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Avatar n tn I still have a low grade fever ranging from 99-100.2 degrees pretty consistently. My chest congestion is worse and lungs feel tight. Is this normal for H1N1?
Avatar n tn Hello All, Thank you for reading my post. I have had horrible chest congestion, chest tightness, and a cough (both dry and productive, yellow and clear). I don't normally suffer from allergies, and was also tested for asthma (which was negative). I already did a course of antibiotics, z-pack, and have been on decongestants too. Nothing seems to help. This problem has persisted for 14 weeks now, and originally I though it would go away, but it just doesn't.
Avatar f tn On Monday I also called my dr back because I noticed a red dot on my uvula and that I had finished my z pack and still felt like crap.. They gave me something else. It looks like a z pack but its called methylphenidate I think. And I'm on day 3 out of 7 for that now. So when I got the sore throat, the cough disappeared. But with the congestion, I've got the sore throat and some cough again. I had 3 days off of work and had to call in sick so I was off for 4 days..
Avatar n tn My humidifier stuffed me up even more. I'm looking into trying a Z-Pack, and will be drinking just lukewarm water and hot teas until summertime. I wish you both and everyone else SO much luck with this.
Avatar n tn About three months ago, I was experiencing chest cold symptoms- severe coughing, fever, nasal symptoms, etc. Went to the doc, took a z-pack and felt better- except for recurring pain in my chest- it hurt when i pressed on it, took a deep breath, or sat up very straight. I thought I had just pulled a mucle when coughing, so i gave it a week or two and it didn't get any better.
Avatar f tn The only kind I haven't taken to this point is a Z-pack, which is a mycin derivative, which caused seizures when I was a toddler, so I don't take those at all for any reason. I would LOVE to know if anybody has any information on this kind of problem, because I haven't had any luck the past 20 years...
268356 tn?1236006204 I'm putting vicks vaporub on my chest but I can't breath through my nose so I can't smell it (DH says I stink of it from a mile away and DD thought it was cool so she wanted to have some last night too) and I'm not sure that I can tell a difference in my chest congestion either. There has to be something out there that I can take that will start giving me some relief. I think I need to make an appointment with my regular doctor and go see him.
Avatar f tn Our entire office has this stuff going around. It stared with muscle soreness. sore throat, then coughing, then feeling really bad (no energy), then full blow chest hacking, sinus infection and low fever. Rest, "Emergen-C" packs, zinc lozenges and finally a Z-pack. On the 4th day I started feeling better, but the coughing and sinus problems are still hanging around. Hopefully the Z-pack will take care of that.
Avatar f tn I've had a cough and chest congestion for a few days now, I've tried just about everything including a z pack. Any suggestions for relief?
Avatar n tn Doctor prescribed a z-pack, which seemed to be doing the trick. Caught a cold one week later and felt horrible. Went to the doctor for congestion, pressure on right side of face, diagnosed with "inflamed bronchial tree." Went to doctor again a week later for chest discomfort, nausea, told by doctor that the symptoms "weren't at the top of her list" because my heart and lungs sounded fine.
Avatar n tn (smoked for 10 years - Quit 2 years ago) - Lung Infection January and it went away with a Z-pack. - Middle of February I got the same feelings, sore throat, burning feeling in chest, fever and shortness of breath. - The Dr said I probably had walking pnemonia and gave me another z-pack. That didn't do anything. - Peak flow test which was 340. My pulse ox was normal. - Treated me for Asthma. Albuterol and Flovent did nothing after a 1 1/2 weeks.
Avatar m tn Gross as it sounds, you'll be relieving the gas congestion in your chest, and the relief will be almost immediate. The embarrassment of being somewhat ill-mannered by necessity shouldn't override removing the gas, and the pain, out of your system. Homeopathic Remedy This remedy has been around for a long time. Add a few drops of peppermint, ginger, or cinnamon extract to a glass of water, and drink it.
Avatar n tn I've been to the ER twice in the past week and was finally diagnosed with pleurisy after a clear chest x-ray, a clear chest CT (blood clots ruled out) and two normal EKGs. I took a z pack of antibiotics which I finished today. I still have the symptoms of difficulty beathing deeply at times, but I have not experienced the sharp chest pains that seem to be fairly regular symtoms of pleurisy. I also have a mild cold with light coughing and very slight congestion in my nose and chest.
Avatar n tn Started out with a bad head cold, which became sinusitis. I took a z pack for five days which cleared out the infection. Next stage was a flare up of my asthma and chest congestion and a cough. I have had the cough now for a few days already. My physician says my lungs are clear and I just have a lot of congestion. Not much one can do apparently other than wait it out.
Avatar n tn No fever except for first day of infection. Congestion and pain in my chest lasted for 6 weeks. Doctor gave steriod shot and z pack. 21 days later congestion returned, new antibiotic and flonaise prescibed. No fever as i check everyday. Had some warm feelings in my arms and legs but no swelling of nodes, except for one on right chest nipple for a couple days. Itching inside veins elbow and below right knee for a bout a week.
Avatar f tn She diagnosed walking pneumonia, and put me on a Z-pack. The phlegm seemed to go away when I was on the Z-pack, but after I finished it, it started coming back (though not as bad), and my SOB seemed worse. I went back to the dr. about 12 days ago. She said the radiologist had looked at my x-rays and said that the infiltrates weren't really there, so she revised my original diagnosis to bronchitis. They did another chest x-ray. It looked exactly the same as the first.
