Chest pain goes away when lying down

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Avatar f tn Hello, I am a 25 year old female who had had constant arm pain ONLY when lying down or reclining. If the pain comes while lying down within 1 minute of sitting it goes away. This has been occuring for 7 years now. I have been to doctors about it and done everything from massage therepy to and EMG which revealed nothing. It comes and goes with how severe the pain is. One month it will be moderate and the next month I will be sitting in bed crying.
Avatar f tn I was awaken 3 night ago hurting in the middle of my chest ( almost like someone was ripping it apart), when I stood up it went away, but as soon as I layed back down it started again. Now i still hurt when I exhale but it not only hurts at the middle of my chest it feels like someone is stapping me in the ribs. Any ideas on what this could be?
Avatar f tn So I've been ill on and off for some time with nausea, headaches, joint pain etc I've also had on and off hints of chest pain and tightness but now whenever I'm lying down (occasionally when standing) I can hardly breathe and my chest is very sore. I haven't been getting sleep because it bothers me too much to get to sleep. No matter whether I'm on my side or on my back, I am left breathless and in pain. I was wondering what could be a cause of this?
454421 tn?1208838088 Hoping to see if anyone shares this strange sensation... When I lie on my left side especially or sometimes when I'm lying on my back in a certain way, I often experience pain on the left side, particularly in the left chest. The pain spreads toward the center of my chest ("inside" -- not in the pectoral muscles, for example). It kindof grows into a pressure feeling, escalating until the point that my heart itself seems to be pressured or pushed upon.
Avatar n tn Turning over just transfers the pain to the other side or to back of the skull, which ever part I am lying on. The pain goes away immediately upon sitting up or standing. When it first began I would go sit up and sleep that way. It has become less severe over time so that I am usually able to find a position that is tolerable. I have had an acompanying bout of sinuitis but can find no info that would connect the two. This discussion is related to Headache only when lying down.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am having headache only when lying down. It repositions if I turn to the sides, sleeping face down helps relief the pain. It goes away when I sit up or stand up. It's worse if I sleep on a firm pillow. The pain varies every night. Please advise. Thank you. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Neurology/Headache-only-when-lying-down/show/293859">Headache only when lying down</a>.
10565128 tn?1422607009 Its jst scaring the hell outa me, I was given some pain relief but but im not sure if its wrking bcause when I dont take them it goes away, whn will it totally go away, when im lying dwn relaxing on my tummy i cant feel anythng its mainly when im sitting, when i go for walks its also ok. I did have a bad case of heartburn/reflux & im on meds 4 that which is helping maybe that couldve caused it, I hope its muscle strain but why is there no pain relief.
Avatar m tn I have mild chest pain and compression when either sitting or lying down. Not when I am active though. I had a stress test, cath, upper GI and a CT....No blockage or other indications of a problem. I am 6' 1" about 215. maybe a bit overweight. Could extra fat build up in the area of the heart cause this????
768044 tn?1294223436 My head will often feel hot when I am having a migraine but not like that... and it has never felt worse when lying down... often it feels better lying down, unless the pain is so bad that I can lie down, but lying down doesn't make it worse then, it just doesn't make it any better... so lying down making the pain worse was just the weirdest thing ever.
Avatar n tn No, it is NOT 'always the same type of pain'! In fact there may be no sensation of 'pain' at all, but merely a squeezing, hugging sensation in the chest area that lasts for about a minute, goes away, then comes back again. And this is NOT during exercise or activity, but when at rest (lying down, sleeping.) This is called Prinzmetal's angina, named for the doc who documented it. I had this type and happened to mention it to my internist, who saw a red flag.
17776718 tn?1460263155 Hi, I have a 6 year old Leonberger girl (entire) who has been moaning in the process of laying down and when she has just lain down. I have been to the Vet and had x-Rays done, bloods and also two ten day trials of different pain relief for arthritis but to no avail. I really don't know what to do. She eats, plays and swims with enthusiasm however looks sad. She will often just sit and look at me rather than laying down as if she is asking me to help.
Avatar m tn If you lie down the doxy can reflux and irritate the esophagus. This happened to me one time when I took it before bed. I had severe pain from it and could barely function for a week it was so bad. I generally have a cast iron stomache.
Avatar f tn t hurt as bad while I was sitting up as it did when I was lying down. Googled it and it seems to be either heartburn from hell or my rib cage expanding to make room for the baby and organs. Has anyone else experienced this??
Avatar m tn When i stand up quickly, i feel pressure in my chest and head, and my heart beats really, really hard. Not fast, but hard. It goes away after about ten seconds, but it is horribly uncomfortable when it happens. I know that I have orthostatic hypotenison. Could this be the cause of this? Should I be worried, or would the tests I have already had have shown something if this was something to worry about? I can't stop worrying about it.
Avatar f tn It is a pretty dull pain that never really goes away but still very irritating. This is pretty much all I think about. When I wake up I usually don't have any but the more I think about not having it, it comes back. Could this just be anxiety or does it seem like a more serious issue? I don't get lightheaded or dizzy except sometimes I get short little quick pains that cause me to worry thinking im having a heart attack. Pain worsens at rest/lying down.
Avatar m tn Well, i do not personally think that liver, gall bladder or gallstone will make you feel a chest pain. Your case, the chest pain can be muscular and you say only when u breath in then it pains. But to rule out anything, without a test it will be difficult.
Avatar f tn After I have been sleeping for the night and I wake up, I have chest pain in my sternum area. It hurts when I move my arms to stretch my chest. It hurts when I breath deep breaths. This happens every morning when I wake up. Should I be worried? Is this common? Any possible explanations?
Avatar f tn I have been a heavy drinker for two years now. I am 35 years old, 5 foot 10, weigh 180 pounds. I have had a history of high cholesterol and triglycerides, but according to doctors, the ratings were nothing extreme. I have had a pain in the center of my chest for six weeks and it won't go away. I feel it more when I'm lying down and when I take a deep breath. I don't have health insurance so I haven't seen a doctor. I'm hoping someone can tell me what is causing the pain.
Avatar n tn Very little sleep at night, mayor respiratory distress and pain in chest and legs. My question is how long before you are drug/pain free?
Avatar n tn I never notice any heartbeat irregularity when standing or with activity but when I have taken the adderall and laid down I frequently get short, episodes of tachycardia, fluttering and/or heart pounding. I never have chest pain or sob and it only lasts approx. 20 seconds. Does laying down/leaning foreward alter the position of the heart so drastically that the electrical system is altered also? How does position affect the heart's electrical system?