slightly diminishiing, constant headaches. Best laying flat on my back or wearing a c-collar to work. New MRI show degeneration in c3-c4 with narrowing of the anterior cerebral spinal fluid space, osteophytic complex and mild mass effect on the anterior surface of spinal cord on left side.
Avatar n tn Right behind our ear there are several. I have a chronic neck injury from a car accident and when the muscles below my ear tense up, it pulls on the back of my head on that side. Gives me a headache. For me, ibuprofen, massage and head stretch/neck stretch really helps. I can also simply sleep in the wrong position and end up with a stiff area on my neck or head. Sigh. So, try some stretching-- drop your chin to chest and tilt head one way slowly, then the other.
Avatar n tn I recently had a somewhat of a hard fall in my computer room and am a pacemaker patients due to bradychardia..since then I have been having chest pain, chest pressure, achiness in my spine and neck and frequent headaches.
967168 tn?1477584489 thank you for the reply - yes I'm 43 and had a pretty severe neck injury that paralyzed me for a short duration when I was a teen - kids playing around - a guy "playfully" punched me in the jaw; didn't really hurt but did something to my spine. I haven't had too many problems with it until June 2009 when I started having heart/ans problems, now it's achy and I get frequent headaches.
Avatar m tn This can be due to Cervical spondylosis, muscle spasm or due to nerve irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because of injury/prolapse where contact between the edges of the vertebrae can cause neck pain. In few people, this pain may be referred and perceived as occurring in the back of head, shoulders, arms or chest, rather than just the neck. Main symptoms may include vertigo, nausea (dizziness) and stiffness can be intermittent.
Avatar m tn Ok first off I want to thank everyone for reading, I'm going to try and make this as short and detailed as possible. About 3 months ago I was doing a workout (where you hit a tractor tire with a sledge hammer) I didn't warm up before doing so and I did something to my chest.
Avatar n tn Went to phisio, which helped with the initial horrible pain, but now I still have shoulder and upper shoulder blade pain, and also neck pain, occasionally along with it.There are times when the pain is still felt in my chest as well, although numerous trips to the hospital has assured me that mu heart is fine.(still a very scary feeling!)I also occasionally have a numbness in my left arm. Please help with suggestions!!! I've had an MRI done on my neck, and that was fine too.
Avatar f tn t satnd as well as she said he could and two hundred pounds of dead weight riped down on my left shoulder. Sence this has happened i have had very bad pain in my shoulder, neck arm and back, i can't move my arm at all without tears my neck i can't even turn it. And i have very bad numbness in hand to the point where it's hard to hold on to things. Also i have been getting bad head aces. I don't know what to do the work comp Dr.
Avatar m tn s see, intermittent numbness in hands, constant neck pain from base of skull to bottom of neck. Mid thoracic burning with pain in left chest, chest plate.
Avatar m tn I have never had any problems until a year ago I was rearended by a truck and since day one had severe pain in my right side of neck and back of neck. Also my shoulders and right arm pain. When I had a mri done a month later it showed a goiter. I was put on medicine synthroid and never any further tests. Recently I changed doctors and she wanted to see why my neck is so swollen in the front and found lots of nodules along with my goiter.
Avatar m tn You may certainly have wrist tendonitis, but why the neck and shoulder pain. The pain and numbness you are having could be from your neck and an EMG would assist with that answer. It is a nerve conduction study. You also need an xray and MRI of your neck to rule out that as a cause for your numbness. I would see a neurologist.
765439 tn?1292960414 im not even sure if its my sternum? the injury is the upper middle part of the chest(when i say middle i say the line seeperating each pec, and the upper part of that line about 2 inches from my collar bone) it hurts when i sneeze especially. its a deep pain. i also have developed another injury. this happened 8 months ago as well. when doing standing overhead press my neck started hurting. ever since then i have had weird nerve damage from my neck area all the way down tto my lats.