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652539 tn?1224140352 hi there i always get this chest pain in my left side i do smoke and drink some times i know alot of other people i read about on here or other web sites have had the same thing kinda and they have not found a answer to it any ways i v had it for alomst a year now and its getting really bad where the pain wont go a way it feels like haert attact some times but its not iv seen docters about it and they dont know what it is and keep giving me pills iv tryied every thing to make it go away tums adv
2089807 tn?1348062748 Im 31 weeks pregnant and earlier all of a sudden I got severe chest pain, in my upper chest like right at the top of my boobs. Its mostly on the right side but when I breathe deep it spreads to the left side. It hurts to breathe and I feel like I cant hardly breathe. Its.eased up a little but now feels sore, even hurts to the touch. What could be causing this? Im also having severe heartburn and my son is going crazy in my ribs. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar m tn If you have costochondiritis, you will be able to feel pain upon movement of your upper torso or when you touch your ribs. Most commonly, pain is felt on the LEFT SIDE of your chest, though chest pains on the right side, or even on both sides, can occur. If your chest pains are making it difficult for you to complete your work, get a good night’s sleep, or even breathe deeply, it is important to visit with your health care provider.
Avatar f tn s always in the same general area on the left side of my chest. Sometimes when i breathe in normally ill get this terrible stabbing pain that comes out of nowhere. The pain only occurs when inhaling and not exhaling. The only way it goes away is if i take a deep breath which at first causes more and more pain as i breathe deeper. once i hit a certain point of breathing in deeply the pain just disappears. This has happened once in a while for the last few years.
Avatar f tn Several nights I've had pain that starts in the middle-left side of my chest and near my shoulder blade while sleeping on my side. It wakes me up so I lay on my back and then it hurts to breathe in. It continues all night and throughout the next day anytime I lean against anything it hurts. It's like a tightening or pressure kind of.
214065 tn?1251288877 I have been having chest pain on the left side of my chest. I dont know if its my breast that is causing me pain or my heart. I feel relieved when I lay down but once I stand it seems to come back. I also took a bayer asprin just in case I might be having a heart attack but taking it seems to not relieve me of the pain. Is this a heart problem, muscular or breast problem? has anyone experienced anything like this?
Avatar n tn Having difficulty breathing and walking could be a sign that there is something wrong with your heart valves. Chest pains on the left side are usually angina. Chest pains in the middle of the chest can be plugged arteries or heart attack.
Avatar f tn So I've been ill on and off for some time with nausea, headaches, joint pain etc I've also had on and off hints of chest pain and tightness but now whenever I'm lying down (occasionally when standing) I can hardly breathe and my chest is very sore. I haven't been getting sleep because it bothers me too much to get to sleep. No matter whether I'm on my side or on my back, I am left breathless and in pain. I was wondering what could be a cause of this?
Avatar n tn I sometimes do experience left shoulder pain along with chest pressure. Sometimes, I feel deep burning like pain in the middle of the chest, but it feels different than heartburn. Sometimes, I just experience discomforting pressure in my chest, all over. What could be causing this? I do not cough.
Avatar m tn Within the last week or so, I've been getting sharp pains within my left arm. This usually happens when I bend it a certain way or put pressure on it. In addition I've also been getting a "heavy" feeling on my left side of my chest where the heart is located. It's not painful, and it's not hard to breathe but I know this can't be good right? I recently had this "heavy" feeling about a few minutes ago, and is why I am creating this question.
1448748 tn?1312956208 My entries is good, if anything too slow, I'm taking just a little to help my metabolism, so its definitely not hyper thyroidism. I'm not having palpitations just like someone is sitting on me and a sharp pain in my lung on the back side when I breathe. I don't know about the vegas nerve, just know my heart is healthy, had all kind of ekg,echo and halter monitor over 72 hours.
454421 tn?1208838088 Hoping to see if anyone shares this strange sensation... When I lie on my left side especially or sometimes when I'm lying on my back in a certain way, I often experience pain on the left side, particularly in the left chest. The pain spreads toward the center of my chest ("inside" -- not in the pectoral muscles, for example). It kindof grows into a pressure feeling, escalating until the point that my heart itself seems to be pressured or pushed upon.
Avatar f tn What could it be? I was in the ER last night for chest tightening, pain, and shortness of breath. They did a cat scan and ruled out PE, blot clot on my lungs, and prescribed me an inhaler t i use for when if I get the tightening in my chest anymore. But today I'm woke up and my chest hurts about 3x as much as it did yesterday and it seems like whenever I get the pain to subside, it just comes right back. The pain is mostly on the right side of my chest.
