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407029 tn?1253996223 They recommend that you use the Chantix for 3 to 6 months. I did so well with it that I was off it in less than 3 months. When you start forgetting to take it you know it's time to come off it. If I could, I we be a walking advertisement for Chantix. I had tried the patch, the gum, zyban and hypnosis in the past and got absolutely no where. Chantix is a wonder drug as far as I'm concerned. To me the benefits of Chantix far out way any of the risks.
950277 tn?1247278151 I look forward to talking with you about your progress. Not a lot of people take Chantix, so it will be good to discuss out progress. Other than the dreams, how is it going? Are you smoking less?
444932 tn?1273984397 I have tried the patch and had really bad nightmares along with the patch irritated my skin. Good luck to all.
Avatar f tn I have the craziest dreams while on the patch - so I'm worried I'm going to be one of those that has a problem with Chantix. I'm interested in any input - even if not Chantix. I can quit - just can't stay quit.
444932 tn?1273984397 I was really hopeful it would be the miracle cure for quitting with a little less pain than cold turkey. I had luck with the Nicotine Patch a couple years ago and quit for 8 months. Of course, I started again - DUMB!!!! Thinking of trying the patch again in a couple weeks. Good luck. Be careful with the headaches.
Avatar f tn I come from a family of all smokers. I wish they would quit. For me, chantix was AMAZING. It worked in 2 weeks for me. Just speak with your doctor. The thing you have on your side is that you want to quit. That is the most important. You also have a motivation. So, now you need the willpower. Pray for it!!
385161 tn?1270084818 If so, then the bad dreams are just one of the side effects.....sick tummy also. I too quit with Chantix and like you, I could handle the upset stomach because the end justified the means : ) I have been smoke free for 5 months & 1 week. More then the physical aspect, the emotional/mental withdrawals were more difficult and that is why I always recommend Please keep us posted and good luck, hang in there!
Avatar n tn Zomig is the one pill that had bad effects.if mixed with wellbutrin but safe with the chantix. So far, I'm doing fine on chantix. Last smoke was October 7th, and today is October 29th. Hey, have smoked since I was 16 and I'm 54 now, this is a Plus.
Avatar f tn No leg cramps here and I am over a month smoke-free and off of the Chantix. I had a difficult time with nausea so I only took 1/2 of the recommended dose only at bedtime.
Avatar n tn Anyone have any experience with taking Chantix(Varenicline) or Zyban(bupropion) to quit smoking? From what I've read it seems Zyban works better and Chantix is a fairly new drug for it. Varenicline is a partial antagonist of the niACH receptor and Bupropion is an antidepressant that acts as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, and nicotinic antagonist. Sounds similar in that they dumb/prevent the pleasure of smoking. Seems to me thought that the Bupr. sounds like it would work better since Varen.
385161 tn?1270084818 Oh dear I know. I don't sleep with the patch on though and the few times i've slipped up and taken a few drags it was in the morning after not wearing a patch for over 9 hours. I am too scared to smoke on the patch so i won't and actually i have had an awesome few days not smoking. i hope this works!!!
Avatar f tn Sorry I wasn't clear with my post, I'm just at wits end. He was on day 19 of the 14mg patch, and I'm sure he wasn't smoking this time. He was with me so no chance to sneak. Now he wants to try the lower dose patch, or he said he is going back to smoking. I've told him he better check it out that neither will cause more problems, but he hasn't done anything to check it out. Does that clear anything up for you and others?
Avatar n tn Does taking Chantix (a smoking cessation medicince) hinder HIV testing? Or even the smoking patch? My risk was on Nov 4th, and wanted to get tested next week. my understanding is that 12-3 weeks would be reliable? Want to test with a FDA Home test. Any input on this would be great. Thank you.
Avatar n tn There is a wonderful smoking sessation product out now called Chantix...ask your doctor about it! I had tried everything to quit..the patch (twice), gums, candies, Welbutrin (twice), cold turkey etc...Nothing helped...but the Chantix helpeed me quit. It blocks the pleasure receptors in the brain that tell you you want another cigarette. As for the blood, it could be a number of things, I would see a Doctor to be safe.
