Chest pain left side due to gas

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Avatar n tn short lasting pain left side chest
Avatar n tn short lasting pain left side chest
Avatar n tn I just started having pain in my left side. Mostly up higher like right under my left ribs. It is getting worse as the day goes by and it hurts worse with movement. Not sure if its something that will just go away or is this a sign of something and I should seek a doctors advice. I dont have medical insurance so I dont want to go to the doctor and pay for it out of pocket unless i really have to.
Avatar n tn Slight pain on left side, and occasionally on right. Not concerned at this point, feels like gas, but also feels like it may be in the vicinity of my ovaries.
Avatar n tn Left side chest burning/pain.
Avatar m tn left-shoulder ROM pain left-elbow tendinitis
Avatar n tn Left Chest Pain Right side pain*where chest meets armpit in corner) its sore.
390388 tn?1279636213 Having spasm type pains in left ovary area. Pains seem to be worse after eating; but, have been quite severe all day and night. It's now April 22 and still having the spasms. Could it be a cyst going threw fallopian tubes or one that's ready to rupture or rupturing. Also getting waves of lightheadedness and chest pains too. The chest pains seem to go along with the stomach (ovary or whatever) pains in which are also pretty hard. Gassy and beltching a bit too. ????????
1187113 tn?1320691496 Had a pain in my left side...thought it was gas, but even with expelling gas it was still there...idk what was going on...
1423959 tn?1283309443 been a lot of pain today worse as day has gone on, periods of forgetfulness, and equilibrium issues, a lot of pain in neck, shoulders, arms chest, and hands, been having empty feeling in chest (hard to explain), with slower heart rate, 40-46 bpm low side to high of 56bpm. seems medicine is becoming less effective in helping with the pain. light exercise has only shown to aggravate symptoms to the point the meds don't work at all.
10713899 tn?1412199952 I have been having pain in the left side of my chest. I am on pain medication. so I don't know what it could be from. Just another ailment added to my collection. Pain happens when I reach and bend down to my left.
Avatar n tn Now recently i had severe tension and my gastric and acidity problem returned. I was not getting cured. Nowadays I am getting left side chest mild pain. I am observing this pain in 2-3 locations. It reduces when i emit the gas. I am still playing exercise in the morning for 20 mins. During that time pain reduces. My tong has become white and finding small bubbles. I have observed gas bubbles moving in the upper side of the stomach. Please suggest me the reason.
769745 tn?1345746412 It started with my left side of my neck, the vien started to left inside of my calf came before my vien throbbing, my upper part of my chest hurts and so does my shoulder on my left and left really scared but dont want to visit the dr coz i will get more and more medication which im on too many as it is! It feels like someone has their hands around my neck! Both of my hands are swollen also!
Avatar m tn No arrhythmia, just pain in the left side of chest after running previous night.
Avatar n tn Due to fall
Avatar m tn hi im 23 and i have been weight training for 2 years now and the other day i went running everything woz fine after my run i decided to d sum wide grip pull ups after i finished wen i took a deep breath i got a sharpe pain on the left side ov my chest bt it is only a very small amount ov my chest thats in pain the pain doesn't travel anywere else just that small area on my chest when i breathe can anyone help.
Avatar f tn It may be related to pleura - lung membrane, or to lymph nodes in armpit. Visit your primary doctor who will listen your lungs and check nodes.
Avatar m tn I have pain on my left side chest and my left arm as well as my back on the same left side also pains ,I fear on this situation
Avatar f tn Neck crick, really tired due to being up late making cake for Anton's birthday and then getting woken up twice by Anousheh.
1361546 tn?1278203899 yesterday I noticed I was having sharp chest pain that was pronounced with each heartbeat. Couldn't lie on my left side last night to sleep. Lying on my right side, I felt fine and slept well. After my shower this morning, the pain came back. Thought it was just bad reflux so took Mylanta - no help at all. Pain waxed and waned all day. Better when leaning forward or taking a deep breath. Worse with expiration. Somewhat short of breath as well.
Avatar f tn Had chest pressure that became progressively heavier and more scary and then the pressure/pain went up the left side of my neck into my jaw. Scary stuff...
Avatar n tn I have been having very sharp pains on my left side for a few days. It seems to be quite unbearable when I breathe in deeply. I've also experienced something similar in my left side lung area. I've been to the doctor and he tells me the chest pain was from inflamation of my joints in my rib. he prescribed anti inflamitories that never really helped and told me I need more rest. now that it has moved lower into my abdomen I'm starting to worry.
Avatar m tn t last long and I went back to sleep then I woke again due to unbearable left side chest pain, and it hurt SO bad, it was intermittent, it would go away a few second then BAM back again for awhile, this went on for about an hour and a half before it finally eased off and I was able to go back to sleep. I also had really bad gas following the chest pain but expelling it didn't seem to help really.
Avatar f tn Today I had a horrible pain in the left side of my chest. Any movement or breath I took killed me. I finally felt a pop in my chest which seemed to relieve the pain. I felt very light headed after the pop. Any ideas on what could've happened to me?
Avatar f tn I am 12 years old and have been having pain in the middle of my left side of my stomach followed by lose stool. but then today it got really bad when i walk i have to grab my side and if i bend over it hurts so much worse!!!! HELP!!!
Avatar m tn recently he is facing a lot of pain on the left side of his chest.... and he also faces gas and acidity problems.. his chest pain reduces the moment gas passes by. My query is, can Gas problems cause severe chest pains....