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3062962 tn?1406747561 What I've don't to help me is I take a cold shower with Vicks on my chest and nose and eat cold fruit drink lots of cold water brush your teeth ( the minty feeling helps ) and lay or sit with a fan on you ... This sounds like a lot but when it comes to not being able to breathe this is what really really helped me ... and praying to god also helped me also talk to your babies ask them to move position so momma can breath :) I hope this stuff helps you ladies in also vies one for or another .
Avatar n tn It feels like no air will get into my lungs, or like I can't catch my breathe. I keep burping too...but it's not giving me any relief. My right tonsil is completely swollen, and my right nostril has been almost completely blocked from air for almost a year now. I find it hard to eat ...mainly because after I eat I will go through the torture of finding it hard to breathe. Food sometimes gets stuck back there too now.
Avatar n tn I all of a sudden jump out of bed and can't breathe. Feels like i'm trying to breathe through a straw with a thickness the size of a toothpick. Now for the strange part, this has happened in the middle of the day sitting at my desk. I'll jump up, and have the same symptom for a minute or so. It's scary. I have had two instances the last 30 days. I am reading that it could be VCD (vocal cord dysfunction). It's not sleep apnea ( I don't believe) because it happens while i'm awake.
Avatar f tn Exercise and asthma often don't mix well, because as you breath in harder, more cold air is introduced into your airways. Cold air is one of many triggers for asthmatics. When your asthma is truly in control, you should have no problems with exercising. Personally I found that running in the winter time outdoors never works for me no matter how in control my asthma is. However, in the summer time I can run like the wind.
Avatar f tn I'm having really bad shortness of breathe.. is this normal?
10404685 tn?1418834027 Yea you can use a saline nose spray.
Avatar f tn But it's like fainting opened something in my mind because lately I nearly always feel faint, I can't never properly breathe most of the time it feels like I'm gasping for air, sometimes my lungs or my chest hurts and I shake randomly... Now at first I thought It was my anxiety, but this feels different then the anxiety/panic attacks I usually get... I mean this goes on basically all the time. My mum is going to take me to the doctors to get bloods done (I'm scared of needles...
Avatar f tn like an extended LSD trip that I can't wake up from and the pressure on my chest has been nonstop so that I can't breathe. I am functioning at a very limited capacity because I can't walk ten feet without looking for the closest place to sit down.
1078034 tn?1351093285 When you feel like you can't breathe, are you over-doing it? Defiantely sit down and relax when you feel this way. I'm sure your baby is just fine sweetie, but anytime you feel concerned about something, don't wait to call your doctor. That's what they're there for, ok? :) Be sure and update after your u/s tomorrow! Try not to worry and just take it easy!
1554262 tn?1374243601 It started in my stomach and chest and spread up to my neck and jaw and even ears. It hurt so freaking bad I ran for the cold water and it was instant relief. I don't know how anyone could stand it without the water or I suppose anything cold to drink would work if you drank it fast. I am healthy, exercise regularly and have no medical problems of any kind. This is a mystery, but thank goodness for cold water.
Avatar n tn I started getting this tickiling and burning in my chest and throat about two months ago with tightness in chest and shortness of breath. i have this cold, almost painful burning sensation when i breathe through my nose or mouth. I have a dry cough but i think it is mostly me trying to get ri of the tickle. at first it was just a couple of time a week. now i have had it consistently for about a month. I was exposed to several toxigenic structural molds about 3 years ago.
Avatar n tn My 16 year old daughter was rushed to the hospital with shortness of breath, heaviness in her chest, numbness in her left arm that was cold and clamy, cold sweat and racing heartbeat. They took EKG, chest xray, blood work all were normal. Breathing treatment didnt help. Finally gave her a seditave to calm her down and she fell asleep and sent her home. I am taking her to her dr today. Anyone every experiance this?
Avatar n tn Many folks have a dry cough for weeks after a cold. I can't imaging how yogurt could worsen things, i think that's a coincidence. A surface pain sounds like a rib sprain from coughing. The concern is that it could infrequently be a blood clot in the lung, and you need to see a doctor to rule that out. The doctor can prescribe narcotic pain relievers strong enough to give you relief, and they also stop the cough.
