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Avatar f tn If I move a certain way it triggers the pain and it feels like someone is stabbing my in my chest. When I am not in pain, then it starts to burn in the same place. If I put something cold on it then the burning sensations stop but as soon as I take it off it starts to burn again. I have been having a little flutering of my heart but not a lot maybe twice in one day but not everyday. I have some pain in my left shoulder as well and in my neck on the left side.
Avatar m tn Theres even times when I move the pain is there. The more I move around the pain gets worse. Can you tell me what this might be?
Avatar f tn hi umm im 16 and of lately for like the past 6 or 7 months i have experienced chest pain in the left side of my chest. now when i say pain it hurts and its so uncomfortable. recently i was in class and it kinda felt like my heart dropped or something dropped and it was so weird. i take a health class and they say your heart rate at rest should be between 60 and 80 and mine is always almost 100 bpm. and when exercising it should be in the range of 140 to 170 mine is between 220 and 245.
1433843 tn?1299695705 Jenny - never mess with breathing always go straight to your dr. Things can turn on a dime, I've had pneumonia and allergies and waiting is never a good idea. You need to take care of yourself. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong, at 28 breathing should never hurt. Please see your Dr. Hope to hear back that you have an appt.
1953268 tn?1454818640 with your mom, explain everything that you've described here, and insist on having a chest exam. Green mucus can be a sign of infection. Chest pain should never be ignored, and should definitely be looked at by a physician in order to rule out any thing serious. Years ago, I had symptoms much like yours, but I chose to skip the doctors visit and stay home. It turned out that I had bronchitis, then developed pneumonia.
Avatar f tn Pneumonia is in some cases when left untreated a hospital stay waiting to happen. Hopefully it is just bronchitis or like you said a chest cold. Either way, I would see the doc. No reason to be more miserable than you have to be. :) Let me know how it goes.
Avatar n tn as cj said go get it checked out, chest pain is common with anxiety trust me im the chest pain expert lol, but it is worth gettin a doc to look you over then at least you can stop worrying
Avatar n tn When its started a month back i had needle sharp pain followed by continuous Burping and Ice cold sensation in the chest ,i was given pain killer and it subsided for a while and then returned only as a dull pain , At present i feel this dull pain in the chest,doctor pressed it on the chest bone and it hurted so he told me its Costocondritis.... At present I have dull Chest pain ,which with little exertion becomes worse,have back pain and stuck gas/air in the chest area...
Avatar f tn It's an uncomfortable feeling right in the centre of my chest, sharp pain. I also get a really wierd feeling of the blood running cold on the inside of both my ankles. It happens both when im warm and cold or when I wear shoes or barefoot. Any idea why this happens??
Avatar f tn i am 30 years old female who for the past 5 weeks has been having chest pain. It started off being tender when pressed and the dr thought it could be costochondritis. ECG blood test were fine. However few weeks later my pain has changed. It is now like a tight band or pressure and hurts when i walk, after eating, in the cold. I also get periods of being short of breath.
Avatar m tn Anytime there is chest pain present it can be alarming due to the possibility of cardiac problems. But, in your case, I would lean toward respiratory or gastro-intestinal issues. The persistent cough, along with the possible presence of lingering congestion, could be causing your upper airways and throat to be inflamed and sore. Also, there could be a possibility of a hiatal hernia. Frequent or hard coughing is a risk factor. I hope that you will consider seeing a physician. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I rigth arm, that happen sunday and I was really down but monday had like dizzines and nounnes in my right arm and my gums feelit heavy and nounm by pm dizzines was really heavy i could it go to bed took me to hospital did canscan of my head and heart test but everything came back negative and today feel really heavy and taller had sharp pain in my chest + did not feelt my rigth arm, that happen
Avatar f tn I woke up at about 4 in the morning with horrible chest pain right between my boobs and was up for at least 2 hours. It felt like my breast plate was ripping apart while simultaneously sinking in, making it hard to breathe. I found that it didn't hurt as bad while I was sitting up as it did when I was lying down. Googled it and it seems to be either heartburn from hell or my rib cage expanding to make room for the baby and organs. Has anyone else experienced this??
