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Avatar f tn Three years ago, while pregnant with my daughter I started to feel pain under my left rib cage. The docker thought it was her feet brushing against my ribs. Three years later, I am still in pain. Now the pain won't go away. I have had every test under the sun done. Endoscopy, colonoscopy, upper gi, stress test, heart ultra sound, EKG, five other types of ultrasounds ranging from uterus to spleen to gallbladder. I have had chest x rays too. Recently the pain is so bad sometimes it wakes me.
389732 tn?1212519993 I've been having chest pain on my left side sort of right under the rib and I'm not sure what is it? I've had it for almost two years now. I never went to look it up because I thought maybe it's just something minor, but it keeps happening. When I lay on my side or being in a particular posture then it'll hurt and the pain is really sharp.
652539 tn?1224140352 hi there i always get this chest pain in my left side i do smoke and drink some times i know alot of other people i read about on here or other web sites have had the same thing kinda and they have not found a answer to it any ways i v had it for alomst a year now and its getting really bad where the pain wont go a way it feels like haert attact some times but its not iv seen docters about it and they dont know what it is and keep giving me pills iv tryied every thing to make it go away tums adv
20752794 tn?1505479079 I'm having Left Side Chest Pain Continuously For 4 Days.Not Heart related(ECG report ok). It Increases If I Turn Left And Goes Away Almost 95% If I Turn Right.I Had Lung Infection 2 Months Ago (Treated). Breathing Does Not Effect It.But it pains quite a lot.I Had cold the day before it said some muscle or rib growth may be causing the pain. He gave me painkillers.But my pain did not go away a bit.I had them just once today.
Avatar f tn For the last 2 days i have been having really bad chest pain, but only on my left side. It starts under my boob/rib, and works its way to my back right behind my left boob. The pain does go away but then comes back, and it also hurts to press down on it. I know it could be the position of the baby, but the thing is, is that i have had this pain once before and got it before i was pregnant. And ideas? Oh and i do have asthma, could that be causing it?
Avatar m tn t have sinus. The pain in left head with burning left eye occurs only when there is no pain in left chest rib under arm and left back which eases after massaging/twisting the location.I have fed up going to cardiologist who after same test finds nothing wrong with my heart.
498363 tn?1210382437 m a seemingly healthy 25 year old male and for about 3 weeks now I have been having sharp quick pains in or around my left rib cage area and the pain shoots up to the left side of my head immediately. I went to the doctors and a chest x-ray was done, along with blood work, all came back negative, and he told me that it was stress, this was 2 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 27 years and over the last year and a half I have been experiencing this sharp pain in what feels like the left hand side of my heart. It is approximately half way up my rib cage on the left hand side and about an hour and a half to two hours later I started to get a really heavy slow heart beat. Is anyone able to tell me what this could be??
Avatar n tn I get the same thing..Mild left chest pain that comes and goes. I've talked to my Dr. about it and was told that it was just anxiety. That was before I wore a holter monitor and they picked up that my heart rate gets up to 210 bpm! So, now I am seeing a cardiologist. just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse, then call the Dr. any shortness of breath or palpitations should be reported too.. Always take these symptoms seriously because you never know!
237053 tn?1258828426 For the last few days I've developed intermittant chest pain (left side) right where my heart it. It isn't severe, just kinda achy. It comes and goes, but I'm kinda concerned about it. I'm having it right now accompanied with air hunger. Very uncomfortable. Does anyone else get this? What causes it? I'm going in this morning to see dr and will be interested to see what she says. How can they deny that I am clearly having problems?
Avatar f tn The pain I'm having is on my left and right side of my abdomen. I feel pain at my rib cage also. my job requires heavy lifting, and it hurts to the point I can stand up for a long period of time. My back hurts, I have all kind of pain, just concern about what this could be.
