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Avatar f tn Hi, I recently had my CT scan completed. Results came back in the normal range. The doctor also did blood work to check for liver and pancreas enzymes; normal too. Today I played basketball for a couple of minutes; I have terrible pain near left rib cage now. It's pulsating and burning as we speak. It's so bad it is radiating to my shoulder. Recently, I had a cousin, who is 50, be diagnosed with stomach cancer. He too had pains for years, look where he is now.
Avatar f tn I started to feel good about what you said, but then while I was christmas shopping today I suddenly got a really sharp burning pain in my back and chest on the left side. It got so bad that I had to sit down and chlench myself and I was crying. A few minutes after that I got a really bad palpitation and I got tingles going down my body and I started to black out for a second. At that point I knew I was having a heart attack.
Avatar f tn I also have pain in mine left side of foot and some time the pain in mine foot is high. i also have pain in mine left chest left side of shoulder. Mine parrents have history of Cardiac problems and have stunt. Several time i went to cardiologist mine ECG, blood pressure, ETT Ecocardiogram and Cardiac Enzyme all fine. Mine Colestrol level is also ok. i walked daily and never feel any problem in walking whether it is halfy an hour or more.
Avatar m tn its been little over a year i been having pain in my chest (left side) right above the nipples. some times i also feel burning kind of pain in my back (Right behind where it hurts from front). Funny thing is i cannot simulate pain when i rub or press the Spot, but internally i feel kind of soreness or maybe discomfort. i went to many different doctor and did blood tests, ECG, Sonogram of heart , but everything came out normal.
529142 tn?1214352259 Charles, in 2001 I was dignosed with a soft tissue mass at the brain stem/spinal cord, loose bones at c1c2 after surgery on at the back of neck and one through right side under ear, I was left in severe pain to the right side of head/face, hands, lower outside right leg and chronic nerve damage. Then in 2006 will flying to spain I suffered severe pain accross my leftside of chest.
Avatar f tn Right side brain= left side symptoms. Yes could be Lupus, meds used in else. Can u be more specific about pain, like times, intensity, stabbing, numbness type, length, etc?
Avatar m tn t have sinus. The pain in left head with burning left eye occurs only when there is no pain in left chest rib under arm and left back which eases after massaging/twisting the location.I have fed up going to cardiologist who after same test finds nothing wrong with my heart.
Avatar f tn I seem to get a wave like feeling over me and pain on my left side of the chest.. I have ALOT of PVC's every other beat or so.. I get dizzy most times with a burning on my head and a achey left arm.. I've had all the tests. Nothing seems to be wrong with me according to my doctors..I would like to know how people are dealing with the pain cause it takes my breath away with the pressure..
Avatar n tn i am suffering from pain in my left side lower abdomine with pain radiating to my back and sternum. my doctor is sure because of my symptoms its my gall bladder. why? im hurting on the wrong side? any ideas what the problem could be? so far all gallbladder tests have been negative. im about tapped out and cannot afford test after test on the wrong side. the pain is an achy burning feeling and sometimes i feel swollen and it hurts to lay on my side? any comments would be greatly appreciated.
1351082 tn?1479840132 I have had a severe constant burning pain in the left side of my chest (front about a inch in from the center) for 14 mths now, I have had all heart tests done by a cardiologist (echo, nuc stress test, cariac cath) and ct scan of chest and lungs everything has checked out ok..CRP blood test showed high level of inflammation,.
Avatar n tn t want to move my left arm AT ALL then the burning pain would slowly go away but still their and then if i move my left arm the bone itself i guess hurts instead of burning like im pulling the bone out of place or something when im just tryin to move my arm or raise it a little so then i wouldn't be able to move my left arm at all again for a minute the entire burning and bone pain lasts about 3 min or less but never stayed it just came and went
Avatar f tn sometimes a stabbing pain) mainly in the centre of my chest, perhaps slightly to the left side. This pain is accompanied by burning and tightness in my left arm, and also some pain in my upper back as well. I do sometimes get palpitations as well. My symptoms tend to come on more when I'm exercising but they can occur at rest as well.
1351082 tn?1479840132 I have had constant burning, tightness in my chest for six months now and it is progressively getting worse I also can feel my heart beating so hard all the time. I have had many tests ekgs, blood work, mammo, breast ultrasound, pulmonary ct scan, echo and a nuclear stress test all came back normal but I still continue to have this horrible feeling 24/7. It is located in the center to the left side of my chest. I have no idea what this is but it is making me crazy I feel it all the time.
