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Avatar f tn In the past, if my chest begins to feel this way, it is followed by the painful cough and coughing stuff up. I would not call what I have sometimes as pain, it feels more like irritation. When I am active, as well as when I drink a lot of water, it seems to be much better. Sit in front of the tv and the next thing I know I have a glob sitting in my throat. Any information would be grately appreciated.
Avatar n tn For about a year now I have had a cough and chest congestion, my doctor has switched my asthma medications several times thinking that might be the reason for my cough and congestion, she's tried many different types of allery medications, I have been to the pulmonologist, had a chest x-ray and nothing was found, but the cough and congestion I still have.
Avatar f tn s strange because I will have constant congestion and cough one day and the next day I will be almost clear. I know that if I have congestion one day the next day I will not. I plan my days accordingly. My dr. has put me on antiboitics and presidone twice in the last 3 months, I've had a chest x-ray last week, shows nothing. I have had allergies all my life. What I really don't understand is the on again off again cycle. Please help!
Avatar f tn I have this tightness in my chest i kno its mucus but i dont have a cough or cold it hurts when i try to take a deep breath ive never had chest congestion before im not coughing up blood or anything like that. ive been using my asthma pump because when i was younger i had trouble with asthma it helps clearing my airways so i can breath easier but it comes back after awhile. Help?
6689979 tn?1397669278 u use non alcoholic cough drops vicks chest rub and tylenol cold multi symptom severe or robitussin.
Avatar f tn The pharmacists told me straight DM with nothing else in it, vaporub for congestion, and hot water with pasteurized honey for sore throat. I'll be honest..not as good as nyquil, but I survived.
1084197 tn?1258493890 Since July 2009 after I got the flu I have been having very bad problems with my lungs. I feel terribly congested and feel crackling in my lungs. At first it was really hard to breath, but I am getting a little better with that. Now though, I am suffering this intolerable itching of my lungs and really sticky congestion that just refuses to come up. I'm on azithromycin and prednisone. I have advair and ibuteral that I am taking after my prednison treatment.
Avatar f tn Can Bronchiectasis result after just one run in with acute bronchitis that lasted about 3 weeks? I read that it can occur after recurrent infections, but I only had one...acute bronchitis. I ask this because after being diagnosed with acute bronchitis 5 weeks ago and having it for 3 weeks, my cough got MUCH MUCH better, but I still can hear/feel the "chest congestion" and purposefully cough to attempt to get rid of the phlegm in my lungs/chest.
Avatar f tn Three weeks later and I still have this night wheezing and sensation in the lower lungs which is loud enough to wake me... and my husband. Eventually, I cough and cough and sometimes produce a "plug" of mucus. This gives me relief and I can sleep. But the wheezing returns... I am somewhat concerned as my mom died of lung cancer and wheezed very badly... I am 62 . Any suggestions. Thought of seeing a specialist. Which one?
1105253 tn?1257992401 That is more bothersome than the PVCs sometimes. I think I have had the chest congestion feeling off and on for years and I thought it was allergies. Does anyone have this and do you know what this is?
Avatar f tn I have had chest congestion for a week. I also have gotten a headache a couple times. Bad Coughing at night. I'm 35 1/2weeks pregnant. I've been taking robitissin cough and congestion and Tylenol. It helps but it's still here. Should I see/call my ob/gyn or see a regular physician?
Avatar m tn what medicine can i take for nasel blocked and a nasty cough while i'm on warfine tablets
Avatar m tn Day 4- chills and aches went away, no night sweat, no fever, but dry cough, sore throat, sneezing and chest congestion; Day 5- chills came back, had another night sweat (my neck, chest, and upper back were drenched), minor sore throat, dry cough and congestion. Day 6-Day 13- lingering dry cough. On Day 10- I went to the doctor and he prescribed me antibiotics for the cough. It has been a week since Day 13 and all symptoms have subsided with the exception of some congestion in my throat.
Avatar f tn I continue to experience chest congestion. Why do I still have chest congestion after 3 years?
Avatar f tn I have had many symptoms of Pnemonia, recently including a cough, chest pain, upper back pain, shortness of breath, shoulder and neck pain, and congestion. I have had a cough and chest pain for months now. I was given antibiotics, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I am young and have had no prior issues, but this is making it hard to complete daily tasks. Could it be Pnemonia or something else?
Avatar m tn Hello all, for about a month now I have had a cough with chest congestion, sometimes it's productive, sometimes it's not, and I cough up green and yellow sputum. I also have nasal congestion and when I blog my nose it's green mucus. The symptoms actually seem to go away late night and return a while after I wake up. I have had no fever and no other symptoms. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
1348086 tn?1370783185 Mine started with a cough in my chest that was like a smokers cough (really wet and gargled). By the time I went to the Dr, I was messed up. Told it was a sinus infection and bronchitis and was given a Z-pack (antibiotics) and that was 4 days ago and I feel great right now. Go to your Dr. you don't want this to turn in to pneumonia, and the pain will get to the point where your face will start to swell. (mine did my right eye looked like Id been punched).
Avatar n tn see i use to smoke around 6-7 ciggis per day since a year or so, i never had any problem. I was from india and i faced winters of usa i got cough n cold but no fever as such .cough got more n now traces of blood is coming with cough, but not from sneeze coming from nose. I also feel inflamation in uper respiratory track. I am pharmacist n as per my knowledge i took antibiotics for infection.And immediately with this illness i hav stopped smoking since a week as my cough n cold started.
Avatar f tn Halls are ok but ricolas are better. A home remedy I use for cough and congestion Is sitting in a bathroom with the steam from a shower and just taking regular breaths. It breaks up the mucus and relaxes your airway.
Avatar m tn s must be draining with the cough and the mucus in my chest at times, my ears felt stuffy and sometimes wheezed when coughing but that is because I know there was mucus stuck down there is starting to break free. Just any suggestions would be great thank you.
Avatar n tn I felt like I caught a cold with chest congestion. The congestion and cough eventually toned down but I developed a rash in my mouth. The tip of my tongue taste buds seem to be swollen, itches to the touch and hurts a little if I scrape my teeth on the tongue. Prior to that I used a tongue scraper multiple times to clean my tongue. It has been over 2 weeks now and there are no signs of healing. The tongue feels the same though the rest of the mouth is not that bad like it was before.
Avatar f tn I had a bad cough for over 4 weeks and lived off of cough drops and cough med my dr finally put me on a zpack and it was amazing how fast I was feeling better good luck
Avatar f tn ( my doctor prescribed me z pac last time I had this 3 weeks ago and it didn't work. Now its been a week since I've been well and now I got it back and I have it all over again! :( help! Please ...
Avatar f tn My question is the the last 3 months as I am laying down for a while I get a gurggle feeling in my chest and it almost feels like congestion so I make a cough to see if that would help and I have no congestion at all and the cough doesnt help. When I stand for a minute is when it will go away. Can you please tell me what this means or if I should go get a 2nd opinion??? Heart related issues runs on my mother side of the family and just about everyone has an issue.
Avatar f tn I am a 66 year old female. I smoke a few cigarettes a day. I have had this for about 5 weeks now. It started with sneezing and runny nose (along with sinus congestion that is almost always present even before this episode). The sneezing and runny nose are gone. I am so stuffed up that I cannot get much air through either nostril. This is an ongoing problem that was present when this began.