Avatar n tn I have been experience constant pain for six months. It started with heart palpitations. After three days in the hospital with an echo, EKGs, and heart enzyme studies, it was determined that the issue is not related to my heart. The palpitations eventually subsided but that pain that presented with them has not. In fact, it's gotten much worse. Sometimes it's all of the way down my arm into my finger tips. It feels like it's in my muscle.
Avatar f tn I slept on the floor and i woke up with chest pain. It hurts when I breathe and when I turn. Do I have sore muscle on my chest or heart problem? I been having it for two days.
Avatar n tn I have mild back pain mostly on the left side but it does go across the mid back when taking a deep breath. The pain the worse when my lungs are fully expanded. i have been experiencing increased burping and have some tightness in the upper chest area. I do experience panic attacks, but control with medication upon need.
Avatar m tn In 2003 I went for a 3-day hike and was feeling on top of this world. When I got home a few days later I had a severe onset of SOB accompanied with chest pain. The pain is like a burning sensation that is predominantly on the right side and would sometimes travel to the left and radiate to the right shoulder blade. I panicked because the pain didn’t disappear for a few days and I went to ER straight away. I felt like an impending doom was about to come on.
Avatar n tn when i take a full breath it reallly hurts when i breathe in and when i breathe out it kills and feels like their are things popping in the center of my chest ( i can feel them ) and the pain is from the center of the chest and spreads left over the heart ( my right side is perfectly fine, no pain). I am also getting an even worse pain that hits me right at the bottom of the ribcage at the side of my body, I also feel a pressure right underneath my heart.
Avatar n tn I am a 23yr old female, about a week ago I went to ER because I had a really bad chest pain (left side) and also shortness of breath. everything came back Good ,EKG,blood work Ct scan…. Now yesterday I had a really pinching pain on my cheat right side that radiates to my whole arm and also right under the arm it also radiates a little to my right side ,it is like pressure at times and I feel my arm tingling all the way down .
Avatar f tn Now it has obviously gotten much worse at will last up to two days at a time, and ocassionally on my right side as well. When this happens I generally have a pain that is also in my left shoulder - same feeling just like a knife stabbing me. I have been to doctors upon doctors and no one seems to be able to diagonse this. I am at a young age still in my late teens and this is a very painful way to live.
Avatar m tn Most commonly, pain is felt on the LEFT SIDE of your chest, though chest pains on the right side, or even on both sides, can occur. If your chest pains are making it difficult for you to complete your work, get a good night’s sleep, or even breathe deeply, it is important to visit with your health care provider. Chest pain in fibromyalgia is usually nothing to worry about, but occasionally it can indicate other problems.
Avatar f tn EKG will show if there is anything going on and an echocardiogram will show how your heart it working. Some symptoms when having a heart attack are chest pains, pain in the arm, sick to your stomach, sometimes the back even shakes or vibrates. You may want to ask your doctor about an echocardiogram if only just to put your mind at ease. Other causes of your symptoms may be anxiety or have you noticed if you are breathing too much. Is your blood pressure normal?
Avatar n tn Im 19 years old with a almost constant pain in the left upper part of my chest and even in my arm. Sometimes it can even spread to the right side of my chest and sometimes it can worsen when i take deep breathes (but not usually). i also have heart palpitations? or where my hearts beating really hard.Ive been to 3 emergency rooms a cardiologist and a stomach doctor. Absolutely nothing has been found im worried cause it hasn't gone away and seems to be getting worse.
Avatar m tn The most common areas are my lower right lung, my chest next to my right armpit, my upper right lung, and sometimes the lower left side of my left lung. The pain is sometimes not very noticeable but sometimes it is clearly there. It lasts for a few seconds then goes away. Breathing in and out usually does not affect the pain, or when it occurs. I have had fears about my lungs before because of my smoking history, and I've gotten myself checked out at the doctor.
Avatar m tn t drink coffee or do drugs and no anxiety. In late September 2013 I began to get chest pain left of my sternum when sitting down. I will still sit down and within a few minutes begin to have chest pain. The longer I sit the worse the pain is. It is only when sitting. When I stand it will very slowly alleviate. On Nov 22 2013 after weeks of this chest pain while sitting at my desk my heart felt like it stopped then started again. It was painful.