Avatar f tn For about a few months I've felt like I haven't been taking normal deep breaths - they sort of feel shallow and fast and I have felt pretty tired- but I figured maybe it was just in my head. But far about a week now I've noticed that my upper chest and throat area burn when I breathe. I don't have a cold/running nose/major coughing so I'm not really sure what is going on. If I take a deep breath it makes me feel like I need to cough a little though.
Avatar f tn I live on the East Coast, and I have a fever, chest cold, aches and pains, and feel like I want to do away with myself! Husband had it, and and now I have it, and some relatives who live near me had it recently. I've had a lot of pneumonia and bronchitis over the years, but this thing takes the cake. I noticed on TV that some government people had the sniffles. I don't have as much sniffles, but I do need to blow my nose occasionally.
Avatar f tn I am having chest pain and tightness(feels like someone is sitting on my chest for about two minutes) numbness and tingling in left arm and pain in back and nausia. i am 37 years old and i smoke a pack and a half a day.
Avatar n tn wednesday, i started to get a chest pain, only on the upper right side of my chest, it hurts to breathe in deeply, and also move back on the right side is also sore, im not sure if it's muscle or ribs, or something u know what it could be? anything serious? i dont have a history of heart problems, or respiratory problems, im in pretty good just concerned its something other than soreness...
Avatar n tn A few tests will relieve your mind and can't hurt. Sometimes just worrying about chest pain and why you have it will cause more chest pain. I hope this has helped and good luck to you and your family.
Avatar f tn I also get woozy, can't say its dizzyness as I don't loose my balance I just have to be careful and look downward a lot. I also get the feeling like I am short of breathe at times. I feel cold from time to time as well. Heart related stuff just isn't fun and I'm sure my anxiety level is very high. I won't drive myself to work this week as my last attck was while I was driving and I was so scared. Dizzy and hot with cold clamy palms of my hands.
Avatar f tn I was wondering there is absolutely NOTHING I can take?? Like I can't rub vicks on my chest or can I even take throat losengers(I know I probably killed that spelling lol)??
Avatar n tn I recently had a boubt of chest discomfort and pressure, sweaty cold hands. I went to urgent care and was transported to ER at the hospital. Everything checked out ok. I was scheduled for a treadmill which I did and they found slight ST depression upon excercise and thought due to my age (62) it would be just fine.They did schedule me for a stress echo for next week. I am concerned about it and think I am over reacting. I do get a bit panic at times.
Avatar f tn with the intake of breath. I get this weird thing when I have a chest cold. Having had asthma much of my life, I was well aware of the sensation, but many people would not necessarily notice it. I do not always have a cough or "tickle" when this happens, but that weird vibration is a dead giveaway for me. Also, if you experienced the vibration during the holter monitoring and nothing showed up then you can rest assured that whatever it is, it is not related to your heart rhythm.
Avatar f tn I've never had allergies b4 but i'm so congested I can't breathe at all :/ My chest feels heavy I blow my nose and nothing comes out but as soon as I try to lay down its runny. I've tried Benadryl, saline drops and steam nothing is working anyone else? Anything that's helping u?
Avatar n tn It is especially indicative of hypoglycemia if you wake in a cold sweat, if the terror continues, if there is pressure on the chest, or if you are unable to breathe. Physical Symptoms Headaches - especially if a meal is missed. Tachycardia - racing pulse due to high adrenaline. Fatigue, weakness, "rubbery" legs.
Avatar n tn Last night I had a vibration thing happen in my chest off and on for about 2 hours. I am almost positive that my pulse was normal just fast (100-110). It was scary but I didn't panic and my breathing stayed normal. I have had a panic attack before (full on heart attack thinking kind) and this wasn't like that. I was just wondering if the heart can be spasming and yet not be arrythmic. Does that make sense? Is an anxiety attack and a panic attack the same thing?
Avatar f tn Now I know we can't take just anything to for a cold but I was wondering if you girls had some like natural remedies to help a developing cold? Im 25weeks pregnant and I really don't want to take any meds but if really have to I will. Thanks in advance!