Avatar n tn My husband has been diagnosed with bronchitis three weeks ago. He was given z-pack & a hycodyn cough syrup. This did not help, no x-ray. went back last week was given Avelox suppose to be stronger & asked for an x-ray, do not have results yet from that. He is not any better he has a terrible cough a congestive cough, I can hear the rattle in his chest at night when he is sleeping & I can hear the congestion in his chest when he is standing next to me.
1348086 tn?1370786785 By the time I went to the Dr, I was messed up. Told it was a sinus infection and bronchitis and was given a Z-pack (antibiotics) and that was 4 days ago and I feel great right now. Go to your Dr. you don't want this to turn in to pneumonia, and the pain will get to the point where your face will start to swell. (mine did my right eye looked like Id been punched). Remember, not knowing does not mean it will go away, and :white coat anxiety" or anxiety when seeing a Dr.
Avatar f tn She thinks it is allergies or sinus infection- gives me nasal rinse and Z-pack DAY 10: 2 Moderate nasal pain, fatigue, minimal sense of smell and taste, SVT attacks with heart rates in 200’s, dizziness, tingling in hands and feet DAY 11: Bad migraine, fatigue, minimal sense of smell and taste, heart rate is maintained in 120’s, blood pressure (mine is normally low) is elevated to 130/94, lump swelling in throat comes and goes, mild difficulty swallowing, at night I am wake up choking several ti
Avatar n tn due to the vast amounts of congestion and am constantly waking to cough up and expel both nasal and chest congestion. What has happened???? Is this caused by the tooth issue or???? What should I do? I am miserable and feel really, really, bad. Please help me.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone, I've had chest and nose congestion for sometime now. I went to the doctor about a week ago when my symptoms were at its worse, intense wheezing, especially at night, runny nose, cough, and sneezing, that what was pretty much all I had but the wheezing was the worst part (I could hear myself breathing). My first doc prescribe me albuterol, prednisone and a z pack, I took eveything and started feeling better.
Avatar f tn I came down with bronchitis during my second trimester and ended up taking the Z pack and it clear right up. Honey/ lemon tea for sore throat. Vicks rub for chest congestion. I hope you feel better.
Avatar n tn I've been to the ER twice in the past week and was finally diagnosed with pleurisy after a clear chest x-ray, a clear chest CT (blood clots ruled out) and two normal EKGs. I took a z pack of antibiotics which I finished today. I still have the symptoms of difficulty beathing deeply at times, but I have not experienced the sharp chest pains that seem to be fairly regular symtoms of pleurisy. I also have a mild cold with light coughing and very slight congestion in my nose and chest.
Avatar n tn Since Jan 6th I have had constant head-nose-throat-chest congestion/coughing etc. Have been to the drs twice,put on arethomycin(sp?)for 10 days, a Z-pack antibotic,cough syrup w/ codine/expectorant and many over the counter cold/sinus/allergy medicines and nothing works. Over the 5 weeks the head/nose goes from congestion so bad I can't sleep to nonstop runny/blowing nose that keeps me awake all night. I have gone through 4 boxes of kleenex in past 24 hrs.
Avatar m tn Dr. Hook, First, thanks for the response. After reflection I suppose I feel somewhat better about my overall risk of the bad STDs. Anyway, I did indeed just reperform the Chlamydia and Gonnorhea urine test... I used one of those online STD services where you just pay a fee then show up to the clinic, and your results are given to you faster (3 days).
Avatar n tn I have been sick with a weird caugh and phlegm and mucus from 3/14/06 to date I saw my PA on 3/14/06 she said I had bronchitis and she order 4 me to have a chest x-ray done. She put me on a "Z-Pack" & Robitussin Codine.helped out for about 2 weeks and then I worst then before.
Avatar n tn He initially went to his primary care Doctor nearly 3 months ago complaining of severe sore throat. They did not do a swab but treated him for strep throat w/ Z pack. The sore throat eventually passed but the chest congestion has progressively worsened. He is hacking up clear phlegm constantly. He went back and Dr. once again injected him wtth an antibiotic and "something else" (Dad does not recall what it was unfortunately). Doctor also switched his BP medicine (Lisinopril?
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and they put me on a z-pack for a week and also zyertc. While i was on that it went away and then came back the next week. Then I went to a better doctor and they put me on an inhailer and it didnt work. And i got told to get a chest x-ray. So I did that and they said nothing was wrong. I also had to go to a lab and get my blood taken and they said my Viteman D was really low. But i dont think that is what is causing this.
Avatar n tn He left me on the Advair, gave me some sort of steroid shot, gave me a 5-day z-pack, some cough syrup for use at night, nasacort and astelin. After another week I thought things were improving. However, it seems that the Advair makes me worse. It almost seems to increase the itching in my lungs. Now, over the last few days, my wheezing is getting worse again. I'm only using the Advair once a day and I can't tell any difference after I use it. Anything I cough up is either white or clear.
Avatar n tn I had a cold for the past 10 weeks, symptoms where Fever(103), chills, sore throat, congestion and a run down feeling. (Not to mention, my 10 month old has pneumonia). I went to the doctors and they prescribed me a "Z-pack" for the infection. 5 days later, the fever went away, but it felt like everything went down to my chest, because I had a hard time breathing.