Avatar f tn Do these symptoms sound like it could be a possibility? Chest pain from the middle to the left, middle and left back and shoulder pain, loss of appetite, and nausea.
Avatar f tn Approximately 6 weeks after surgery I started having new symptoms to the right side, such as intense burning pain on the right side and right arm pain and burning sensations that were spreading to my chest area. Then I also had posterior skull pain like it radiated to the right side of my skull.. The burning on the chest has subsided. But I still get this awful pain in my neck and my skull and its tender to touch and feels bruised when I touch it.
Avatar n tn Hello! I have been having a dull aching pain in my chest mainly left side, back pain and some occasional arm pain. I do have GERD and had my gallbladder out in 2003. I saw my doc and she thinks its just a flare up of GERDs but has set me up to have a stress echo. I am driving myself nuts wondering is the heart related, am i ignoring signs of a heart condition. My doc doesnt seem so worried but i have small children and cant help but wonder am i taking the right measures promptly.
1351082 tn?1479840132 For the past 2 yrs I have suffered with unbearable left sided chest pain, its not on my skin it feels like its in and around my left breast.
1351082 tn?1479840132 I have had a severe constant burning pain in the left side of my chest (front about a inch in from the center) for 14 mths now, I have had all heart tests done by a cardiologist (echo, nuc stress test, cariac cath) and ct scan of chest and lungs everything has checked out ok..CRP blood test showed high level of inflammation,.
Avatar m tn A few months ago, I began experiencing a burning sensation in the left side of my chest. I couldn't tell if it was in my breast or chest, but I attributed it to chest pain since I have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). I also experienced pain and tingling that went down my left arm, but was never consistent. For the last two months though I have been experiencing pain that clearly seems to come from my breast on the left side almost under my arm.
Avatar f tn Hi. It started when I work up yesterday, just a vague pain in my left leg. I thought maybe I slept on it wrong. Then I started noticing other left sided symptoms that are all getting progressively worse as time goes on. The next thing I noticed is the left side of my throat, under my chin(I imagine where my lymph node would be?) is very sore. Like, I can feel pain there when I look up, strain the area in any way. It's sore to the touch.
410367 tn?1202231505 Hi, I have been having a burning pain in the upper left of my chest for the past 3 months which only occurs approx 1 hour after rising in the morning & comes and goes for about 30 minutes and then I have no more discomfort till the next morning. It varies in intensity and the pain can travel down my left arm.
Avatar n tn I have what I can best describe as a periodic to frequent burning sensation in my upper left pectoral muscle which sometimes radiates towards the right side. Also I have similiar burning sensation in my left trapezius. One doctor believes this is a muscle spasm and nothing more. Is there any possibility that this buscle buring sensation is related to my LA being enlarged?
Avatar n tn My current issue started about 2.5 months ago. I started getting a pain on my front left side, below my rib cage. The pain seemed worse while sitting down, but wasn’t intense, so I ignored it for a while. 4 weeks ago my pain seemed to grow into a burning sensation and became really painful to touch or move. The burning sensation spread up my chest, around my side and up my back (all on the left side). You couldn’t touch me, and cold air killed me.
Avatar n tn On Nov 29 I wrote to you about my youngest son (16) who was complaining of chest pain and subsequently of weakness in the left side of his body. I called his pediatrician and she had me take him to the emergency room to have him checked out. After running several tests, including blood test and a Head CT w/contrast. Every test result was normal, but his white blood cells where a little low which the hospital thought might be caused by a slight viral infection.
Avatar m tn okay hers the question over the last couple of months once in a while I get a sharp pain under my left chest muscle almost on my side, it only last a second or 2. usually I am siting down. It hasnt happen while I have been active. there are no other symptoms . I take my bp right after it happens and its is122/ 82 paulse 83, my doctor says it a typical chest pain and not to worry . well I am worried what do you think.
20752794 tn?1505479079 I'm having Left Side Chest Pain Continuously For 4 Days.Not Heart related(ECG report ok). It Increases If I Turn Left And Goes Away Almost 95% If I Turn Right.I Had Lung Infection 2 Months Ago (Treated). Breathing Does Not Effect It.But it pains quite a lot.I Had cold the day before it said some muscle or rib growth may be causing the pain. He gave me painkillers.But my pain did not go away a bit.I had them just once today.