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Avatar f tn Hello, A pulmonary embolus presents with the sudden onset of chest pain and shortness of breath. The pain is sharp and worsens when taking a deep breath which is often due to involvement of pleuracausing pleuritic chest pain. You are 23 years of age and not constantly immobile due to your profession, hence chances of this chest pain being due to pulmonary embolism are less. However you can consult a physician and get it examined. Pulmonary angiogram is the best test for pulmonary embolism.
2081129 tn?1332253157 Can a heart attack cause chest pain on left side and send radiating pain down your spine
Avatar f tn No blockages were found..according to my DR..My attack was caused by a clot..Been fine since then until yesturday..Had chest pains and today it feels like I my chest is really sore..I dont want to go running to the Dr everytime I think something is wrong...My question is..Is it possible I had another one??????
Avatar m tn can you tell me if you have upper thigh and hip pain and unexplained chest pains for over 2 weeks is a blood clot possible. and would a blood test for blood count, kidney and liver function remove possibility of a blood clot? thank you.
677100 tn?1226277055 i'm trying to figure out why i am continuing to have severe chest pain 7 months after i had a 7 inch long blood clot removed from my pulmonary artery. it formed while i was on bed rest with my twins, and immediately after i was closed up from my c-section i went into cardiac arrest because it had gone into my lungs, then artery.
Avatar f tn I was taken by ambulance to hospital last night for sharp pain in my left shoulder and a weired sensation feeling going through my chest and bad chest pain and chest tenderness they did blood work and a xray of my chest and ekg my xray and ekg looked just fine but my blood work showed my lungs to be elevated so they decided to do a ct scan with contrast which has the same sensation i keep feeling now in my chest to rule a blood clot out in my lungs the ct scan came back with negative results for
Avatar f tn What could it be? I was in the ER last night for chest tightening, pain, and shortness of breath. They did a cat scan and ruled out PE, blot clot on my lungs, and prescribed me an inhaler t i use for when if I get the tightening in my chest anymore. But today I'm woke up and my chest hurts about 3x as much as it did yesterday and it seems like whenever I get the pain to subside, it just comes right back. The pain is mostly on the right side of my chest.
Avatar f tn where it can show if there is a blood clot. but they could not find one. I am so frustrated and feel horrible with the chest pain and this rash that I have a for almost 2 weeks now. It would be nice to find out what is going on with my body so I may have a decent life. will be calling my primary. feel that i could start there and go from there. any help would be great.
Avatar f tn Im having a pain in my chest.
Avatar n tn m 18 years old and starting at the beginning of this month I began to experience chest pain/chest discomfort. I had several episodes where my chest felt as if it was beating out of my chest, tingling limbs, shortness of breath, etc. Within the course of this year I've been to the ER five times (at three different hospitals) searching for a diagnosis. Everytime I've been pushed away with the it's anxiety or indegestion speech.
1943408 tn?1325582497 and no you cannot tell if its a blood clot with blood work. but i feel 100 percent that its just pain and not a blood clot. i have know to many that has had them and they dont know they do until they end up in hospital with bad problems, as for you its the same and nothing h as happen, so i say your stressing over it making it worse and its nothing. if you read all on net it makes worse to, it makes your mind think you have that than you start to panice so try not to read all of that.
Avatar n tn t want to scare you but I have a friend who had the symptoms listed above plus the pain you described and she had a large blood clot (saddleback, I think they called it) in the center of her lungs. If it's bothering you that bad you should go to a Dr and get it checked out.
Avatar m tn hi, im 22 and i recently went to the hospital for the 2nd time for chest pain the first time i was dismissed after an ekg that showed nothing but the chest pain got worse and worse so i decided to get back and they did all there tests i had a couple ekgs, bloodwork and a chest x-ray and nothing showed up in any of it. My pain is located on the left side and it doesn't move yesterday my arm was numb for a large portion of the day.
Avatar n tn Bad chest pain in pregnancy can be the sign of a pulmonary embolism, which is basically a blood clot in the lung. It may not be that, of course, but a pulmonary embolism is common in pregnant women (even young women) and can cause sudden death, so I really think you should go to an e.r. immediately. There is a simple blood test that can look for evidence of a p.e.
Avatar f tn I went to the er with chest and neck pain blood pressure high but Ekg and blood work normal today pain still there and swelling on face today My question is does a blood clot chow up on an EKG?
Avatar f tn and i am home now but the pain keeps coming and going.
Avatar n tn This can cause chest pain, shortness of breath or coughing up phlegm tinged with blood. In severe cases it can be fatal. PE can happen hours or even days after the DVT has formed, and may occur when there have been no obvious signs of a DVT. You should seek emergency medical treatment if you have symptoms of PE.
1155902 tn?1262438082 When it is the most severe, the chest hurts badly also. Is it possible that a blood clot has moved to my throat, (jugger vein), from my chest now, since that seems to be where it hurts most now? I`ve been out of surgery for about a month now. Could I still be at risk for blood clots? Your help is very appreciated! Kelley.
Avatar f tn I have had some pain the right side of my chest,not really short of breath,that comes and goes.the pain has been there since yesterday but not noticable all the time.
Avatar f tn Again had the pain today and it went away after taking Excedrin. So my question is if this was a blood clot would the pain go away with meds? I also did the flex test and I could feel the pain when I flexed but it wasn't excruciating. The pain was actually worse if I just let me dangle.
Avatar f tn If you had a blood clot in your lungs you would be spitting up blood or suffering from excruciating chest pain. The lump in your throat and waking up at night is due to the stress and anxiety your body is going through. If you are still worried I would recommend seeing a therapist so you can develop ways to combat your anxiety.
940970 tn?1251482915 I am a 28 yr old Female. Slightly obese at 5'4 and 195lbs. I gave birth to my first child in August of 2008 and afterwards I developed hypertension. I was put on an ACE inhibitor bp stays around 110/60 now. My cholesterol is slightly elevated at 208 and I am taking phytosterols/improving my diet. Also taking fish oil, b complex, mag and vitamin d supplements.I have RA which is controlled well.
Avatar n tn He is being investigated for a possible blood clot. Nothing I have read mentioned this severe pain (particularly when taking a deep breath). Is this a common sympton or could he be suffering from something else?
Avatar f tn I had been quiet lazy at home prior to this as I was off work due to shoulder injury and was finishing an essay on laptop. Over next couple of days pain moved to back of knee like stabbing pain. Pain to touch, when leg is very straight or when I'm in bed. Relievied by crossing my legs for short period then pain comes back. No swelling, discoloration, or extra pain when walking on it. Went to Dr who diagnosed thrombophlebitis and have me a anti inflammatory cream and antibiotics yesterday.
Avatar f tn I have asthma and have been dealing with chest tightness/coughing for months but felt as if it was worse with the calf pain. Genuinely thought I had a blood clot in my leg and lungs. No risk factors but my anxiety has convinced me I have it. I went to a&e and they examined both legs, measuring size difference. Nothing abnormal, they also did an EKG which was also fine, along with 3 blood tests. A full blood count, a clotting test, and an eeg test I think it's called.
Avatar m tn Is is normal to be able to feel the clot and have pain with some motions? I think the clot may not go dissolve or go away on its own. Are there other ways to get rid of clots. If so, are they risky?
Avatar f tn but when i got up to flush i saw a tiny red blood clot in the toilet. it was small but i know what a blood clot is. is this normal? I'm almost 14 weeks.