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Avatar n tn i had bronchtis 3 weeks ago and I still feel weak somedays I feel really good and then days like today i want to crawl back into the bed and stay, cold chills, a dry cough, no appettie, and mucus like diarhea some weakness in chest what can I do
Avatar f tn Hello ladies, I have a dry cough and I do not know what I can take to make it go away.
Avatar f tn I have been coughing for about a month, but not really bad, and it isnt a dry cough, yesterday in the afternoon my chest started hurting, and today when I woke up it is hurting me so bad, and it has ben a while hat every time I breath with my mouth I wheez, and everytime I cough it hurts so bad, so i am trying my best not to cough so I dont feel the pain, and my next doctors apointment is on next friday, but I want to know what should I do know, could this affect my baby, I will be 22 weeks preg
Avatar n tn My boyfriend caught a cold last winter and then had a lingering dry cough for 3-4 months which eventualyl went away. He caught a cold again last month and the lingering cough is back again. He has no phlegm, or other pain, dizziness etc. He says his chest feels slight tight but only very slightly and that makes him want to cough. He gets coughing attacks for a few seconds or few minutes at random times throughout the day and night. No history of allergies etc. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Cold symptoms subsided after a few days, but since them I have a persistent dry cough with chest tightness and some mild wheezing. If I stay home it goes away almost completely, but as soon as I go out and get cold air, it starts again. I have no fever, no headache, no pains, feel otherwise ok. No history of asthma or any other serious diseases.
Avatar n tn I keep reading that asthma comes with a DRY cough. Mine is productive. I'm taking Singulair, (daily) and Proventil (as needed) but I still wheeze on the inhale and I'm coughing up stuff. Is this a normal part of asthma or should I be looking for something else? Thanks so much for your comments.
Avatar m tn now again winter has started and a little cold causes me to cough until pain in chest although I am not feeling cold. I am taking honey and steam. Please help me in this situation.
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Avatar n tn This dry cough is probably from laryngeo-tracheal irritation caused by the anesthesia, especially if you were intubated. If so, the cough should already be subsiding. If this cough continues for 3 months, you should see a pulmonary specialist. To be sure that there is no infection you will need a chest x-ray and possibly a bronchoscopy.
Avatar n tn I don't smoke or drink and am healthy other than this cough. Are they both dry coughs related (soccer vs cold)? What could be the cause? Any suggestions on how to treat it? Hope someone can help! Thanks.
Avatar m tn After a fairly minor cold, I have developed a persistent dry cough. It is not severe but it is peristent enough to be more than mildly annoying. I am a singer and every time I take a breath, even if I don't cough I feel like I need to. I took a Z-pack over a week ago and for about two days, I felt better and the cough, more or less, disappeared, but then came back on the 5th and final day of the antibiotic. The cough has been going on for more than three weeks now.
Avatar n tn Also if your home is very dry due to running heater (this is the case where I live) dry heat can cause nose bleeds. Go to doctor get you some meds a cold does not last 4 weeks you probably have a sinus infection or even pneumonia both of which require antibotics.
Avatar n tn Since coming back to Gran Canara (The Canary Islands, where I live and where actually alot of children suffer with breathing problems in general) from Britain (where I'm from), after a two week holiday over there, a month ago, she has had the most annoying cough ever. It's a dry cough that affects her, right after her evening bottle and then during the night-usually two or three hours after going to bed. I read before that giving her her bottle 2hours before bedtime could help.
Avatar n tn After taking ZPack for 5 days and several days later I did not see any effect. I had a dry cough along with a wheezy/whistling exhale. Sometimes my cough is so severe that I vomit and feel like stomach acid is coming up. My cough is more consistent throughout the night and the morning when I wake up. There is very little phlegm that comes up with my cough every now and then. I have taken tussin to help with the cough but it only suppresses it very minimally.
Avatar n tn I also notice fluid at the back of my throat but I don't cough up anything. It's just this dry hacking cough where my chest seems to vibrate. My Trachea feels very irritated and this certain sensation comes from there causing me to cough. Please help!!!
