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Avatar f tn I have been have episodes of left chest pain and jaw pain for about 2 months. I have had a stress echo which was normal. I had a cardiac ct with calcium scoring in which my calcium score was 0 and my arteries were clear ( they couldn't see my right coronary artery completely but they assured me it wasn't my heart). I have been on Nexium for my stomach and have been referred to a GI doctor but I continue to have this pain and jaw tightness.
Avatar m tn It usually lasts a few minutes and then goes away. I dont have any other symptoms other than sharp chest pain, pain in my jaw, and left arm. What could this be? Is it possible to have a heart attack at 25?
Avatar f tn Hi. It's all still the same! Jaw, chest, arm, shoulder. I was hoping after 3 years I'd just get used to it but it's still very frustrating and sometimes scary!
Avatar n tn t lay down without extreme chest pain. If I get up and sit back down my jaw and face have extreme pain. I also have a headache and my chest has a deep ache with every heartbeat. My upper back has pain and I have'nt lifted anything heavy. I took aspirin but hasn't helped. What do you make of this?
Avatar n tn What does it mean when you experience pain in the middle of the chest and up to the lower jaw and then to the left arm??
Avatar f tn I have pain in my left arm and shoulder with numbness, and pain in my right arm. The chest pain is still the same. I have pain in my jaw, back, neck, and upper ribs. I also get tingling in my fingers on my right hand. I don't know if these are signs of a heart attack or the symptoms of what my doctor still thinks it is Costochondritis?
Avatar m tn t experience any pain with identical occlusions that cause some to have the chest pain, etc. I think the appropriate response on a scale of 1-10 the pain can be within the given range and different parts of the upper torso and jaw. . Thanks for your question.
659608 tn?1318289366 If you are having any other cardiac symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, pain radiating down the left arm or anything like that go to the Emergancy department. It is however more than possible that you could have an infection in your jaw, say, from an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. Tooth pain can often make the ear and neck hurt as well (just as an ear infection can make the teeth hurt...).
Avatar m tn I would get this checked out a s a p if I was you. Pain in chest and jaw at same time can be related and due to a heart problem .
Avatar f tn 3 weeks later began having chest, arm, jaw squeezing. All tests show negative cardiac. chest xray showed 2 hemoclips i wasnt aware of. Could they be causing my pain?
Avatar f tn I don't smoke. I eat decently. I exercise. I don't have history of cancer in my family. But, I have a chest pain. It's severe, sometimes. It hurts right between my breast, especially when I breathe deeply (or it worsens when I do.) and when I press it, or put pressure there. Sometimes the pain actually moves to be more on my breast, or it will be right below, on my ribcage. Any ideas of what could be going on?
Avatar f tn ve had 3 attacks of chest pain ,it starts under my right ribs and spreads to my sternum up into my throat ,my jaw and teeth and through to my back from the sternum and spreads under my ribs in my back .
Avatar m tn If you are having severe pain, crushing, squeezing, or pressure in your chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or if the pain moves into your neck, left shoulder, arm, or jaw, go immediately to a hospital emergency department. Do not drive yourself. Call 911 for emergency transport. Chest pain is one of the most frightening symptoms a person can have.
Avatar m tn Sometimes there is associated pain to insufficient supply of blood/oxygen to heart cells that is usually chest pain, but sometimes there is shoulder, back and jaw pain. Your age almost rules out any occluded vessels, and if you had a decrease of blood pumped into circulation with a valve disorder, you almost certainly would have other symptoms such as shortness of breath, muscle fatigue, chest pain, etc.
Avatar f tn A week later, still having chest pain, feels like inside breast bone. Dizzy, chest pain, neck /jaw pain and slightly numb arm...back to er today. More tests, blood ekg and ct scan with dye. No blockage, no clotting - blood test shows normal again. Sent me home with a saying 'unexplained chest pain' follow up with primary care doc. Should I push for a heart cath? Dad and grandpa have had heart issues. I am not out of breath, go to gym 1-2 per week, eat healthy. Obviously overweight.
1553173 tn?1358434089 AHHH the main question. Is the anxiety causing the chest pain or is the chest pain causing the anxiety. Either way you need a doctor willing to find out.
Avatar n tn When people refer to jaw pain and heart attack where on the jaw is this referring to. Is it lower jaw or up near the cheek on the upper jaw. Is the pain intense or throbbing.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if it is possible that my chest pain is cardiac in origin or if it is costochondritis as my doc's seem to think. I am 23, female, no family history of heart probs, non smoker ocassional drinker. It is on the left side of my chest, radiating out, down my left arm and up my neck into my jaw. Sometimes its the middle of my chest, sometimes its my breast area and to the left of my breast.
Avatar f tn Ive been having some sharp/dull chest pain occurring over the left side of my chest for about 2 years now. It occurs only at rest, not during strenuous activity at all. Also I've had some pain in my arm shoulder blade and jaw. I am 33 with high cholesterol (270). My doctor said I am low risk for cardiac problems now but I need to bring the cholesterol down and exercise a lot more. Any ideas what this might be?
212633 tn?1277307127 In the minds of many people, chest pain equals heart pain. And while many other conditions can cause chest pain, cardiac disease is so common – and so dangerous – that the symptom of chest pain should never be dismissed out of hand as being insignificant. “Chest pain” is an imprecise term. It is often used to describe any pain, pressure, squeezing, choking, numbness or any other discomfort in the chest, neck, or upper abdomen, and is often associated with pain in the jaw, head, or arms.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks ago, I have extreme skin irritation, especially to my face which is a problem since I have extreme sleep apnea and need the CPAP mask clamped onto my face all night. Plus I have jaw pain which is getting worse and worse which may be from another side effects which can occur "spontaneously" called jaw necrosis, meaning the jaw bone deteriorating. I have heard horror stories from 2 other women on another site.
1156727 tn?1309567608 I have been having chest pain, palpitations, neck pain, jaw pain, weakness in legs, headache & dizziness. I have a pacemaker b/c I have complete heart block. Pacemaker is working ok. I went to ER last night...they did bloodwork, chest x-ray & EKG...kept me for overnight observation & said I was fine. I DON'T FEEL FINE!. I'm exhausted all the time....have appt w/ cardiologist that i can't get moved up b/c she's so booked.
Avatar m tn have had 3 episodes of pain in my jaw & across my chest for about 30 minutes, had a angiogram today & they found no blockages? Is there something else it could be?