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Avatar f tn Why is my systolic blood pressure still high when I am taking Altace. My diastolic blood pressure is normal when I take Altace. Why the difference. Could I have angina since I have had pain in my chest around the heart area and in the middle of the chest. Also, could I have arterialschlorsis from the high systolic blood pressure? This discussion is related to <a href=''>high systolic normal diastolic blood pressure?</a>.
Avatar f tn You are young. But young people CAN get high blood pressure. Any other symptoms? Dizzy? Chest pain? Seeing little floatie things? headache?
Avatar f tn your diastolic is very high, you need to quit smoking and seek medical advice,
Avatar m tn - By the age of 32 chronic stress has led me to chest discomfort symptoms, headaches, and high blood pressure. I had panic attacks. I have visited cardiologists and hospital, which I came out to be "healthy" and didn't give me any meds for bp. I had plenty of ECGs and Stress ECGs and heart echos, all results came out clean. - Now I am 36. I don't think I have stress anymore, I have a pretty good job and a beautiful family. But Hypertension is still there....
Avatar f tn Hello, I am very concern that I have uncontrolable high blood pressure, even with meds.
Avatar m tn sorry new to this so not sure how the site works thanks
Avatar n tn At times my bood pressure usually in the eary am to l60 / 85 my normal blood pressure is 125/73. Heart doctor says most of vessels look pretty clean; chest exray reveals plaque build up in the aorta. Can this be reversed or improved by diet as in Ornish diet.
Avatar f tn The adjustment in medicine has not help my blood pressure or chest pain, in fact the chest pain has become worse. I did have a mild stroke 4 years old and a TIA 2 years old. I am on a mountain high of medicine. * Lipitor 40mg 2 tabs evening *Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg 1 a day * Lisnopril 20mg 1 a day *Mirapex .25 mg 1 at bed * Cymbalta 60mg 1 at bed *Novolin 100/ml 20 units at night * Nitroglycerin .
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have angina or heart disease when your blood pressure is normal? Ive had chest pain on and off radiating sometimes to both upper arms. also shortness of breath at times and fatigue. also some flu like symptoms. when I rest I get much better. but it doesn't go away completely and in the last few days it has been worse than ever. I woke up with heartburn which is strange because I never get indigestion. I am not sleeping well which is also unusual.
Avatar f tn that he thinks my husband may be bipolar???? He upped one of his blood pressure meds but thats it. My hubby is still having chest pain a week later. We have no more money to see another doctor especially since we have no health insurance since i started a new job 2 months ago. Does anyone have any advice, or know what may be wrong?
Avatar n tn resting normal blood pressure is 120/80 or below. your top # looks a little high. are you taking it while resting for 5 minutes or so?
Avatar n tn I am on high blood pressure medicine and they are trying to adjust that thinking that might be the problem. At one point the heart rate dropped to 39. At one point the top part of the heart was not pumping in sink witht he bottom part. Anyone have any ideas of what this might be?
Avatar m tn so my doc said try outiside her office and record it an see if its high everytime then we can address then....but high blood pressure doesnt run i my family either so idk. im going to buy a machine soon. all the other blood stuff came out normal. but can anxiety shoot the numbers up by like 20 or 30? i really am thnkful for your responses they have really helped me and have given me some peace of mind.
Avatar f tn I went to the ER with chest pains and upon checking my blood pressure and heart rate over a 2 hour stay, my blood pressure went from 118/76 to 122/81 back down to 95/76 and my heart rate fluctuated between 48 BPM to 101 BPM. However all of my labs came back "normal" What is all of this fluctuating about?
639406 tn?1308877111 one is high blood pressure and other is low blood pressure.
Avatar m tn I stress and worry about this a lot even tho i try not to and today I started feeling weird in my head about 40 mins after i woke up like heaviness an pressure from my temples from back of my neck and top, idk if this is from anxiety of worrying or high blood pressure because my resting blood pressure was ok at the doctor I also have been having twitching between my eye brows on my forehead. Two days before I had twitching randomly all over.
Avatar m tn I understand high blood pressure produces few symptions. Are there any symptions at all, like feeling dizzy, headache, etc.
Avatar f tn I was just released from the hospital yesterday with my blood pressure was high my pulse rate was high and i had pressure in the chest and neck and some chest pain. I was sweating and very nauseated. They gave me nitro tabs 3 to be exact to lower all of it and then it did not lower. I was put in a room on the heart floor and given nitro through the iv. My question is why is this happening??
Avatar f tn Im 30 and have been having chest pain for years now that comes and goes sometimes my left arm will start to hurt and I will have heart attack like symptoms I have been to the doctors and ER a ton of times and the only thing that they found wrong was high blood pressure which was 140 over 89 do they put me on pills and my blood pressure now has been perfect but I'm still having chest pain and heart attack symptoms my EKG is good as well
Avatar m tn Bad. Well, the second number is normal, but the first number (systolic) is quite high. "Normal" blood pressure is 120/80. Talk to your doctor. If you took it yourself or had one of those automatic machines take it, get it retaken under proper conditions by a professional (arm at chest level while sitting after having rested for 5 minutes).
Avatar n tn The doctor put me on 20 mg of lisinopril and 12.5mgmyl of hydrochlorothiazide. He also ran an EKG, chest xray and blood work, all of which came back normal except they described the EKG as borderline (but they didn't say what that meant). I then had an echocardiogram, which they said the results were normal for someone with an elevated blood pressure (but they didn't explainn what that meant).
Avatar f tn For anyone male or female and chest pressure or chest pain is suspect and a doc should examine you to make sure that you don't have something serious going on with you. However a pulse rate of 166 is way too high and needs to be addressed by a doctor. So the short answer is no....those two symptoms are not normal and you need to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible ecel.
Avatar f tn do i have heart disease? i am now 34 but from the time i was about 16 or so i have had left sided chest pain as if my heart wanted to explode. sometimes it was mild other times it was severe. i remember once during my afternoon nap it came on sudden and intense. i just braced myself for the end. i was really scared and there was no one who would take me seriously so i said nothing. i am slim but not underweight and it tends to happen if i gain extra pounds.
592969 tn?1248325405 I am taking my blood pressure almost daily, being that my husband has high blood pressure and has to take it daily along with blood pressure medicine.
612876 tn?1355514495 Hi, I have chest pain, tightness, & pressure with my B/P and HR. But, I have HyperAdrenergic POTS and my blood pressure goes extremely high. My B/P has been as high as 232/168 and my HR 240. My cardiologist said that, yes I have to worry about a heart attack when my numbers get that high. I am at a high risk for heart or stroke. I can usually bring mine down by laying down and not moving. If that doesn't work than I head to the E.R. to be on the safe side.
Avatar f tn This mainly occurs at night. My blood pressure is on the high-end of normal and my cholesterol is 190. I am however overweight at 5'4 and about 250 and a lot of that is in my waist line. I have head rushes sometimes right after I eat, my body just seems unstable. I have recently joined the gym and changed my eating habits drastically but I will admit with the chest pains I am afraid to really pick up the intensity in my workouts. Where am I health wise?