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Avatar n tn I have had constant congestion in my chest for the past year, it is yellow and green in color-my specialist in Miami has given me antibiotics, but, I still have the phlem. I have been on advair from the low to highest dosages,I was taking singulair, I am using albuterol sulfate with pulmicort 4 times a day, taking symbicort inhaler twice a day. In many of the med's that I am taking, one of the side effects of the many side affects is upper respitory infection.
Avatar n tn I have had a chest congestion for over 3 months. I feel OK but I've had a cough that sounds like I have liquid in my lungs. I've been to the doctor 3 times. 1st time they gave me antobiotics. 2nd time they gave me a different antibiotics,some steriod and 2 different inhalers 3rd time a chest xray and more antobiotics. Nothing has helped. The cough is worse in the morning, but is still bad throughout the day at times. I'm 39,not overwieght, reasonably healthy and I don't have any alergies.
Avatar n tn I hope you are getting some relief from your chest congestion. Mucus is like poison to the lungs and it must be released for both the sake of your health and your comfort! A natural mucokinetic is found in salt therapy. You should either breathe in the steam from a saline solution with your head tented over a bowl (the economic alternative) or check out the salt pipe inhalers (dry salt inhalation therapy) at: http://www.saltrocks.
Avatar n tn I have achronic cough, run a fever, ears stopped up, constant wheezing, no energy, no tast, etc.My doctor says I have congestion in lungs and keeps giving me antibiotics. He is pretty sure I have emphazema but I still cough my head off to the pont of passing out and still running fever. Please help, I need some type of relief. He says he cant treat me for emphazema until my congestion clears up but everything he gives me doesnt work. Any suggestions please help. i cant take this anymore.
Avatar n tn My alergy presents as very loose and fluid chest congestion - if unchecked it get to the point of sounding like pneumonia. I am alergic to Mt Red Cedar and some other alergens - mostly fall and spring, but recently realized dairy products and some fruits cause the same effect. Perscriptions such as clarnex and singular used to keep it at bay and I didn't need to be on it constantly, but recently it is getting worse and I always seem to have a productive cough.
159619 tn?1499916784 I came down with a bad case of bronchitis about a month ago and just got over the coughing last week. I was on doxycycIine which cleared it up pretty quickly. I still have congestion in my lungs every day since. I have returned to my daily exercise routine last week which consists of 45 - 60 mins on a treadmill. I can work out without any problems but my lungs feel like they usually do after a workout all day and then the congestion sets in again overnight. I don't have any SOB either.
203342 tn?1328740807 My mom has had really bad chest congestion and coughing for about 3 weeks now. She also has some chest tightness. She sounded terrible today when I called her. I'm worried because she had 3 stints put in her heart about 3 years ago and has heart disease. Could the chest congestion have anything to do with her heart? I'm just a little worried about her and wondered. Thanks for any info on this.
Avatar f tn I have a constant Nasal drip.
Avatar n tn Postnasal drip is drainage from the nose and sinuses drippings down the back of the throat and irritate the lungs. This may or may not be related to allergies. This can cause chest tightness and chest congestion to the point of coughing up phlegm. A nasal wash helps remove mucus and bacteria from the nose and sinuses. This can temporarily reduce the postnasal drip and make it easier to breath. A prescription nasal steroid spray decreases nasal swelling and mucus production.
422924 tn?1331767919 the problem is i would wake up in the morning with chest congestion stuffy nose. i do have carpets in my bedroom and living room do you suggest me to get tested. for allergies. also when i got my chest xray no signs of emphysema.
Avatar n tn I have had severe chest congestion, a sharp pain deep in the center of my chest, it causes shallow breathing because it hurts to breath in and causes a severe cough attack. This has returned 3 times now in the past three months. The first time I came down with this, I went to my primary care dr.
Avatar n tn I played tennis about 2 and half months ago and a few days later I felt heavy congestion in my chest with no mucas or coughing and no pain. At night it was difficult breathing but woke up with fairly clear breathing. I went to the doctor and had blood work and a Chest Xray and everything was normal. Over the past few years I have had refuxe and have taken prevacid. The doctor put me on a PPI thinking it could have been reflux that caused this.
Avatar f tn Now this has become a chronic problem of congestion in lungs,even if i have taken a dytar in the evening it will be relaxed up to early hours only and agian the same problem is arising in the early hours at about 4pm onwards.suddenly i have to wake up and to sit,i cant lay on bed after that, because of heaviness in chest.If i took even a pinch of salt or non -veg also the problem of heavy ness in lungs arising.
Avatar m tn I also have constant burning in my chest. lastly, I have some nasal congestion still but no noticeable drip. As far as the damage i do to myself.. I smoke marijuana every day for the last 5 years. Has anyone else had something similar?
Avatar n tn I have had a clear congestion for about 1 week that has seemed to move to my chest. It is causing pain in my chest. The congestion is a lot, but it is cler. What could the problem be? Could it be a form of pneumonia?...or what?
1105253 tn?1257996001 Diagosed with PVC - had all testing done by cardio dr. Does anyone also feel a chest congestion with and without the PVCs? That is more bothersome than the PVCs sometimes. I think I have had the chest congestion feeling off and on for years and I thought it was allergies. Does anyone have this and do you know what this is?
Avatar f tn After being on Copaxone for 3 months I developed difficulty breathing and severe chest congestion and it will not go away even after taking broad spectrum antibiotics. My dr. denies any connection with Copaxone. But it is the only thing that has changed in my life - taking Copaxone injections. Has anyone heard of a link.
Avatar n tn I have been having nighttime congestion for a little over a week. I am totally fine all day and night until bedtime. I congest up, and occasionally have greenish sputum(but not always). I get to the point where I can't get a preoper ful breath. Sleeplessness. No chest pain, no hypertension. Although I have recently had a sinus infection. I have had 10 days of AMOX CLAV 875 mg 2 daily for 10 days. Still congested.
Avatar m tn Plus, I wake up in the morning and my chest is congested. Sometimes when I first get up, it hurts to take a deep breath, as if it would hurt when you inhale water. However, once I stand up and cough once or twice, it goes away for the entire day and I forget about it. The only time I ever feel this during the day is on a weekend if I slouch down on the couch with my feet at the edge of the ottoman and my knees drawn up.
Avatar n tn It seems like my sinus symptoms are getting better, but the weakness in the knees has stayed with me as well the chest congestion/breathing issue and the trouble swallowing which has been a little bit better with the advil. Do you think that I just have a viral infection that has caused all these symptoms and my body is trying to get rid of the virus? Do you have any suggestions of any other things I can do or any tests I should be tested for?
Avatar n tn The research I have done shows that these and other fungi can cause respiratory issues like chest pain, congestion, cough, lung scarring, and even masses in the lungs. Your additional symptoms of night sweats is also very common with these infections. I don't know if this helps or not, but I hope you will keep us updated.