Avatar n tn Allergic skin rashes other than hives have also been reported with Chantix. Pityriasis can be dreadful. Glad to hear it is resolving. I suspect the new lesion is unrelated to the Pityriasis. Good luck with your attempt to stop smoking. As the American Lung Association likes to say: " It is a death-defying act.
Avatar f tn During the day Chantix if great but I have found it messes with my sleeping. Can I stop Chantix and switch to the patch and it be healthy? Would this be ok?
393419 tn?1228450993 If you have nausea in the morning be sure to drink juice or eat some fruit with the pill. I had a full glass of grapefruit juice with the Chantix and it stopped all of the nausea. Without the juice I tossed my cookies. Taking one more medication was a pain but it was worth the results. I have been about 10 months smoke free.
Avatar f tn Bettie I don't have any problems with you and I enjoy reading your posts.......and I have confidence that I always will........
Avatar f tn Last june i was hospitalized with pneumonia, being a smoker they put a patch on me, i am to understand that they are not for 24 hr use and should be moved from one place to another, when i was realeased i bought patches and had a very bad reaction my Dr.
212753 tn?1275076711 Please let me know!! I am going to start Chantix! What Fun! A buddy to quit smoking with!
385161 tn?1270084818 No ****. You are so obsessed with smoking and nicotine aids. You didn't even read my post. I DON"T SMOKE WITH THEM ON EVER. We get the point you are totally against that and I am not stupid. thanks for repeating again.'ve gotta find something new to write if your gonna comment, read the question please...thanks.
Avatar f tn Just talking about it made us smoke more, isn't that funny? But I am doing chantix and he is doing the patch. I am going to use this website along with the chantix support system as a tool and have told him about this website, and its up to him to use it if he wants as a tool to help understand the addiction withdrawal and have a place to vent and something to do when craving. Anyhoo....Here we go!!!!
Avatar m tn I'm glad to get your reply as that was the very question I was about to ask (Chantix and the patch). I'm doing okay on the patch (well haven't smooked yet), but having a very hard time as I continue to get more worse news about my fiances health...Urgh!
540521 tn?1221703306 You will find that everyone on this board has quit with different products and some even cold turkey. My choice was Chantix and though there is so much negative talk about it, it worked for me, and I am truly grateful! I smoked for 38 years and found that Chantix curbed my urges and eventually, I was able to stop completely. That was 8 1/2 months ago. If you really want to prepare yourself for your quit and down the road to protect your quit, keep the whyquit.
Avatar f tn I've had up to 5 years as a non smoker and could kick myself now but that is another story. I am using the patch. I think with any addiction it takes a certain amount of motivation and determination. My son visited his grandpa, my enstranged dad, right before Christmas. His grandpa is dying from lung cancer, has had 1/2 of one lung removed, 2 ribs and discontinued chemo. My son saw this first hand and when he got home he begged me constantly to quit smoking.
Avatar f tn ) I used Chantix and have had great results. My quit date is 10/8/07 and I stopped taking Chantix on 10/10. It does have numerous side effects so you might want to read up on it before you decide. For me, it was a Godsend : ) Good luck with your quit and keep us posted on your progress. You can do it. Kathy Jo --- 2m 3w 5d 2:48 smoke-free, 1,917 cigs not smoked, $460.
Avatar m tn im being treated for paranoid schizofrenia with 50mg risperdal consta once a fortnight. i recently stopped smoking, and am experiencing physical symptoms that are unpleasant. can you advise?
595141 tn?1239975414 I thought Wellbutrin was Zyban. I quit smoking with Chantix. I took it for 3 months and I quit smoking after 2 weeks. I smoked for 15 years and it's been 8 months since I quit smoking. I tried the non-smoking patch twice and the gum; with these I quit for 4 days.
Avatar f tn I'm not going to tell you it was easy, it wasn't. I used the patch. But the biggest help for me was cutting straws in half! The patch takes away your craving, but, what to do with your hands and mouth!!!! I would chew the heck out of those straws. I had a pile in my car, next to the computer...everywhere. I chewed straws for a year. I also lost 20 pounds! I took a long walk after every meal, because that is when I wanted a cig the worse. Good luck to all. It CAN be done!!!