Avatar n tn I've had a dry cough for a couple of months but before a couple of years have asthma had sinses surgery lost the asthma for about a year still coughing tryed all meedicines and cough still does not go away cough getting so bad can't sleep all night no more. The cough is so bad feel like it is cutting my air supply chest is also sore. Hope someone can help me and everyone else with this problem.
Avatar m tn None of these seem to be growing and none are tender or sore. I have also started to develop a dry cough in the last few days, but no shortness of breath. (I ran a few miles sunday, with some discomfort, but no shortness of breath beyond usual for running on a humid summer day.) Mostly, it's just an urge to cough—a tickle way down in my lungs. Coughing, though, doesn't satisfy it. This along with some upper back pain has me a little worried.
Avatar n tn I never cough while asleep, or while I lie on my back. When I cough, it is a strictly dry cough. the left part of my chest (under my breast) is sore when i press on it, and it hurts when i cough sometimes. the right part of my chest at the top is not as sore, and doesnt hurt as much when i cough. I am a 22 year old man and have never smoked, nor do my parents or anyone at home.
Avatar m tn But, after maybe 2 days of feeling better I all of the sudden developed this horrible cough (dry) and an extremely tight chest. I mean horrible, I've had asthma my entire life and I consider this bad. It is the kind of cough that makes you want to puke. Anyway, this was accompanied by a fever ranging from 99-102, usually the low end was after taking some tylenol or ibuprofein, and extreme hot and cold flashes (well extreme for me).
Avatar f tn They are nice and soothing on the throat and eases the dry itchy coughs! Hope some of these remedies can help you ! They help me cut my cold times in half the time that medicine does ! It's the only way my family and I battle colds !
Avatar m tn I am one of the millions of people in this country without health insurance. Therefore, I am reduced to trying to medicate my children at home. My son got a cold and now has a dry, persistent cough with chest pain. What would be the best over the counter medication for these types of symptoms. He is an asthmatic as well, however, he is not wheezing or experiencing any symptoms related to asthma.
Avatar n tn For the past year I have experienced a tickling sensation in my chest on and off, especially when breathing cold air, also a tight feeling occassionaly when I walk outside especially in cold air. Most recently, I had cold symptoms, starting with swollen glands, dry cough, lowgrade fever and laryngitis.....
Avatar f tn I am suffering from my second chest cold in as many months. I haven't had the flu in years (never get the flu shot), and in the past I have been able to fend off serious colds and flu with homeopathic remedies and things like Mucinex. But last month I suddenly developed a mild sore/ticklish throat and by the next day I was heavily congested in my chest. No stuffy nose, no fever, just horrible coughing and phlegm that was difficult to cough up. I also had very achy joints and bad headache.
Avatar n tn I have had this dry cough following a cold for about 5 months. I feel a fluttering sensation in my chest just before having to cough. I had an ECG done and the doctor says that I have PVC and this could cause the coughing. I am 44 years old, could this be a symtom of perimenopause? What can I do to get rid of this nagging coughing? Does it go away on its own?
Avatar f tn During the day my cough is feels irritated not to much acheing...almost dry cough. And not coughing at night. My toddler had same cold but seems to be getting better...mine is not . Do you think I have an infection now?
Avatar f tn Just immediately in 2-3 days, he had fever 100 deg for one day and it went away by itself w/o any medicines. Next day he started a dry cough. .very bad. He was given Maxtra (anti-histaminic) for 5 days, but the cough was bad still. The doctor gave Levosalbutamol syrup and Alerid for 5 days, this had reduced the cough but it increased again by the next week. The doctor continued Levolin and added Predone syrup (15mg) for 3 days. The cough still persisted.
Avatar n tn Almost a week later I only have the sore throat in the evening and the morning, but now I cough so hard I dry heeve. Also when I cough the front of my head and the back right side hurt so bad it brings tears to my eyes. I usually only cough in the evenings and mornings the most, mainly when I try to take a deep breath. I only cough something up once in a while not very often. I have not been taking the Hydroco (neighbor thought was a bad idea for me to take it) only taking NightQuil.