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422924 tn?1331767919 the problem is i would wake up in the morning with chest congestion stuffy nose. i do have carpets in my bedroom and living room do you suggest me to get tested. for allergies. also when i got my chest xray no signs of emphysema.
Avatar m tn I can't recall any connection between quitting smoking and the congestion problem. I think the congestion problem started about 5+ years ago, long after I had quit smoking. In any case, I still like living and prefer suffering some congestion and other sleep problems to not being here - and finding I enjoy living more and more as the end approaches.... another experience I share to the younger who are not listening as they plan to live forever - not sure that would be a good thing either.
Avatar m tn Plus, I wake up in the morning and my chest is congested. Sometimes when I first get up, it hurts to take a deep breath, as if it would hurt when you inhale water. However, once I stand up and cough once or twice, it goes away for the entire day and I forget about it. The only time I ever feel this during the day is on a weekend if I slouch down on the couch with my feet at the edge of the ottoman and my knees drawn up.
Avatar n tn The research I have done shows that these and other fungi can cause respiratory issues like chest pain, congestion, cough, lung scarring, and even masses in the lungs. Your additional symptoms of night sweats is also very common with these infections. I don't know if this helps or not, but I hope you will keep us updated.
Avatar n tn Since this pain is getting worse you will need to see a doctor again to have a thorough physical exam to find out the nature of the problem. This could be related to your smoking or it may have nothing to do with your smoking. A chest x-ray is a good place to start to see if a lung problem is the cause. A pulmonologist would be the type of specialist to tell if you need further testing to identify a lung problem. Once the cause is known treatment can be started to get you well again.
Avatar n tn i have had a cough for quite some time, i feel like im strangling on the phlem in my throat..
1271927 tn?1310583962 She explained that yes, my dr wants me to take them because I could not breathe for 2 weeks at that point (now 3 weeks) and it's past the point of a cold and not a 10 week delay from non-smoking. That nasty nurse last week just didn't want me to take them...that's really not her choice now is it? I will be sure to avoid Candy the my dr, but hate that nurse right now...just to think, I could be BREATHING by now!
Avatar n tn i had chest congestion and started taking mucinex.after 2weeks of taking medicine,i stopped.within 2 days started getting the chest pain[congestion] and pain in back seems that when i am on the mucinex i can cough up the mucus.when i stop taking the mucinex i cannot cough up the mucus.i stopped smoking 13 years ago.i do have asthma and try to stay away from irritants.i only have a cough when i try to get the mucus up.what can this be?
Avatar n tn hi i am a 39year old former moderate smoker(20 years) About one year ago i came down with a very congested chest which produced yellow mucus in the mornings.I quit smoking and went to doctor and was given antibiotics a few times but showed no improvement.Eventually i was referred to a pulmonary doctor and given tests..
Avatar m tn She has been given several anti-biotics and nothing has worked to clear up her chest congestion and mainly the hoarse and irritated vocal chords. Do you think one of the meds. can be causing this? Is she on too many meds?
Avatar m tn I have had a very productive cough for the past 2 weeks or so accompanied by equally productive nasal congestion. The stuff I am coughing up is relatively clear, some being a very pale yellow. Relatively clear lung sounds upon inspiration, but wheezing on end of expiration. I went to the doctor yesterday and I would simply like a second opinion, specifically on the radiologist's findings. A bit of history: 190lb male, 29 years of age, 1ppd smoker for about 14 years (yeah i know...
Avatar f tn It is cigarette smoking. For a young person at age 33 to have the wheezing, chest congestion, chest discomfort and recurrent bronchitis that you have experienced is very worrisome. You at least have chronic bronchitis, may have asthma and may be developing the permanent lung damage that leads to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). You must stop “torturing” your lungs.
Avatar f tn Had a stress test years ago, have had many EKG's, lots of bloodwork, and they say everything is fine. Years ago I quit smoking, however, I replaced the smoking with chewing tobacco, and I still drink a little too much coffee. I've been told by doctors that these two items alone could be the cause of many of the PVC's. Anyway, I feel for anyone with them...they are extremely irritating.
Avatar f tn However, yes, symptoms like anxiety and headaches can re-surface time and again for a few months, especially if you are stressed or around smokers or are sitting idle. Usually chest tightness is a common symptoms in those who quit smoking. This lasts for a few days after last cigarette. The tightness (not actually pain) is due to anxiety and stress and due to various changes in body due to nicotine withdrawal.
