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Avatar f tn After eating certain foods I get quite a bit of mucus build-up in my lungs and find myself coughing a lot after meals. I'm 17 years old and don't think this is due to acid reflux as I don't have any other symptoms and am quite young. I notice it immediately after I finish eating (not sure if it actually starts during eating as I'm not really focused on how my chest feels while eating). Does anyone have any idea of what this may be?
Avatar n tn My Dad had the same problem, He had Pain in Left hand after eating. After some time of sitting idle (15-20 mins) The pain subsided. My Dad thought it was due to acidity. The problem was Heart was not able to pump enough blood after eating. This situation continued for 6 months and we found later that he had 3 major blocks. Consult a Physician and a Cardiologist. Dont ignore it.
Avatar m tn Despite this, I still have some back pain, usually 1/2 hour after eating, in my mid-left back. This pain sometimes stretches across the mid back to the right-side, but it's mostly on my left. Very mild abdominal pain, again in the stomach region (lower rib-cage, on the left), but that's less common. The back pain can last for hours, and although very mild, it is uncomfortable. I'm concerned that this could be chronic pancreatitis. I am a 30 year old male.
Avatar m tn It feels as if there is a blockage in my chest after the the first bite. I chew my food into smaller pieces for better digestion and that doesn't make a difference. Occaisionally, I wait a moment or two and it digests, but most times I have to go to a bathroom and vomit. I had an Upper G.I around 5 years ago and was told that something in my digestive system is thinner than the average person.
Avatar f tn Hi all really need some help i am 6 weeks 6 days and get a horrible pain after eating anybody else having this problem? I also seem to get a lot of wind please help.
Avatar n tn It is a continuous pain and I have no noticed it intensify after eating. I have experienced this pain before starting a few months back. The pain is not so noticeable when I am standing or sitting so often it is hard for me to determine exactly when the pain goes away. usually after a few days the pain goes away and I don't have trouble breathing. I have had pneumonia and bronchitis when I was younger and can definitely say that I do not experience fluid in my lungs. I also am NOT coughing.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 42 y o male with no family or personal history of heart disease. My problem is that I experience chest pain that is sometimes accompanied by belching after exercising. It started about 6 mos ago to varying degrees of discomfort. About 3 weeks ago, it was so uncomfortable that I went to the ER. I was given an ekg, and stress ultrasound (got my HR to 197bpm). Results came back negative. I didn't experience any pain during or even after the test.
Avatar n tn Earlier today I was eating a hamburger with a very hearty bun and with each swallow it almost seems to lodge in my esophagus more and more! For many hours after I had pain from my chest straight through to my back. Now it is just my back. It hurts to breath deeply, and to move certain ways. And now even my left arm feels weird (swollen feeling, warm). THANK YOU, THANK YOU to anyone who will answer.
774736 tn?1311331385 I have an EP and he has no idea why I go into afib, it usually happens after I eat. I will get a pain in my chest or rib cage. I started seeing a holistic doctor and she thinks that I have an esophageal digestive disorder. She just started treating me for that, also my thyroid was not stable. I did some research and decided to try an Alkaline diet, I bought the book and it has all kinds of recipes in it to keep you alkaline and I bought the test strips.
Avatar n tn I been having dizziness spells after eating. I went to the dr. for chest pain, fainting spells. He order a holter monitor and did some labs, everything came back normal. He gave me some meds. for anxiety the didnt help. I have GERD and endometriosis. I take nexium for gerd. Any suggestions out there? Tired of having these spells....
Avatar m tn Well, i do not personally think that liver, gall bladder or gallstone will make you feel a chest pain. Your case, the chest pain can be muscular and you say only when u breath in then it pains. But to rule out anything, without a test it will be difficult.
Avatar f tn Also, sense you are getting knots in your right chest, if it happens particularly after eating fatty or other foods that are hard on a gallbladder, ask for an abdominal ultrasound to take a look at your gall bladder and duct work. With the knot in right chest, pressure and tightness, did they probe for a tender spot in your chest?
Avatar n tn Have you investigated food sensitivities? The food elimination challenge diet would work to find out with this kind of thing, too. Something to consider that might help you, too would be to eliminate all obvious sugars (including natural sugars like honey, maple syrup, and agave syrup) and most grains from your diet. You can find this information on Just type in sugar or grains in the search bar.
Avatar f tn 5 week ago every night I went to bed I got lower left chest discomfort then after that for a week I had the discomfort for 2 days straight, I went to the doctor and he had me do a ph test for reflux which was normal, I then made the connection that this discomfort was food related and was the worst 1 to 2 hours after eating. He then had me do a chest xray and ultrasound which were normal, he also prescribed zantac that I took at nights, I then did a ct scan which was normal.
Avatar m tn I'm a 33 y/o female. I had a gastric bypass in 2000, and lately I've noticed more and more that my heart is pounding heavily in my chest after eating. I've also been having severe headaches that will not go away, so I tested my blood pressure to see if that was the cause. It's a little elevated, but the last 2 days my pulse rate has been 120/121 after eating. I've been experiencing left side chest pains off an on for a little over a month, but nothing severe.
1696240 tn?1308183023 one of which was tightness in my chest and dizziness after eating, and it was really only happening at dinner and sometimes at breakfast. my last time taking the levo was on saturday but i still have pretty bad tightness in my chest and some dizziness when i eat. i have been to the cardiologist and he said everything looks great except for a slight leak,which according to him was pretty harmless. could this be due to the anxiety or is there something im overlooking?
808904 tn?1307057809 I am a 61 yr old female. I have once in a while a heaviness in chest area after eating. It goes away rather quickly. I am a very anxious person and think this pressure may be something more. I have lost 100 pounds these last two years and walk 30 minutes each day without any discomfort whatsoever. I had a 70% blockage in left carotid and had subsequent endarterectomy. Right side is 35%. I have had follow-ups and these are ok with left one clean and the other stays the same.