Avatar f tn The angiogram revealed that my left ventricle had a different flow but nothing serious. I get pain in my gums and chest after strenuous activity to include walking too fast. Recently I have noticed that I get those pains whenever there is cold wind blowing on me or sudden temperature changes like walking into a cold air conditioned room from outside where it is hot. . The pain is usually like a strong pressure on my chest. The left side and middle.I have to lay down in order to feel better.
Avatar m tn It takes 20+ years to build up enough plague by eating the wrong foods to give you heart related chest pain. You are no where near that time period yet. There is a lot of things that can cause the problem you are having including drinks high in caffine (Mountain Dew being the highest) See your doctor and get checked out.
Avatar f tn I've been having really bad chest pain all night I can't sleep because of it. It's so hard to breath it feels like a stabbing pain I'm 32+3 weeks I've been trying to wait till my doctors office opens but is getting worst I have never in my life had pain like this and it's starting to scare me. Has anyone else experienced pain like this.
Avatar n tn Have had Chest Pain since Aug 05, mostly in the left side and the pain is 5/10 on a pain threshold. Other symt Cold and Clammy, loss of apatite, radiating pain in right leg, tight and sore back muscles, very tender to touch all over rib area, very lethargic. Tests so far: lots of ECG's, cholesterol, VQ scan for PE in the lungs, chest x-ray x 2 one for lungs and one for bones, ultrasound for gallstones, ultrasound to DVT in right leg.
Avatar n tn Im 26 and started having chest pain in my sternum area i thought i was having a heart attack but a few days later now im coughing and trying to clear my throught kinda feels like im getting a cold.
Avatar f tn However, over the past week, I’ve been experiencing a mild pain in the middle of my chest that has me worried. I noticed that it hurts when I move around or press on it but I haven’t done anything that could have caused an injury. It also hurts when I take a deep breath, so at first I thought that the cold I had recently was coming back, but I don’t have a cough or any trouble breathing. I tried taking Advil and it helped temporarily, but then the aching came back. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn the doctors first said it was reflux and i needed the nissan surgey so after i got the nissin opp i am now left with no better of then i was six years ago .
Avatar n tn However, lately I have begun to feel a significant tightness of my chest - to the point where it's panicking. There is also pain in the left side of my chest and the sensation of pins and needles. With a few minutes of steady breathing the panic goes away, but the feeling of a weight on my chest does not. In the past four months I have been smoking the equivalent of a joint every day (marijuana) and been exposed to a decent amount of second-hand smoke.
2089807 tn?1348066348 Im 31 weeks pregnant and earlier all of a sudden I got severe chest pain, in my upper chest like right at the top of my boobs. Its mostly on the right side but when I breathe deep it spreads to the left side. It hurts to breathe and I feel like I cant hardly breathe. Its.eased up a little but now feels sore, even hurts to the touch. What could be causing this? Im also having severe heartburn and my son is going crazy in my ribs. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn I am 30 yrs old female and been having chest pain for 6 weeks. At first they thought it could be costochondritis but then the pain changed where it is a tight feeling, discomfort which is made worse in cold, walking and after eating. On saturday i felt so bad with pain and i couldnt breathe, short of breath. They are trying all sorts but to no avail. At the moment i am on atenolol for anxiety to see if it is that. How long does it take for beta blockers to start working?
Avatar n tn Lately, as in the past week or so, whenever I have a cigarette I feel as though I am exhaling too much, and can feel a cold dull feeling washing over the left side of my chest. Is this my lung, my heart, perhaps just the muscle? I do not excersize too often, rarely in fact. My girlfriend was recently in the hospital for a heart issue, where they did an ablasion due to an extra pathway that was causing her heart to get up to 200 beats a minute.
Avatar f tn they are querying the angina because the pain comes on when I'm at rest but as soon as the paramedic but a gnt tablet under my tongue the pain disappeared and I havnt had the pain since taking the tablets ,they have also said that some indigestion can present like this but surely the gnt tablet wouldn't cure indigestion would it ?I'm confused now .
Avatar n tn Also, all left side chest pains radiating to neck in a person with high cholesterol and history of smoking should be immediately investigated for angina and heart attack through a 12 lead EKG. Please consult a doctor immediately. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.