Avatar m tn At present I feel pain some time on left side of chest suppose when I sleep take the left side. and when i wake up in morning I feel light pain in chest of left side or some time in a day since two years.I also suffer from sleeping disorder from many years I also take the medicine for sleeping from 9 months,I were also take psychaitry medicines for 6 years in treatment of O.C.D(obsessive complesive disorder).Now from 3 years I dropped this medicines. I also take stress.
Avatar m tn t find anything on the priliminary check up. now I have some pain still exist under the left side of the left chest and take some oinment. what precautions & treatment I have to follow. please help me. Note: pain on sneezing, geting up from the bed without help, little pain when lifting the left hand.
Avatar f tn My CT and Bone scans came back clear (taken June 07) I am always doing breast checks, but also started examining my whole breast bone and ribs area. I have noticed that my first and second ribs on my left side protrude more near the sternum on the left hand side. The breast cancer was in my right breast.
Avatar m tn I feel for a long time pain in the left side of the chest (near the heart) that lasts a long time. Most often the pain occurs in a deep breath, lying or sudden stretching as strong and sharp pain. Is this the pain of the heart or some muscle? I am 20. Thanks!
Avatar n tn For years had symptoms and pinpoint low back pain and left bottom-end rib pain. Also in this quadrant=pain. Nothing on Right. Liver? I just found new tests (beyond the basics) I would like to take-for carcinoid syndrome! Ultrasound says OK? All unsure what causes pain, even Hepotologists! so I should clear HCV first and then see? Anybody similar pain? Only have hypertension besides. Aorta pressure?
Avatar m tn Within the last week or so, I've been getting sharp pains within my left arm. This usually happens when I bend it a certain way or put pressure on it. In addition I've also been getting a "heavy" feeling on my left side of my chest where the heart is located. It's not painful, and it's not hard to breathe but I know this can't be good right? I recently had this "heavy" feeling about a few minutes ago, and is why I am creating this question.
Avatar f tn I am having pain/tightness/tingling in my left upper chest,arm and left rib cage. I have been to ER few times and Cardiologist. Heart and lungs trashed fine. I am a nervous wreck and don't know what else to do.
Avatar f tn Often the pain is sharp, though it can also feel like a dull, gnawing pain. Pain associated with costochondritis occurs most often on the left side of your breastbone, though it can occur on either side of your chest. Other costochondritis symptoms may include: Pain when taking deep breaths Pain when coughing Difficulty breathing Costochondritis is the most common cause of chest pain originating in the chest wall. It occurs most often in women and people over age 40.
Avatar f tn It would randomly peak in pain (on a scale 1 to 10, it was a 6 to 8). Before the pain in my chest it would make a clicking sound. The pain is gone now but I still have the clicking that randomly happens and cause light pain and tension in my chest (on a scale from 1 to 10, it would be a 2). Ive been researching online and can't find anything. Does anyone know what it could be? I don't have insurance right now.
Avatar f tn I have had left side rib pain including( breast, chest , breastbone underneath breastbone,) all on left side I had 2 doctors tell me it was an old fracture on the 7th, 8th and 9th ribs but they said it couldn't be because they are Lon segment bones that they should stil ...
Avatar f tn I'm having a throbbing pain under the bottom of my left rib. I also have SOB when I stand, it feels like I'm going to pass out when I stand up. My left side has a constant pain and the left side of my back also hurt, but is more of a sharp stabbing pain. When I hold my breath it makes me feel better. I have weakness in my left arm and leg. What could be wrong?
Avatar n tn last night i felt alot of pain in my left side of my chest and the pain increases with mov't and breathing so i thought this is anew problem coz the side is above the heart or may be the heart its self so that i need ur advice.....
Avatar n tn I have really bad sharp stabbing pains in my Left side just below my rib cage that goes to my back. Doctor's seem to think it's my kidneys but every test comes back normail but the pains still there. It can last up to a week or as little as an hour. It feels like I'm being stabbed with a knife and when it's really bad i start to shake and hyperventolate and throw up too.