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Avatar f tn type stuff) or he sees a child in a newspaper with a scar on his chest and I foolishly told him the child had had an operation to fix his heart. Now if he gets any stomach pain he freaks out and says his heart is hurting. I have been saying things like "we live a very long way from that volcano, ash wouldn't get to our house", or "I've never seen a tsunami and I've been around a very long time", or "you have a very strong healthy heart".
Avatar n tn I recently had a colonoscopy to see about reversing what was supposed to be the temporary ileostomy and my intestines were so narrow they couldn't scope me and in the process the air that they tried to put in to see when they tried to scope me caused my colon to perforate and all the air was trapped in my upper body, putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on my lungs and chest so I couldn't breathe. I was hospitalized for a week and took about 5 weeks to recover from that.
209987 tn?1451939065 Anyway, some of the things ( like sticking her chest out at people, lifting a breast, and shoving it in their faces ) freaks people out. When the phone rings, I cringe...knowing full well that it's tell me about yet another new disease that she was just diagnosed with, or how cold her feet are today, or whatever it is. She is not happy unless everyone around her is in chaos. When things are great she will make sure they go sour. If she's yelling she's happy.
Avatar m tn I went into the procedure having read this many forum threads, including some here on MedHelp, plus I watched some YouTube videos about the procedure, and basically read up on everything I could to try to calm my fears. It helped a bit. I was even more fearful because I am a really heavy guy (enough that I was weighed before the procedure to ensure I was not over the weigh limit of the special cath lab table) and I have hypertension.
Avatar n tn My husband told me that he sometimes feels a slight discomfort in his chest, no palipatations or chest pain just a slight discomfort like a tightness. Does this relate to the insuffiencies? If so is this bad?
Avatar n tn go to ER get a chest tube that fails, get another chest tube after being admitted, lung expands to normal, health deteriorates, a week goes by...i am in ICU barely hanging on before they finally figure out a staph infection given to me by one of the chest tubes has been eating away at my chest wall and lung....but due to it being in an empyema normal antibiotics couldnt reach it and a emergency thoracotomy had to be done....
Avatar n tn My performance seems to be returning to the pre-operation level rather than showing any improvement (I ran 5 miles yesterday at a 10 min pace and my HR was 156. A 9 min pace puts my HR over 170). Do you have any data on runners that have undergone bypass or know where I can find some? My hypothesis is that I should be able to regain some of my fitness of 2 years ago. My concern is that perhaps some of the grafts didn't take.
536009 tn?1293194381 You can get a good idea of what that surgery is like by clicking the Health Pages on the upper right, then scrolling down to ‘Parathyroid.’ Click on that to go to UCLA’s website. They have info and videos that are helpful. Also, there's a link to a partial list of facilities all over the country who do this surgery. There are several good facilities in the northeast with surgeons who can perform this kind of surgery, so you shouldn’t have to travel.
Avatar m tn Since the procedure, I have not had any SVT but I have had some skipped beats, extra beats, and generally just a few seconds at a time of odd feeling in my chest if I do certain things such as bend over. I'm having a 48 hour holter monitor test next week and then a follow-up with the EP physician a month later. I attribute the odd heart beats to my heart still healing.
Avatar f tn How much should PTH be increased for diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism? I fear my FESS operation and other future operations because My Ca and also Na are often increased. I have many risks, eg. possibility to atrial fibrillation, infects (immune deficiency).
Avatar f tn What muscle could be pulled that would cause pain in both above the chest and my armpit/shoulder? Or what ligament could/would be torn? My doctors don't know what to do with me anymore. I've tried Ibruprophen AND aspirin as well as Naproxen, but I'm not sure if they work seeing as how the pain comes and goes so quickly anyway. And, do pulled muscles last for more than 7 months? It's not a pain I have every day, and I seem to excecise okay, too.
