Chest acne and back acne

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Avatar f tn I'm having an issue with acne. Its all over my arms, boobs and chest but not my face.
Avatar f tn Face, chest, and back. I feel your pain. I'm so embarrassed.
Avatar f tn - now it's worse then ever! Getting it on my chest and upper back and my face and underneath my chin. Anyone have any suggestions? My face is just super oily all the time! Thanks ladies!
Avatar f tn i was wondering how to get rid of acne on my chest & back? i didn't have it last year then this year it started.
Avatar n tn Although the odd spot can pop up just about anywhere, acne vulgaris commonly occurs on the face chest and back. spots on the thighs or upper arms are more likely to be caused by Keratotis Pilaris, a harmless skin condition. Your doctor can prescribe Retin-a to improve its appearance. Eloise.
1207808 tn?1265865558 sir, i hve acne on my face,back and chest. my dermatologist prescribed me retino AC cream. should i apply it on my chest,back? and i hve highpigmentation just below my right i hve been using LOMELA cream for more than one is working i heard dat it is not advisable cream.i had undergone chemical peeling i got no plz get back to me for my ACNE and HIGH PIGMENTATION problems?
Avatar f tn How many of you broke out in acne back face arms and chest and had a girl or are pregnant with a girl?
Avatar f tn I usually breakout during my period, but recently I've been breaking out all over my face, chest and back. I think its do to out hormones changing.
Avatar f tn Just, be cautious...I am having to use them on my face, chest and back, and have recently found stretch marks on my if you're.having to do more than your face, try to use the wipes and still lotion.
10028419 tn?1416845304 Just keep your face clean I use this stuff called stridex it'd helping my back and chest and it'd making my face a little better...
Avatar f tn I have horrible acne, I used to get it before I was pregnant but only on my face and not that bad, and now BOOM everywhere on my face, chest, And back. I hate it, and idk what to use to treat it!?
Avatar f tn I actually just went to LUSH and picked up the dark angel scrub because I tend to break or on my back and chest, and unfortunately have an oily face so it also is good for that. No complaints so far and no salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and it lasts quit a bit. Also lots of water and trying to eat healthy and not divulge into all my cravings (so hard!
Avatar f tn like i would have times when my face and neck and chest would be full of acne that wouldnt go away! Then it would randomly clear up and come back again! Im 36 weeks and since i entered the third trimester my face has been clear! Hopefully theres a light at the end of the tunnel for you guys too!
Avatar f tn I always had but now that I am preg its beyond worst and embarrassing along with facial hair
Avatar f tn After my hystorecetomy I have had server acne.All over my face,neck chest and back. It is as bad as when I was pregant 14yrs ago! But after I had my daughter it went away. I never really had a acne problem until my hystorecetomy. HELP!!!
Avatar f tn All the hormone changing my face got so bad eveny chest and I didnt ever breakout on my chest in my life it finally cleared up
Avatar f tn 9 weeks today and I'm breaking out everywhere, my face, my chest and my back..... I feel like a teenager again, its horrible.... I'd be glad for any tips to help clear it, even a little bit.
Avatar f tn Yes! Ugh. It's horrible! Before I was pregnant I only had a little on my face every once in awhile! And now BAM all over my face, back ,& chest. I hope it goes away after I have my son.
Avatar m tn I have had back acne since i was 14 now im 34 and have been on and off medications. Ive just started taking Tetracyline 7 days ago and it has caused me to break out with little white heads all over my shoulders and chest! is this common?
Avatar f tn I have, and have had for a long time, bad face, back, and chest acne. I am seventeen years old and cannot find a way to cure it. I do not like using those methods that require me to make a new routine unless it is absolutely required. I would prefer something like a soap i could use in the shower or some pill or something. Please help me find a way to treat this.
Avatar f tn this acne is very embarressing and is leaving gross scars. Can someone tell me how I can help my acne and stop it from coming back??
Avatar f tn Is anybody else's face and back breaking out really bad? Ive never had acne before.until i got pregnant! Its so embarrassing. What can i do to help it go away?
Avatar n tn I had horrible ance all over in the beginning and now I'm 30 weeks and it's coming back! Be careful when using products and check with your doc on what's safe. I found out a yr ago that I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Good thing I wasn't pregnant at the time.
Avatar f tn I've had to deal with it the entire time and it's just gotten worse. 36 weeks now and ready! My first pregnancy it was just my back but was horrible. Went away after baby came. Nothing really helps either.
10678677 tn?1413257866 I've always had a little on my face but this whole pregnancy I've just been breaking out everywhere. My face, chest, and back. I normally use the Nutrogena face wash and cream and it keeps it under control but nothing seems to work anymore.
Avatar n tn I've had a bad history with acne and have been on medication for it for a while now and it's nearly gone!!
Avatar f tn Just wondering if I can use clean and clear acne control kit while pregnant?? Skin looks horrible bumps all down my neck ,my chest and back oatmeal soup isn't working ?