Avatar n tn It is very likely that the symptoms are due to smoking, but generally a chest X-ray is needed to be sure there are not other causes, like pneumonia. Spirometry, a simple breathing test, measures how your lungs are working and will often identify a problem in your lungs before you may have symptoms. With your smoking history, it would be helpful for you to have spirometry testing done at least once a year.
Avatar m tn there isnt blood and some times it is white with yellow, but mostly always white, i also get mild chest pains and headaches, what could this be? could it be serious? also i smoked weed from time to time in that time period, i also quit that though, i have major anxiety that i have something bad. please help.
Avatar n tn Have you called your doctor's office to speak with a triage nurse about the chest congestion? Your doctor may wish to re-evaluate you just to be sure. You may have a lingering cough that will take a while to go away if you have had a seious infection that had to be treated with antibiotics in the past. In either case, you should call your doctor's office. Bronchitis is a really tricky and serious lung infection, so you should not delay if you're still experiencing symptoms.
Avatar f tn What does small linear fibrosis in the region of the lingula on a chest xray mean? Report says the rest of the lungs are clear. No pulmonary vascular congestion or pleural effusion. The cardiomediastinal contour has normal appearnce. The impression was no radiographic evidence of active cardiopulmonary disease. This was from a physical in 12/2011. My doctor never even mentioned it.
Avatar n tn With the exception of a minor smoking habit I'm working to abandon (4-6 cigarettes/day), I consider myself healthy. About 10 months ago I noticed a slightly nagging achiness throughout my chest. It's largely limited to the upper left side, but occasionally is felt on the right side. I responded by increasing my activity and began quitting smoking. However, I still notice this pain, which is dull and in no way prohibitive, but noted. Oddly enough, I don't think it follows any necessary pattern.
Avatar n tn I just recently quit ten monthes ago, smoking on few occassions where I gave in.At the end of 2005 I went to the doctors due to some congestion where they prescribe an anti-biotic.After the doctor's visit I went on vacation to Bulgaria in the first week of 06.This discomfort continued so I visited a Bulgarian Doctor where he administered an x-ray and something was noticed in my lungs.He believed it was just an infection and explained the lung cancer is unusual at my age.
Avatar f tn Bed rest, drinking plenty of water and hot drinks such as herbal teas are often the best treatments for speeding recovery from chest pain. Inhaling steam can also help to reduce congestion and kill germs on contact – and is particularly beneficial for your age. Antibiotics or pain relievers such as paracetamol may also be prescribed for pain .
Avatar n tn The pain went to my chest area, upper shoulder/clavicle area and now has made its way to my back? I've had some dizziness and not sure what's going on? I also had an echocardiogram/ekg/stress tests for my heart and I'm healthy. I am a 34 year old woman in excellent condition. I am really worried b/c these are nagging symptoms that don't seem to go away and I am so tired of complaining about them. Help? Any ideas?
127596 tn?1210926222 I'm blown away by how night and day my breathing is because of smoking/not smoking. So now that I know how blech I'll feel if I regress back to smoking, what do you suggest for getting past these cravings? I understand that the chemical addiction is gone after the first three days - but I smoked for so long because I WANTED to. I loved it - and I still miss it - but I had to quit so I could get healthy. And so, the cravings still come, even after the first three days.
Avatar m tn I dont know if is the lung or the heart hurt after quitting smoking. Im on my 15 weeks now. I still have chest pain on and off also arm pain and nausea sometimes. someone told me that it will get better after 6 months ~ 1 year.
Avatar m tn You have many concerns as you should about your mother. The current seems to be quitting smoking. There is a medhelp forum called "smoking addiction" and I think you could find some helpful answers there. Quitting smoking has its own demons. The only advice I can give you is really give your mother tons of positive support for quitting. Everyone who quits smoking deserves the rewards of a smoke free life...better health. Best to you and your Mom.
Avatar n tn If you catch anything, cold etc, it is going to be harder on you during the pregnancy to get rid of, especially possible chest congestion due to the extra burden on your lungs. Having stated that I know it is not easy to quit otherwise nobody would smoke after a while! What you MUST do if you cannot quit is to put yourself on a STRICT diet of no more than 6 per day. Do not suppliment with gum or other nicotine. I know this is going to be an unpopular answer but it is an honest one.
Avatar n tn This past Monday I was diagnosed with pneumonia by chest xray and symptoms of fever, cough, congestion, sore throat, body aches and sent home with antibiotics and bed rest. The Xray was then sent to radiology to be formally read. On Wednesday, the clinic called and said that the radiologist wanted me to have a CT of my chest b/c he felt that there were abnormal areas which he wanted to rule out metastatic disease. Now mind you the only symptom given to him was cough.