Avatar m tn Hoping everything works out for you , btw You tube has videos of people putting stethoscopes to there chest, to let us hear there skipped beats!!!!!!!!! sounds crazy but somehow it helps!
1043913 tn?1279685292 Why do you have to have the operation? I had a TT in June of this year, I am now on the right dose of hormone. I had thyroid cancer, went through RAI in late July. The surgeries were the easy part (I started with a lobectomy, two surgeries total.) I felt great after the lobectomy, and after the TT I felt OK for three weeks, then I hit the wall. I had to wait seven weeks for RAI, felt AWEFUL! But it is not so bad, the surgeries were easy, the hypo hell was not.
Avatar m tn anyway he sent me for a head scan, blood tests, an excercise test and an echocardiogram (I was also suffering pains in my chest and left arm and occasional heart flurrys at this point, of these symptoms I only get the occasional flurrys now not the chest and arm pains) All the tests came back clear, which was a relief but i was still suffering with the niggling. Which brings me to pretty much where I am now. I visited the doctor again around three weeks ago.
Avatar n tn Apparently there were enough pictures taken at the MRI the doctor is happy to proceed with the operation without any further pictures. So on my way to the operation now on 20 December 2011.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
620923 tn?1452919248 Him and his staff were wonderful. I will have to give another report on him after my operation, which should be in the next few weeks.
436516 tn?1382388265 The worse and new thing is the pain I had as I choked in the car park. It was like stabbing knives across my chest and arms. So terribly painful I actually thought my time had come. I too am asthmatic and suffer from Thyroidism. I have been to see my doctor who once again took my blood to test, but came up with no real answers. If anyone can help I would be so greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Three weeks later I'm still having headache, nausea, and my chest hurts. Any activity causes heavy sweating and shortness of breath, and the chest pains have me worried to death. My head hurts behind my right eye and feels like a pounding in the top of my head. It's not typical of migraines I've had before. I'm tired of meds and refused pain shots due to the fact that I believe they might mask any real symptoms of something else.
Avatar n tn Well I'll keep you guys posted. Good Luck with your weight loss.
Avatar n tn , but won't admit whether it turns him off or not. But our sex is still great. i've seen pictures and videos of other people's vaginas and it only makes me feel uglier. Please tell me that there are others out there with the same "problem". i wish i had a pretty little pink one like the girls in porn clips; but i do not want surgery. We love eachother very much and i don't want this "isseue" to ruin our sexlife due to my lack of self esteem. Big sisters..please help!
Avatar n tn tall on either side of the tail bone down through the inside of my buttocks followed by d.) red spots approx. the size of a U.S. dime in region where arm meets chest both sides; front and back followed by e.) large patches up to 3" by 8" of raised red skin and tops of hands swollen to the point where knuckles couldn't be seen and couldn't make a fist; also by evening, elbows are swollen and I had a sore throat.
Avatar n tn I placed a stool under with a video portable player or could use a lap top computer and she watched videos through the hole. She found the time required (2 weeks) face down was not easy but made more acceptable by being able to watch films. Her Eye is a lot better now after three months. She was driving after four weeks. We think her problem was caused by a knock in the eye. Can anybody pass coment on this.
Avatar n tn The spinal surgeon specialist recommended having the operation. The operation itself was day surgery and very straight forward. I was home the next day, able to walk, sit and stand without pain. - In the first week after, I had no more leg pain, just a sore back. - In the second week, some pain came back, but it much less and not in my back. - In the third week, back is good and pain is fading from my leg. Flexibility is returning and I can drive a car, walk, ride a bike and swim.
Avatar m tn I have been to every doctor you can think of. They told me acid reflux but meds for that have'nt worked for me. Had chest ct scan, throat ct scan, sinus ct scan, barium swallow larynoscopy too. After a year and a half of tests, nobody knows why I have this. I went to bed normal one night and woke up like this and it's been this way ever since. It has totally changed my life.....and I hate it. If you find out anything please post and let us know what you find out.